Beyond the Library Door
by Ladymage Samiko



Draco slipped quietly into the house; he didn't need to startle Father awake.

Frowning, Draco noticed firelight flickering through the open library door—strange at this late hour. Cautiously, Draco slid inside—and gaped.

There, before the fireplace, lay Granger, clothed only in her superabundance of hair. Curled around her was Severus, head nestled on her shoulder. Sprawled alongside, outflung arm her pillow, was… Father.

For long moments, Draco gazed with a wistful envy at how neatly the three fit together. Silently, he retreated—for his camera. Father would appreciate the photograph.

And blackmail would pay for new silk robes.


AN: I was reading some threesome fics one morning, which prompted this little drabble. It needed quite a bit of pruning (160 = 100 words), which chopped down Draco's reactions more than I would've liked.

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