– One year later –

Tobi clapped excitedly as Madara and Zetsu kissed on the altar. There was a round of applause and cheering from everyone who had attended the ceremony. He watched Zetsu and Madara closely – he could see how happy they were together and it made him, in turn, just as happy. Deidara grabbed him and pulled him into a hug. They held hands as the newly-weds came down from the altar together and stood up to greet them.

Everyone crowded around Madara and Zetsu in excitement, wanting to ask questions. Both of the males happily answered as many questions as they could.

Deidara and Tobi stayed back from the group. They smiled at each other, love the only emotion in their gaze. Deidara wrapped his arms around Tobi's waist and pulled the younger boy in as close as possible, ravishing the boy's mouth with hungry kisses. Tobi happily returned the favour.

The two of them were joined together until Madara tapped Deidara's shoulder and smiled.

"Do you mind if I take Tobi away for just a minute?" Madara asked. "There's someone I want him to meet. You're welcome to have him back once the dancing starts.'"

Deidara smiled back. "Sure. Go with Madara, Tobi. I'll be right here. …Un."

Madara thanked Deidara and grabbed Tobi's hand. He led the boy away with Zetsu behind them, a look of excitement on his face.

"Tobi," Madara began, "I want you to meet this beautiful young man. We haven't spoken for a few years now, but he decided that he wants me back in his life."

Madara lead Tobi to another raven-haired boy who was sitting quietly at one of the snack tables, stuffing his face with potato chips.

"Tobi, this is your older brother, Obito." Madara smiled.

Obito looked up at the mention of his name and saw Tobi with Madara. He grinned and got off his seat, closing the distance between them.

"Hey!" Obito greeted cheerfully. He grabbed Tobi's hand and shook it. "I'm Obito! I'm happy we've finally met! I didn't even know that I had a little bro until a few hours ago! This is so cool!"

Tobi blushed and looked at the ground. "Tobi is Tobi…"

"Tobi's a little shy, Obito." Madara placed his hands on Tobi's shoulders. "Tobi, I'm sorry that I didn't tell you about Obito, but I wanted to surprise you. You're only half related… But I still love you both the same. I hope that you will think of each other as your full-blooded brothers."

"Of course, dad! I'll think of him as my baby bro!"

Tobi blushed again and giggled. "Tobi always wanted a big brother…"

"Well, you have me now!"

Without warning, Tobi latched him onto Obito's middle in a suffocating hug. The elder gasped before he chuckled and returned the friendly gesture.

"Tobi loves his family…" Tobi whispered. "Oh, Obito-nii! Tobi wants to introduce nii-san to Deidara-Senpai! Come, come!"

Obito chuckled as Tobi pulled him along. Madara and Zetsu watched, holding each other.

"Senpai, Senpai!" Tobi cried in excitement. He stopped in front of Deidara. "Guess, guess!"

"What, yeah?"

"Tobi has an aniki! This is Tobi's aniki! Obito-nii!"

Deidara smiled at Obito and reached out to shake his hand. "I'm Deidara – Tobi's partner. …Un."

"Obito." Said male grinned. "Tobi sure is lucky to have someone as pretty as you, Miss."

Deidara frowned at the title. "I'm a guy…"

Obito laughed. "Oh! Sorry! I'm so sorry! Umm, let me rephrase that – Tobi is lucky to have someone as handsome as you!"

Tobi giggled. "Deidara-Senpai doesn't know what to think! Tobi loves Deidara-Senpai even if he does look like a girl! But Obito-nii, Tobi knows he is a boy…" Tobi leant in to whisper into his brother's ear. "Tobi wakes up sore most mornings, so Tobi knows."

Obito laughed again. "Pervert."

"How old is Obito-nii?" A sweet smile crossed Tobi's face.


"Tobi just turned twenty!"

Obito hugged his brother. "Well, the dances are just starting. I'm not much of a dancer so I'm sitting on the sidelines stuffing my face for a while. Have fun."

Tobi hugged back. "Bye-bye, Obito-nii! Tobi loves nii-san!"

Obito waved at them as he retreated. Deidara held Tobi.

"Come on, Tobes," Deidara whispered into Tobi's ear. "Let's dance a little."

Tobi kissed Deidara's cheek before he rested his head on the blond's shoulder. They held hands as they moved back and forth together.

"Deidara-Senpai could get Tobi into shape…" Tobi blushed, looking away. "Tobi means… Deidara-Senpai makes love to Tobi every night… So…"

Deidara laughed and kissed Tobi's forehead. "So… What do you think about marriage now, Tobes?"