Part 1

by The Last Moccasin

M+ / NC-17 || PWP, Femslash

'R U busy?' O yes. Emily was very busy that night...

Pretty Little Liars is copyright Alloy Entertainment. I am but a lowly, meddling fan.

This smut extends the last Paily scene in 'Someone To Watch Over Me' (1x20). Prelude video: youtube dot com slash watch?v=jvU3sjtTbWY

Planning to finish this before the next episode airs.

Emily raised her hand into Paige's auburn hair and broke their kiss to look into her eyes. Desire and trust flashed between them, and she pressed their lips together again. The warm puff of the girl's breath brushed down her cheek. She curled her fingers behind the redhead's ear and opened her mouth to slid her tongue across soft lips. Paige released the hand she'd been holding and pulled Emily closer as their tongues began to play, hands and mouths growing bolder as the minutes passed.

They had known each other for years swimming on the same school and club teams. But they hadn't known each other at all until the last few weeks. When Emily rejoined the team and Paige began to crack from the pressure of wanting her so badly and wanting so badly not to. It hadn't been pretty. Emily's friends would call her crazy for forgiving the redhead's brief but abusive fit of bullying.

Emily trailed her fingers slowly down and up the girl's neck. Down again to play with the small pendant necklace before laying flat over her heart. She scooted closer, and Paige slid her hands under the hem of her shirt to tentatively caress her lower back.

The change in their relationship had blindsided the brunette. But after years of noticing her outgoing team captain, and one sublime night foretelling how things could be, how each one's weakness was the other's strength, Emily's thoughts had flared 24/7 with the truth that she wanted this girl, not just her amazing body but her vibrant and struggling mind. She wanted all of her. Pressed together on the window seat in her bedroom, every kiss and quickened sigh, every stroke of their hands was more than a touch. They were a confession between hearts that had gazed across the pool at each other for longer than Emily could remember.

Paige raked her fingers gently but firmly down Emily's back beneath her shirt, and a flush of heat swept through the brunette. She dropped her hand and cupped a soft, heavy breast through the silk and scattered sequins of Paige's dress. The redhead inhaled sharply as Emily squeezed and turned her palm against the hard nipple. Her fevered thoughts were splintering, and she felt almost drunk with the need to feel soft skin. She pinched the redhead's nipple before tilting her hand to slide down the scoop of her low-cut neckline and kneed the smooth mound.

Paige gasped softly. The sound lit a firecracker in Emily's gut, and she swung both knees onto the window seat to straddle the redhead. She kissed her soundly and pushed the small dress-jacket off her shoulders, dropping a line of kisses along her collar and back to her throbbing pulse-point.

"Emily..." Paige husked. The smoky timbre sent a shiver up Emily's spine. She pinched a lock of red hair at the base of Paige's head and pulled gently, exposing more of her pale neck for exploitation. She slid her tongue up the length of it and nipped lightly, hoping not to leave a mark but not caring quite enough to stop. The girl could always wear a scarf.

After long minutes worshiping the marble perfection of that sensitive neck, Emily returned to her face for a heated, open-mouthed kiss. The brunette's ravishing had stunned Paige into a sexual languor, but she recovered in the flames of the kiss. Warm hands slid up Emily's toned abdomen to her breasts. She squeezed one and rolled the nipple of the other between her fingers. Emily felt a jolt, a slick drop of heat between her legs, and her hips rolled forward unconsciously.

Their lips finally parted to smooth their ragged breaths. They sat forehead to forehead, panting as if they'd just finished a race. Darkened eyes met. In that lightning moment they both knew. This was deep and mutual. Lust and amazement mirrored between them, and they smiled, staring into each other's eyes. Somehow the unwavering gaze was more intimate than any kiss or touch that came before it. Paige slipped her hands behind Emily's back and held her close.

"I feel like I could look at you forever," Paige murmured, "and never see everything. Like there would always be some part of you I hadn't noticed yet."

"Don't be surprised if you see a few things you don't like. I'm not Little Miss Perfect."

"You're a hell of a lot closer to it than me."

Emily's fingers combed threads of red-brown hair back from Paige's face. The girl's brown eyes sparkled as they studied Emily up close until a sad shadow passed over them. "Why did you forgive me?" she asked. "If someone else did to you what I did, they'd be fishing their teeth out of the pool drain after I found them."

"Hmm, then I hope no one makes that mistake. Are you going to do it again?"

Paige winced, regret etched deep in her features. "I'd rather cut my arms off."

"That's why. Well, not exactly why. You scared me, but you weren't like that before and you're not like that now. The person you are now is the one I invited into my room hoping to make out with."

Paige smiled and took a deep breath, eyes shining with unmasked awe. "You make my heart feel like its flying." Emily grinned, continuing to stroke Paige's hair as a rosy blush bloomed on the girl's cheeks. "Sorry... That's cheesy."

Emily shook her head. "It's beautiful." She kissed the side of the girl's mouth and along her jaw to the base of her ear. "My mom won't be back for at least an hour," she whispered. Emily sucked Paige's ear between her lips, careful not to catch the small gold stud. She trailed her tongue up the curve of her ear, and the redhead's arms cinched tight around her, squeezing the breath from her once more.

Paige cupped Emily's ass in her hands and picked her up as she stood suddenly. A surprised thrill raced through Emily as the redhead carried her to the bed, laid her down, and laid down above her. Their lips met in a fervent kiss, and Emily realized that she liked the forcefulness of this girl. Liked being picked up and pinned down and kissed until she was breathless. Any last ghosts of hesitation vanished the second her back hit the mattress, pressed into the comforter under the warm weight of Paige's body.

Too soon, it lifted from her as the redhead got up and closed the bedroom door. She flicked the lights off, casting the room into darkness as their eyes adjusted to the shaft of moonlight from the window. Only their breaths and the distant rustle of leaves in the breeze outside cut through the silence.

Paige flipped her small jacket from her shoulders and let it fall down her arms to pile at her feet. She slipped her heels off of and raked her eyes over Emily's body as the brunette lay perched on her elbows. The redhead smirked. A wave of wolfish confidence flowed into her. "Take your shirt off."

Emily bit her lip as the smoky command echoed in shivers across her belly. She gave a rare, devilish smile and sat up, curling her fingers beneath the hem of her blue top...