For forty-nine consecutive days, Alex Cabot woke up and told herself that "today was the day". Given, she always had a little thing for Olivia Benson. But recently, her feelings for the woman had grown beyond her control. Every time she arrived to the precinct and would see the beautiful detective at work, she would always try and make that effort to step up and say something to her, anything, that would lead her to reveal her longing for Olivia. And yet, every time she tried, it ended up as a complete failure.

Only one person caught on to Alex's odd behavior, and that was Elliot. He always told her to make a move before it was too late and she would always brush his words away and push it off for another day that seemed more convenient. "This is it." She said with a small hopeful smile as she looked into the mirror. Her mind was a complete wreck and she felt the butterflies in her stomach. But it was now or never, let Day 50 be her lucky day.

The blonde had showered and dressed within the hour and arrived at the precinct before Liv or Elliot even showed up. So, she conversed a little with Munch and Fin, curious to see what odd conspiracy theory Munch was currently interested in and wondering how Fin was going to shoot down every part of it while she waited. However, something happened that sent all of her plans right to Hell, and the start of it all was the sudden appearance of the unforgettable lady of the hour, Babs Duffy.

A little over a year ago, a case came up involving a lesbian who was attacked and sexually assaulted and was murdered. The case had its twists and turns and it became even more complicated when Babs Duffy, the President, Founder, and Spokeswoman of LesBeStrong, decided to get involved.

Stabler and Benson had just returned to the precinct after bringing a suspect in. The woman gave Elliot a good punch to the head to show off her dominance and power. Elliot left the interrogation up to Liv, for that one.

"That was quick, she didn't punch you again, did she?" Alex questioned as she tried her best to conceal her smile, but the attempt failed - badly.

"Ah, you know, some women just don't wanna talk man-to-man."

"Stabler!" The redheaded spitfire called out as she stepped through the double doors and approached the detective and Alex as they were in the middle of their brief conversation.

Elliot took one glance at Babs before looking back to Alex, "I wish she'd refuse to talk to me."

She was drawing closer to them, ready to give it her all. "Look you pig-headed sonuva bitch, you can't drag an innocent wo-," Babs eyes shot wide open as they fell right on the tall blonde. Alex offered a friendly smile as a way to be courteous. "Hi, Babs Duffy." The redhead extended her hand out for Alex, and the ADA met Babs' hand with her own to shake briefly. "Alex Cabot. I will leave you two alone…" She began to walk away as she retracted her hand.

"You don't have to…" Babs shook her head, completely mesmerized by Alex. Thankfully Elliot stepped in and took Babs away to see what she wanted to say and make another attempt to make sure that she stayed out of the way while they investigated.

"Hello to the beautiful blonde," Babs grinned from ear to ear as she approached the ADA. "Hello Ms. Duffy, pleasure to see you again. What brings you back to the precinct?" Alex said as she leaned against Liv's desk, crossing her arms over her chest. Munch and Fin exchanged smiles, waiting to see what the crazy lady was up to with this visit. "Well I was here to make a little complaint. See I read in a recent interview where I was called a whack job by an anonymous source from the local authorities, and I'm thinking it's someone from SVU." Babs' eyes glanced over to Munch and Fin, before returning her gaze to settle on Alex.

"Now Babs, you can't know for sure. We would never call you out, and that is the last thing we'd say about you…Right, guys?" Alex glared to the two. "Yeah, we like to shoot for the big game. You're old news, Babsy." Munch stated as he leaned back into his seat and relaxed.

Alex rolled her eyes and sighed, Munch wasn't helping at all with this one. Babs was a ticking time bomb and would make any small joke thrown at her face into a big deal and retort with a dozen news stations on standby. "Ignore him. He likes to kid around." Alex stated as she placed her hand on Bab's arm, a simple touch to reassure her, and leave it to the redhead to take it the wrong way. "Alright…Work with me here. I won't raise a fuss, if you will have dinner with me tonight."

Munch, Fin, and Alex were speechless from the offer. "C'mon blondie, surely you don't have any plans. Don't wanna waste your time kicking it with these losers do you?"

Alex's jaw slacked a little, but thankfully it was the perfect timing. She heard familiar voices getting closer and closer.

"So Liv, what are your plans for tonight?" Elliot asked as they walked into the squad room.

"Well, I have a date. You know that rookie cop, Max Boardwine?"

"Yeah, I know the gu-," His words ended right there as his eyes went right to wide-eyed Alex and the woman who taunted him beyond the breaking point when working that case a while back.

Alex wasn't looking back at him, no, she was staring at Olivia like a deer in the headlights. The ADA heard about that little date of hers, and wasn't too thrilled by it.

"Woah, what did we miss?" Elliot questioned as everyone fell silent, with the exception of the true loudmouth. "Well, if you must know Assy McBigPants, I just asked Ms. Cabot on a date, and she was just about to say yes when you two showed up."

Olivia locked eyes with Alex, "Is this true?" She asked, not being able to believe such talk. Alex looked away from Olivia without answering and reached for a pen and blank sheet of paper from Liv's desk and wrote down her address and folded the paper in half, then handed it to Babs.

"Pick me up at eight." The ADA stated, and everyone in the squad room looked at her as if she was insane - not for going on a date with a woman, but for going on a date with THAT woman.

"Wow, it's a date. See you tonight, blondie." Babs walked away one proud woman. It was safe to say that her little complaint issue disappeared from her mind completely.

Alex looked around to everyone who stared her down. "Hey, back to work." She was angry and upset, and most of all disappointed in herself. What was worse, was that Elliot knew that she was feeling this way and why. With one last sigh, Alex spoke up, "If anyone actually needs me, I'll be in my office."

The ADA walked off, feeling like a complete fool. Day 50, the worst attempt of all. She passed the double doors when Olivia soon caught up with her. "Alex, Alex wait." The blonde stopped dead in her tracks and turned on her heel to face the brunette. "What is it, Detective?"

"Why in the hell did you agree to go out with her?"

Alex rolled her eyes and pressed the button for the elevator, "Why is it any of your business, Benson? Don't you have a date of your own to worry about?" The doors opened and Alex stepped in and pressed the button to the floor she needed to go to. Olivia watched as the doors closed. Alex seemed so defensive, which was highly unlike her.

Elliot walked up behind Olivia and shook his head, "Yikes, I take it that didn't go well." He stated as he leaned against the wall. Olivia finally turned away from the elevator, looking back at him. "What did I do to piss her off?"

"Liv…I would love to tell you, but Alex would kill me if you found out by me." He pushed himself off of the wall and stood close to her. "Open your eyes, observe what just happened. C'mon you're a detective, go detect." He offered her a smile and patted her back before heading back to the squad room to join the others.

The more Olivia thought about it, the more confused she became. Benson cared for Alex so much, yet she never showed it. It broke her heart when Alex was in witness protection, and it was completely shattered when she did return and talked about the guy she had been seeing. The detective figured they would only be friends, nothing more.

'Was I wrong? Does she have feelings for me?' Olivia pondered.