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"Do you think they are ready to be living on their own?"

Midori accepted the cup of hot chocolate that Tsumugu had made for her as he joined her at the kitchen table. The goodbyes had been long and tearful as Ikuto and Amu turned eighteen and moved into an apartment of their own. The two wanted to try just being together for a little while before they began their school work. Their previous mental states had left them in a rather difficult predicament. They weren't stupid but they had a long ways to go before they could do anything with their futures. Midori had made them promise to come to her if they needed anything at all since she had legally become their guardian just before their birthdays. "I think they are ready to try."

The unofficial couple fell into a comfortable silence as they drank their warm drinks within Midori's kitchen. "Have you thought about the other cases I showed you?"

Smiling, Midori turned to the stack of files on the table beside her. "You know, I have never been one for having an empty house. The boy with an authority complex sounds interesting. Does he really randomly yell about world domination?"

Chuckling, Tsumugu nodded his head. "I thought you might like the girl that hasn't quite grown up yet. Mentally she's smart enough to be sixteen, but for reasons that no one can figure out she still acts about five."

Yes, Midori had found that case interesting as well. "I think all she needs is the meet the other case. The one about the boy that is too overly strict with himself. The OCD case with a bit of self harm mixed in. Those two could balance each other out nicely."

The thought had never crossed his mind, and yet Tsumugu couldn't help but be impressed with the woman he enjoyed working with. "Leave it to you to play matchmaker once more. Should I put in a request to the government to have them moved here? They are two of my newer cases that aren't working out well in the homes they are currently in."

"That would mean that you'd have to keep coming around to watch them."

Smiling now, Tsumugu reached across the table to place his hand on hers. "That is something I would very much like to do."

Blushing slightly, Midori returned the squeeze placed on her hand as she smiled back at the man she was very fond of. "Then make the call and let them know that I'm willing to take care of all three of them."

"Make sure you mention something to Kukai so he doesn't get jealous."

"I'm fairly certain that that boy is going to be rather busy from now on. He's finally got something he wants to do with his life."

"Do you really think him becoming a teacher like Utau is a good idea?"

"I think it is a great idea. They should open a day center together. The two of them would be great for a lot of kids that need a little guidance."

That comfortable silence fell around them once more as the two took a few more sips of their quickly cooling drinks. "What is Nagi doing this weekend?"

"He went to stay over at Rima's. They've been becoming better friends lately."

Tsumugu couldn't help the smile on his face. Even if he did sort of disapprove of the fact that Nagihiko was spending the night at a girl's house, he couldn't stop the boy from doing so. It was sort of a treat for him. Rima only let him come over if he spent the entire week as a boy. Nagi had been working hard ever since they made the deal. "Good for him."

They drank a bit more before Tsumugu slowly got up from his spot. In a moment of confidence, he leaned across the table to place a light kiss upon Midori's lips. "I'll go make that call."

Slightly dazed, Midori watched the man she knew she loved walk away from her. "Yes, you go make that call."

~The End~


Morg: Short, sweet and directly to the point. I've said it before that this story would not have any smut. That wasn't why I wrote it.

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