Part 2

by The Last Moccasin

M+ / NC-17 || PWP, Femslash

'R U busy?' O yes. Emily was very busy that night...

Pretty Little Liars is copyright Alloy Entertainment. I am but a lowly, meddling fan.

Emily pulled her shirt up slowly past slim abs, round breasts, and smooth cinnamon skin. She drew the loose cotton over her head and tossed it to the floor, her raven hair falling to drape over her shoulders. Emily leaned back on her hands and tried to hide the sudden flutter of nerves in her stomach. She knew she was pretty, probably even hot. But 'knowing' it and seeing it proven in Paige's rapid breathing, her lingering gaze, the way she leaned against the door for support...

"I'll get cold if you stay over there."

Paige smiled. "I think you might be already."

The redhead pushed off the door and closed the distance between them. Emily scooted to the edge of the bed to meet her. She glanced at the girl's sequined dress. "Let me?"

Paige nodded, and Emily grazed her hands slowly up the back of her thighs, deciding whether to take the garment up or down. An awkward vision of getting it stuck half on and half off made her choose to go down. She stood and drew the thin straps off Paige's ivory shoulders. Slid them down her arms and pulled the low-cut top past her generous bosom. The dress bunched at its elastic waist. Emily felt her inner muscles clench at the sight of large pink, areolas swinging free as Paige pulled her arms out.

Emily sat on the bed and leaned forward to taste the velvet skin of the girl's breasts. She nipped the heavy under-curve and laved her tongue to the nipple, sucking it into her mouth. Paige's hands threaded into her hair, and the girl sighed. Emily raised her hand to cradle Paige's other breast, rubbing circles around the nipple with her thumb. Her lips wandered and devoured the first soft mound until her craving for the redhead to be naked overwhelmed her.

She placed a kiss over Paige's heart and leaned back, looking up into smoky eyes. Emily hooked her thumbs in the waistband of the dress.

Her breath hitched as it hit her that she was really about to do this. Really about to be with a naked girl in her room. In her bed. She knew it would change things between them, and Emily was suddenly glad she had known Paige for so long. Memories of past swim meets and practices, bus rides and shared classes flashed in her mind. Colored by the knowledge that they would lead here, the scenes took on a fresh karma.

Paige rested her hands lightly on Emily's. "Have you done this before?"

Emily shook her head. "I've thought about it. A lot. And read some stuff."

The redhead smiled. "I'm more a woman of action."

"So I noticed."

"Are you done thinking about it?"


"Whether you're going to finish taking my clothes off."

Emily narrowed her eyes at the redhead's playful challenge and pushed the sequined fabric past the curve of her ass, catching her underwear in passing. She let them fall and slump around Paige's ankles and planned to look up with a satisfied smirk when her eyes hooked on the small brown triangle at the apex of her legs.

Her mouth fell open as her breath rushed out, and a flurry of battling impulses left her paralyzed. A far-off voice in her mind noted that the red hair above was dyed and she'd known it. But her drumming heartbeat drown it out beneath a loud, primal rhythm.

"Scoot back," Paige whispered.

Dazed, Emily pushed herself fully onto the bed. The redhead quickly pulled her pajama bottoms and panties off, tossing them into the shadows of the room. She crawled towards Emily and met her in a kiss. Their breasts and stomachs pressed together as Paige laid her back and moved on top of her in a frustratingly light touch. Emily broke their kiss and tightened her arms around the redhead. "Don't hold yourself up," she breathed.

"I don't want to crush you."

"It feels good. Like being hugged all over."

Emily bit her lip as Paige's full weight sank onto her from chest to toe. The redhead's flushed skin was as hot as a shirt put on straight from the dryer on a wintry day. Emily moaned when wet lips found her neck, and Paige snuck her tongue out to swirl against the tender throat.

She reached between them to massage a small breast before dropping down to explore it with her mouth. Paige pinched the nipple between her lips and pulled. She slid her hand down Emily's belly, and the brunette hips kicked in anticipation. The redhead paused to rub her stomach muscles while still focussed on Emily's tits.

The brunette was almost ready to grab her hand and lead it where she wanted it when Paige reached into the slick moisture and began to glide it lightly up and down her slit. Paige brought her face back up to Emily's, bracing on one elbow. Watching her reactions as she slid a finger inside and stretched her opening with small swirls.

Emily wondered if she should say something sexy, if that would be the right thing to do. A wanton hum escaped instead, when Paige added a second finger and began a slow, rhythmic slide. It was different from the single, agile finger she usually used on herself. Tighter and not as fast, but a smooth crescendo of pleasure began. She wondered if that was how Paige touched herself, if she'd like the same things done.

Bracing her wrist against her thigh, Paige began to push into Emily in deeper, firmer strokes. A tingling pressure bloomed between Emily's hips as the hard thrusts swayed the bed. The brunette clenched her bedquilt in her fists as the bed frame squeaked in time with them. Nothing she'd done alone had prepared her for that painfully good feeling.

The weave of their legs was clumsy, though, and after a minute Paige shifted. She pulled her hand out to spread a fresh coat of heat along Emily's pussy before returning to her core. Her pace quickened, and she moved just her arm. The flat of her palm slapped Emily's clit as her fingers filled her and curled against tightening walls.

Emily could no longer still the shameless rise of her hips or stifle the whimper in her breath. She glanced into Paige's eyes, afraid the girl might find something funny in her undoing. Paige's topaz orbs were black in the moonlight and reflected only a tentative awe. Her defenses had fallen away too, and Emily's heart clenched with the sudden knowledge that as much trust as it took to share their bodies, it took even more to share their vulnerabilities. Coupled in the throes of sex, they had only just begun to touch that part of each other.

Emily's head arched back, and her eyes slammed shut as waves of orgasm crashed through her. She writhed in euphoria for long seconds until her body sagged bonelessly into the mattress.

She reached down to still Paige's hand and held her inside as an aftershock shivered through her. Lazily, Emily opened her eyes. Her breath evened, and she turned to face the redhead with lidded eyes. Paige smiled down at her in wonder, surprised and pleased with herself. The brunette memorized her face in that unguarded moment, free of stress or ego, moonlight curved across her cheeks.

She guided Paige's hand up to her mouth and kissed her pale wrist. The smell of cum on slender fingers sparked Emily's libido, and her rising alertness brushed the post-coital haze from her mind. "You're shaking," she murmured, weaving their hands together.

Paige gave a small, almost shy laugh. She leaned down to reply with a kiss. The tenderness slowly revved Emily's hunger. Paige gently bit Emily's lip, and the scales of aggression tipped. She rolled the redhead beneath her suddenly and pressed her thigh into her sex. Cool air slapped her back, and she felt Paige's lips curve into a smile against her own...