I know this is a little short, but I just watched an amazing movie (See if anyone can figure out which one) and it inspired me to move on to the sequel right away, so I just wanted to wrap things up here. Sequel will be up shortly, hope you guys enjoy :)

Shawn woke up, head pounding against the cold cement of Thomas Hogden's basement floor. He blinked, hoping that closing his eyes for a moment would ease the pain, but not wanting to be totally unaware of what was around him. He gave up a few moments into it, realizing that he was stuck with the pain.

He tried to sit up, but as soon as he moved, the room began to spin and he fell onto his back. He cursed to himself, she had already drugged him. Not much, but enough that he wasn't about to get up and walk out.

He closed his eyes and prayed that she hadn't gone back for Lassiter after she relocated him. He was Shawn's only chance of survival at this point and for more than that reason, he hoped that she had been careless enough to leave him alive.

After a few more moments of trying to gain control of himself, Shawn gave up again. He couldn't move an inch without feeling like he was falling off of a cliff, he couldn't even crawl. All he could do was wait and hope that it wore off while he was still in good enough shape to make a run for it.

No such luck. As the drugs continued to sink in, his awareness became more and more spotty. The room was moving too quickly for him to keep up and he was slipping in an out of consciousness. Everything that happened after that was a blur at best.

Shawn could hear yelling, he felt hands on his neck. Before his body knew to gasp for air, he felt warmth overcoming him and he closed his eyes again. He felt a weight on his chest and a slap to his face before it all started over again. Sometimes, he would feel a hand caressing his face and he heard more quiet speaking, but it didn't last long before the angry yelling and pain were back.

In a brief moment of clarity, Shawn felt the room go still and quiet and a feeling in the pit of his stomach that he couldn't figure out. She choked him again, this time more hurried with no yelling to accompany it. He tried with everything he had left to pull away, with no luck.

The next thing he knew, he felt different hands on his neck. Gentle, warm hands that felt familiar and safe. He heard Carlton speaking, but he sounded so far away. All that he cared about, though, was that Lassiter had come for him, he was alive and it was all going to be okay. Then, he heard shots. Two shots and he didn't know who fired them or who was hit before he started to slip away again.

- At the Hospital -

Shawn could feel himself sleeping and dreaming sometimes, of a person he'd never met before, other times it just felt like nothingness. He had no concept of time, it felt like he had been sleeping his entire life, but he was still too tired to move. He felt on the precipice, If only someone would come and shake him awake, just that little bit would push him over the edge and he could wake up.

Then he felt pain. Nothing compared to before, it didn't even really hurt, but it was more clear than anything he remembered feeling in a long time. It resonated within him and he could feel that it was the push he needed. He tried as hard as he could to grasp the pain, to follow it up, out of the pit, and he did.

Shawn squeezed his eyes before cracking them open. "Ow…" He mumbled, trying to move to feel where the pain was coming from, but failing. His body was too weak to move that much. He settled for just squinting and scrunching his face up.

- Carlton -

Carlton turned back toward him, eyes wide. "Shawn?" When he heard the grumble, he thought it must have been his imagination again, but he turned to see the psychic's face scrunched up and he dropped everything.

He pushed the button to call the nurse and put his hand on Spencer's face. "Shawn, can you hear me?" He was desperate to make sure that this time, it was for real. Shawn had made some noises before and the first few times, he thought that he was awake, only to be let down when the nurses explained that it was normal for patients in his condition to move and make sounds in their 'sleep'.

"Shawn, please. Say something, anything." His voice shook, not ready to be disappointed again.

"…Pineapples." The psychic mumbled, hardly able to speak, only able to open his eyes just barely, but enough to see Carlton hovering above him.

The detective laughed, so overcome with emotion that he didn't know what else to do. He kissed the younger man's forehead and rubbed his cheek gently.

When the nurse walked in, she was half expecting to tell him that he had his hopes up again, but she smiled as well when she saw that Shawn actually was awake after so long. "Excuse me, Carlton. I need to check him out before the doctor gets here."

He nodded and scooted back, keeping his hand on Shawn's. "Shawn, can you hear me?"

He coughed a little before she interrupted him. "If it hurts, don't speak, just nod." He did as he was told and nodded. "I'm going to do some basic tests to see how you're doing, then you two can have a few minutes alone before the doctor comes in. Okay? Carlton, could you go get some water for when we're done here?"

He nodded again, squeezing Lassiter's hand. He groaned a little when the nurse shined the light in his eyes and it was more than a little uncomfortable to have her poking him to make sure he had feeling everywhere. He felt better the moment that Lassiter was back in the room with him, holding his hand.

"All right, so the Doctor can tell you more when he examines you, but for now you look like you're doing well. You seem to have normal feeling and reflexes over most of your body, which is one of the biggest concerns that we've had. He'll be with you soon." She smiled and left the men alone with the good news.

Carlton helped Shawn sit up with some difficulty and offered him some water, which he gladly drank before clearing his throat. "Carlton…" He looked like he wanted to say something more, but before he could, the detective was wrapping his arms around him, tears openly running down his face.

"I love you, Shawn." He blurted it out with his face buried in Shawn's shoulder. "I was so scared that I would never have the chance to tell you…" The psychic held on as tight as he could, his own few tears falling onto the other's shirt.

They held onto each other until the doctor arrived and asked Carlton to step outside. He wasn't in the hallway long before Henry and Gus showed up. He had called Shawn's father while he was out getting water. 'He's awake.' Is all that was said before he hung up and went back into the room.

"How?" Henry looked into the room and saw his son sitting up, talking to the Doctor and he couldn't believe it. "What happened?"

Lassiter shook his head, not really knowing what to say. "I just… I was shaving his neck and I slipped and nicked him a little. He just woke up and said 'ow'." He laughed again, remembering Shawn's first word being 'pineapple'.

"The nurse says that his reflexes look good, but we won't know everything for a while." Gus and Henry nodded, both speechless and ecstatic at the same time. They waited silently for the Doctor to come out.

"Hello, Henry. Gus. Well, the best news is that he's awake. That was by far the biggest obstacle, but it's not the last. There are a few tests that we need to run and once he's feeling a little stronger, he's going to need some physical therapy." The Doctor paused for a moment, smiling genuinely. "Thanks to everything that Carlton has done in the past three weeks, it's going to be much easier for him. His body is in great shape and right now I'm very optimistic. You can all go see him now."

Henry went in first, leaving the other two in the hallway to talk. "Shawn…" He smiled, not knowing what to say.

"Hey, Dad." Shawn rasped. Lassiter had helped to keep him loose over the weeks, but there was nothing that could be done to keep his voice in shape. He would have to whisper for a while.

They hugged, not needing to speak for each to know how happy they were to see each other. That wasn't something either of them would have thought to be possible, but there they were.

After Henry and Shawn exchanged their words, Gus took some time with Shawn, also by himself. They chatted for a bit, about inane things that didn't make any sense and that probably weren't really as funny as they thought. Gus knew that just getting Shawn back into the normal swing of their whimsical relationship was the best thing that he could do for his best friend. Before he left, they made a lunch date for whenever the psychic was feeling ready for a real meal.

When Lassiter got his chance to be with Shawn again, he looked much more energetic. More like how he'd remembered him. They didn't talk much, they mostly just sat, Lassiter on the edge of the bed, Shawn leaning against him, taking comfort in each other just being there. Carlton off-handedly wondered if Shawn remembered any of the things he'd said while he was unconscious.

The Doctor informed them that Shawn would be free to go home after a couple of days. With the additional tests they had to run and the physical therapy appointments they had to work out, the days went by quickly. They both agreed that it would be best if Shawn stayed with Carlton while he recovered, not only for convenience and to heal physically, but for his spirit.

Over the weeks, Gus stayed in the spare bedroom a lot, Henry brought over some amazing food and Shawn's mother even came by and insisted on talking with him about what happened. Carlton couldn't have been happier to have the company, but he appreciated the alone time they did have.

They got closer in those few weeks, closer than either of them thought possible. Even when Shawn was well enough to move back to his apartment, he decided that he didn't want to. They moved all of his things, redecorated a little, slightly to Lassiter's dismay and they lived happily ever after.

Sort of…