AUTHOR'S NOTE: WOO. AFTER MONTHS OF WAITING, A BIT OF THE FINAL INSTALLMENT OF THE SOKKA'S FIELD GUIDE SERIES. You all probably hate me, or have lost all hope and thought I died or abandoned all pursuits in this beloved fandom for the rest of my days. But if you know me at all, you know that I have my bursts of disappearances and reappearances, and when I return, I usually return with vigor. Such is yet not the case. My spark in fanfiction has been renewed, but my muse has not yet returned, so I'm afraid I still don't have the drive to really write anything - which I suppose defeats the purpose of my return to this site. However, I am determined to finish my Sokka's Field Guide series, and so here is something of a prelude to this final installment of the trilogy c: do I even have any more people still interested?


A Three-Part Series

Part III : Attempting Murder Yet ?






Written Record of Case Number 001

Fire Nation Palace, Chamber of Commerce.
Scribe: Avatar Aang, Master of All Four Elements.



Zuko and Katara are sitting in the office, waiting the delayed arrival of their self-proclaimed therapist. It is midday, and this humble scribe is starving. The door opens and Sokka comes in, looking extremely disheveled, and is that a kiss mark on his-?

Sokka: (looking over the scribe's shoulder) Writing everything is unnecessary, Aang! Besides, we haven't even started the session yet! (clears his throat) Hello Zuko, Katara.

Katara: (stiff nod) Hello, Sokka.

She looks pointedly at the man sitting beside her who is clearly preoccupied with staring at a spot on the ceiling.

Katara: Zuko—say hello.

Zuko: …Hey.

Sokka: (eyes them both skeptically, stroking his imaginary beard, and sits at his desk) Hm…yes, alright, so what seems to be the problem?

Zuko: (points accusingly at his partner) She's crazy!

Sokka: You make a convincing argument. However, you will need to elaborate.

Katara: Thank, you, Sokka. And for the record, I am not crazy! He's the one who's keeping photos of his ex girlfriend!

Sokka: That gloomy girl who sighs a lot?

Zuko: She has a name.

Katara: (plainly jealous) Oh, of course you'd remember it-I am not jealous, Aang!

Zuko: I've told you a million times, we're childhood friends-! (desperate) Ugh, can we just get on with this already?

Sokka: So…it's because of this Mai girl that you two've hit a rut?

Katara: Well…no, it's more like the last straw.

Sokka: Mhm, I see…so Mai is not the root of the matter.

Zuko: Why do you keep saying her name like that? Like…like she's not a real person or something?

Katara: Maybe because she's apparently your dream girl?

Zuko: (shocked) I didn't say that! You're putting words in my mouth—Sokka, you know I never said that! (he's looking rather guilty) And I am not looking guilt, Aang!

Sokka: Please disregard the scribe and whatever he writes down, it is all for research and professional purposes. Hmm…I can see this will take some time…alright, so, we'll start at the beginning. Katara, if you please.

Katara: (eyes shine menacingly) Gladly.

This humble scribe has an inkling it is going to be a long day.

ENDNOTES; SO YES, IT IS SUPER SHORT AND FOR THAT I APOLOGIZE. BUT IT IS NOTHING BUT A TASTE OF THIS FINAL PART OF THE SERIES. Actual chapters will be written in an actual story format, much like the prequels, with of course, the opening and ending bits related to sessions with Sokka (and a scribe). Let's see how well this goes, and how soon I can whip out the first official chapter? it is already one-third of the way completed, I just need to finish it. help? suggestions? encouragement? criticisms? c: