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Prologue: The Birth of Legends

September 18, 1992

A calm night settled over the sleeping region of Unova as the day's sun fell behind the mountains in the horizon. The amusement park in Nimbasa had finally closed for the night, the museum curator at Nacrene was doing final check-ups before locking up for the night, and even the bustling streets of Castelia were dying down to late night stragglers.

However, in the far, north reaches of Unova, the occupants of a grand castle were preparing themselves for a very important night. For many days and months they toiled, ensuring that everything would be perfect in anticipation of the rare opportunity this momentous night would present.

No one was more impatient or excited than one man, who was currently strolling down the newly built marble hall of his castle. Given, the construction on the castle was still ongoing. Many of the rooms of the upper wing were still unfinished. Ghetsis Harmonia's purposeful stride was not as glorious as he would have liked, with scaffolding and sawdust scattered everywhere, but he knew in due time the magnificent castle would be done and he could strut down the halls with regal dignity.

Team Plasma was still a young organization, but it was growing exponentially in power and influence, and he knew someday it will sprout into a grand and looming power with him as its king. His face twisted into a smug smirk at this thought. He flicked his tongue across his sharp canines and grinned, green hair billowing out and golden robes flowing behind him.

He finally reached his destination and walked through the giant golden arches leading into the only open-top room within the entire castle. There, six older men convened in a circle, all garbed in stately robes. They surrounded a sleeping pink and lavender creature that was hovering in place. A curious pink, lucid mist emitted from its head. Twitches of its eyes gave the impression that its rest was anything but peaceful.

At Ghetsis's entrance, all six of the men bowed their heads in respect. Ghetsis strode over to the group and was greeted by a white-bearded sage whose sunken eyes lit up ever so slightly. "Good evening, Master Ghetsis. Thank you for coming."

Ghetsis nodded back in acknowledgement. "Thank you Rood, but such formalities are not needed amongst us Seven Sages, hm?" He smiled at the elderly man, who bowed his head and kept his fearful gaze trained on his tawny robes. The other sages kept silent, knowing Ghetsis meant anything but the statement he had made. It was just his way of reminding them how much power he held.

Clearing his throat, Harmonia continued, "Is everything ready?" Grand expectations glittered wickedly in his red eyes as they scanned over the creature.

One of the men, stoic in expression, cleared his throat. Although he was the oldest, his voice came strong and clear, showing absolute confidence in the words he spoke. "The stars have aligned. It seems Musharna is in the right state to receive the Dream Mist." He gestured to the floating creature, the sleeve of his ashen garment flicking out.

Ghetsis grinned again, fangs glinting in the moonlight. His eyes greedily appraised the creature hovering in the center of the group. A man in royal purple robes, with thick white eyebrows, explained in a commanding voice, "It is as Bronius said. We will not have another chance like this for many more years after tonight. It is not every day we can get Musharna to extract the dreams that had been sealed away."

"Yes, Giallo, I am very well aware of that fact." Ghetsis drawled dismissively and the old sage fell silent.

Another man piped up energetically, eager to please Ghetsis. "We must begin the ritual soon, your majesty. We are prepared to start anytime. Gorm?" His snakey smile was evident through his thick gray beard as he directed his attention to the man at his right.

The man in question pulled a miniscule bottle of swirling pink gas out of his gray robes. It emitted a soft pink glow that reflected off of his bald head and he murmured in a smooth voice, "I have the Dream Mist right here, Ryoku." It had taken the effort of seven Psychic Pokemon and many months to extract enough mist from its source. Gorm gingerly handed the Dream Mist off to the last man, the youngest of them all, a gray-haired man dressed in plum attire. "You may start, Zinzolin," he said.

Zinzolin did not say a word as he took the bottle and stepped up to Musharna. The creature was twitching incessantly as Zinzolin uncorked the bottle and allowed the pink substance to snake out slowly. He slowly circled the creature, allowing the mist to swirl around it. Musharna stilled and slowly opened its eyes, blinking at the sight of the six men.

Then it panicked. Musharna unleashed a high pitched yelp and suddenly glowed in technicolor, no doubt revving up an attack. The six sages stepped back, not at all surprised, and Ghetsis stepped forward. He pulled out a Dusk Ball from his robes and released the Cofagrigus that was residing within. A softly spoken command to the Ghost Pokemon prompted it to unleash a Psychic on the floundering pink creature. The attack stopped the Musharna's own. The creature's red eyes shook in terror and pain as the Psychic attack ceased. Musharna physically slumped, the Dream Mist still swirling around it, waiting to be accepted.

Ghetsis smirked and took a step forward, addressing the suffering creature in front of him."Musharna, Eater of Dreams, you will do well to stop your futile resistance. Recognize this mist? That's right." He sneered. "It belonged to the foolish old prophet who you called 'Master'. Tell us who the heroes of legend will be reborn as and no further harm will come to you," he said in a soft, dangerous voice.

Poor Musharna had no clue what was happening or even what the man was saying. This was definitely not the prison it had been trapped in for months, but it was by surrounded by seven familiar men who were emitting terrifying auras. The man before her spoke with a tongue so violent and vulgar that it stressed out the Drowsing Pokemon. When it backed away in response, whimpering, Ghetsis's temper flared up and he waved his arm, signaling another painful Psychic attack.

"Stupid creature!" he snarled at the Musharna that was trying hard not to cry in pain. "You don't seem to understand your situation. I've been waiting too long to see the vision of that prophet friend of yours. Even while he was tortured, beaten and dying, he refused to tell us what he had seen. But he was a curious man indeed." Ghetsis scowled. "To have been able to control his thought flow to the point that he was able to lock up his prophecy within a mere dream! He tried so hard to keep you from us until his miserable death."

Ghetsis clenched his hand. "We knew he had a son, but the boy escaped before we could get our hands on him. Our psychics never got a lock on the child, so we thought we had lost our only chance of getting that prophecy. It seemed as if he had sealed his dreams with his death, so imagine our surprise when we found out you had traces of it. But you worthless pig." The man continued to watch Musharna twitch in pain. "You could not even show it clearly. Nothing but blurred colors. But tonight, we will finally clearly see the dream, the fortune that is my glorious future!"

Musharna finally lost in endurance and yelped out. At that moment, the Dream Mist entered its mouth and its eyes began to glow. Images started to form in the pink mist streaming from Musharna's head, which was pouring out in mass now. Ghetsis's angry expression turned into one of awe and excitement. The sages all took an eager step forward as well, not wanting to miss a second of the vision.

Multiple images flashed through the mist, none focusing clearly enough for the audience to see. Ghetsis suddenly felt nervous that this plan would fail as well. Just as he was losing hope, the vision slowly began to clear up. The images of a Pokemon as dark as coal and another as white as snow came into focus. As it became clearer, there were two other distinct figures showing.

A green-haired man stood at the side of a giant black dragon cloaked in blue lightning as it roared with rage. A blurry brown-haired human held their ground at the foot of an equally enormous white dragon bathed in golden flames. Ghetsis caught only a glimpse of the brunette but did not think much of them. All of his focus was trained on the green-haired man who was shouting commands at the black dragon. Both creatures reared and let loose a catastrophe of energy. Cyan electricity and crimson flames engulfed the vision as it abruptly vanished, but Ghetsis had seen all that he needed to see.

Musharna suddenly collapsed on the floor, unconscious and Ghetsis loomed over it triumphantly. He stared up at the stars, their shining light glinting off of his gluttonous eyes, a wicked grin spreading across his face.

Suddenly, two women burst into the chamber. One had long lavender hair tied into a braid that flapped as she ran forward and the other had flowing rose-colored hair. Both were wearing bright smiles, bursting with joyful news.

"Master Ghetsis!" The lavender-haired woman called out, catching the man's attention.

"Concordia, what is it?" He questioned her before turning to the other. "Anthea, are you not supposed to be with my wife?"

"We bring you good tidings!" Concordia announced.

Anthea beamed, "Your son has been born! Lady Harmonia has delivered you a son!"

Ghetsis's eyes widened, the greed increasing in his gaze. "That's it. That's him," he breathed. "A son you say? What a fortuitous day! I must see him at once!"

The two women only nodded, their smiles continuing to shine as they led him downstairs. Their long dresses swept from side to side as they danced to the nursing chamber, the cries of a healthy newborn growing in volume.

However, a bloodcurdling scream suddenly erupted from the room, completely drowning out the sounds of the newborn baby inside. Everyone stopped in their tracks for a moment before Concordia and Anthea sprinted for the room and charged in. Anthea demanded, "What has happened?"

They were greeted with a nurse covered in blood, desperate tears staining her face. She was frantically trying to stop the stream of blood that was gushing from the paling woman collapsed on the bed. "Lady Concordia, Lady Anthea, oh, it's awful! Lady Harmonia will not stop bleeding!"

They were immediately with Lady Harmonia, who was losing large quantities of blood very quickly. Anthea immediately put on gloves and started to try and save the new mother's life. "We need to operate! Her womb must be ruptured!" Anthea screamed, but she knew that Lady Harmonia's life was already forfeit.

Ghetsis had just entered the room and his eyes froze on the bloody figure of his dying wife. He felt his heart splintering as he reached for her. The crimson flood was swallowed in his deep red eyes and he felt the world around him turn strangely silent. He collapsed onto his knees at her bedside.

"Beverly…" he breathed. His wife turned towards his voice, reaching a hand up to him. He took it gently, ignoring the blood crusted on it. She began to speak but the sound of her voice was drowned out by the pure cry of an infant.

The sound broke through Ghetsis's silent world, and there, in the arms of another nurse, was his son. A gossamer mass of green hair was visible on his head, and Ghetsis's heart skipped a beat. Like a thirsty man who had seen a river, he staggered to his feet, letting his wife's hand drop back onto the bed. He stumbled hungrily over to the nurse and snatched the delicate baby with his knarred fingers. He ignored the screams of her protests, his eyes glazing over as an insane smile crept across his face. A small chuckle emitted from his throat, but it soon turned into bursting maniacal cackles.

All his dreams, all his aspirations…they were finally coming true. They were all fulfilled with the bundle that was in his hands. He wrapped his greedy arms around his son, not willing to let the ticket to his glorious future go.

In the background, Concordia tried to calm the hysterical man and relieve him of his child, but with one stroke of his arm, he smacked her head violently, sending her crashing to the ground. He settled back into his manic trance, back into his discordant world. Anthea's robe was becoming bloodier by the minute as she frantically tried to stop her Lady's life force from flowing out. Lady Harmonia felt her strength leaving and she reached for Anthea. The frantic women stopped and gazed at the dying women through tear-stained eyes. Salty tears tore down her cheek, mixing with the blood on her face.

Her voice had gained some strength, although it was hardly audible over the loud, raucous laughter of her husband. Lady Harmonia cast a glance at her husband, dulled eyes flickering with betrayal.

As she turned back to Anthea, tears began to trickle from her eyes. On her final breath, she gasped, "Please...his name…is…Na-" Before the name was finished, her voice died in her throat and her emerald eyes glazed over into a dull green.

In the background, Ghetsis's laughter continued, without a single thought for the death of his beloved wife. The young Harmonia prince continued to shriek piercing cries, as if mourning the loss of the mother he never knew.

However, far in the distance, in the little town of Nuvema, another miracle was granted. Two cries broke the silent night, echoing down the halls of the hospital. In the room, a relieved woman proudly held her newborn twins in her arms as her husband sat at her side, gazing lovingly at his wife and children.

"What shall we name them?" the man asked his wife, kissing her flustered cheek.

She smiled softly, closing her eyes, humming to herself. She opened her eyes to gaze at her newborns. The boy had his father's warm chocolate eyes and had already calmed down from his crying. The girl had her mother's aquamarine irises and her piercing cries had changed into pealing laughter. "I think…I'll name them…Touya and Touko."