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Just months ago, she wouldn't have believed any of this.

The dust was settling and if anyone had been watching, it may have been unclear for a minute who the winner of White and N's battle had been. But White knew, just as she knew her Pokémon well enough to know that her Galvantula would survive Zoroark's attack and launch its own before she saw it happen. They had come so far together, after all. So far, so fast.

Her opponent had pulled his baseball cap down over his eyes so she couldn't quite tell what he was feeling. How could she know, anyway? The last time White had lost a battle was only her second round, against Cheren back home in her bedroom—just playing around, really. She had never seen her ideals come crashing to naught before her eyes. Not like this. She couldn't understand. N went briefly to his Zoroark, laid a hand on its head before recalling it. "Thank you, Friend. You fought well."

She took a few steps towards him. "N…"

"…I don't understand." White stopped when he spoke. He drew a sharp breath in, then took a lengthy pause. "I would not deny differing ideas. In fact, in accepting differing ideas, maybe the world will experience a chemical reaction. Maybe this... is the formula that can change the world..."

White was going to say something, anything to reassure him. She'd been following him all this time, before she even knew who he was. The King of Team Plasma. When she found out White was filled with fiery conviction, anger. Embarrassed she'd talked with Bianca about how she thought the green haired trainer was cute. Now she'd heard his story. Seen the toy room. N was no king; he was a boy. "N—"

"You idiot!" A harsh voice cut through the quiet of the moment.

White whipped her head back around. "Ghetsis."

He barreled past her. "I made you!" He was screaming at N. "How could you turn out like this? You don't even deserve to share the name Harmonia with me! How could you disappoint me like this, son?"

Son? White gasped.

Ghetsis shook his head. "You're not my son. I gave you your dream and you failed. You were supposed to allow me to rule! But you just had to battle 'a fellow hero,' and you lost—to some common scum, a trainer!" N wasn't saying anything, just staring blankly at Ghetsis as he unloaded. "You're no hero. You're a freak! You aren't fit to live with people. You have no heart."

White could take no more. "Stop it!"

He spoke over her. "But I still need you to play figurehead. So worthless as you are, I'm stuck with you." Ghetsis spun toward White. "But you. You, trainer… You need to be eliminated."

"Leave her alone," N said. The first he'd spoke since Ghetsis—his father—had entered the room.

Alder and Cheren rushed into the room. "White! Did you—"

But Ghetsis was already reaching for his first Pokéball. "White, quick!" N rushed over and healed her Pokémon.

If the battle with N had been hard, Ghetsis was grueling. His Hydreigon alone took out half her team, finally fainting to her Seismatoad's Focus Blast. By the time he came down to his last Pokémon, she too had only one remaining—her first partner, her Emboar. "You can do it, Pele!" She called.

To her fortune, Ghetsis's final teammate was a Bisharp. It fell easily to a Hammer Arm.

Was it really over? For a moment, she feared she had counted wrong, or even an underhanded scheme like a seventh Pokémon. But Ghetsis fell to his knees and the other people in the room exhaled.

"Pele, come back." Shaking, she recalled him.

Cheren rushed to her side. "Are you okay, White?" She managed a nod. "Thank goodness."

"This isn't happening!" Ghetsis was still carrying on. "I… I am perfection! How could I fall?"

Alder was addressing them, and Cheren was still checking her well being, but White zoned out for a moment. She found herself wondering how N was faring. So quickly, everything had changed for him.

"—lea! White, seriously, snap out of it! Are you okay or not?" Cheren exclaimed.

She looked up at him, shaking her head as she returned to the moment. Alder had come over too, restraining Ghetsis. "I'm fine," She said. "Go. I'll find my way home." She patted Cheren's arm and smiled at him.

Cheren took Ghetsis's other arm. Alder turned to N one last time before they exited the room. "You'll figure out why, someday."

But Ghetsis dug his heels in the ground. "You'll amount to nothing without me. Don't listen to them—I made you a monster, and you will always be my tool."

"What a bother. Shut up already." Cheren helped usher him out of the room.

It was silent suddenly, an abrupt force of quiet that pressed on her throat. White wanted to say something, anything. To apologize. Not for winning, of course—she had to show him the way, that she was sure even he had understood. But Ghetsis…. He was wrong on so many levels. He had given N so much adversity, and even though he had come up naïve and afraid, now, somehow he was strong, too. But he had lost his ideals, the thing he had clung to for so long. The conviction that had kept him going, kept him brave. What could she say? Her throat went dry.

N gathered himself after a moment, and approached her. "There's something I want to talk to you about."

She laughed, nervously, a knee-jerk reaction. "I'm sure there's a lot."

He offered her his hand. She took it, and they walked up towards the hole Zekrom had bore in the wall. "When I first met you back in Accumula town," He let go and took a few steps ahead. "I first heard the voice of your Pokémon, and it shocked me. It said it liked you. That it wanted to be with you. I didn't understand. I didn't want to believe." He looked at the sun beyond the wall. "But this whole time I've been traveling, I have only seen the good in man, and Pokémon. Together. You were surrounded by people and Pokémon who loved you. all this time. I should have understood."

N turned back to her, and White said, "He was wrong. You're a good man."

He didn't say anything about that. He unleashed Zekrom, who's black scales shown in the sunlight. Shocked, she thought he was going to let it go. "My life is in my own hands, now."


"You must have a dream. Believe in it, and do whatever it takes to fulfill it! Someday, surely, it will be realized!" He mounted his dragon. "Well then… Farewell."

White gasped. "N! Wait!"

He only looked back at her once more. "I'll miss you."

She rushed forward, but it was too late. The dragon had borne him into the sky. White called out after him again. "Wait!"

Before she understood what was happening, White was dashing out of the castle—beyond the Pokémon league, to the edge of the cliffs of Victory Road, teetering on the edge of the chasm. The sky was empty. "N!"

Before she understood anything, he was gone.

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