Chapter 7: Keeping Promises and Memories

Nagisa 's point of view.

And that day ended my 2nd summer in Chicago. Yoshi left some days before my school started but all in all, it was great. He enjoyed the play, I excelled from Junior to Senior Ballerina. I never wanted summer to end with him leaving me.

And now, I'm 14. It's summer again and I can't wait to see that bastard again!

I was in front of the computer trying to view the file Ms. Hamilton gave me and I heard a ball hit my window.

" Crap, who did that?" I opened my window. Good thing it didn't break.

" Who are you calling crap?" a familiar voice called from in front of me. I looked to where I thought that voice came from and found Yoshi there.

"Yo-Yoshi?" I removed my glasses and my headphones from my ears . Are you really Yoshi?" I asked.

"C'mon Nagisa-chan. It is me. I had to get you out from that room because I can't keep my laugh box shut. You are like an office lady who has worked for 3 days straight. Mind getting some fresh air?" he laughed.

"Stop laughing at me! I know I look wasted already. I would have to wait till tomorrow before I begin my theater classes!" I pouted.

"Okay Okay. Bring out your bike Nagi. I need to tell you something."

"Okay You.('You is pronounced as 'Yow' , not 'U')" I replied, close my window and curtains and changed to a better outfit.

"Why did you change clothes?" Yoshi asked. I was in a white loose shirt and baggy shorts awhile ago; now, I'm wearing a blue jumpsuit.

"Why do you care? Going out on those clothes will only make mom scold me."

"She'll scold you? Why? You act all boyish right?" he asked as we started pedaling.

"My mom's wisdom words: Act all girly Nagisa! You're turning 15 by the end of the year and you still act like a boy! Even though I asked you to become a ballerina, it never got rid of your boyish attitude so please, will you please at least dress girly my dear! I wanted a baby girl so that your dad and I would have a doll each!" I answered in a mocking tone .

"My, my. That sounds weird." He laughed. That point was when we stopped in front of the lake.

"Stop laughing. I tried to change when you left. And plus, you didn't keep that promise that we'll dance at my birthday! And you didn't come back for 4 years! You're bad Yoshi! You don't keep promises!" I frowned and pushed him lightly.

"My parents brought me to Bali when I was 11, to Africa when I was twelve and to Switzerland when I was 13. I asked them to bring me here but they brought me wherever they go. And honestly, I missed you a lot. Did you too?"

"Of course. Who wouldn't? " I answered in a rather shy tone.

"By the way, when is your recital?" He changed the subject.

"It's in two weeks. Ms. Hamilton is going to New York for Broadway this summer so this will be her last play in Theater school. She asked all the best performers to join. The play won't be on the end of summer so I won't have a lot of time to spend with you this two weeks. "I explained

"Since I have four years to make up, I'll have to watch the play."

"SURE! It's going to be Swan Lake." Nagisa clapped.

"Hey wait, Swan Lake. Oh no, I'm not allowing this! You mean you're going to have a prince?"he exclaimed

"Dude, of course. I'm not your sister okay!" I told him. He then looked a bit pissed off and pouted.

"Stop blocking Senior Tyron's right to be my leading man. He's every girl 's dream from his blue eyes and his manly body. Plus, you haven't kept that promise of dancing me on my birthday yet!"

"Okay then. " he responded. I laughed at him and said "You're really jealous are you?" I laughed.

"Of course." He responded.

"OH MY GOOD GRACIOUS! Is it you Yoshi-kun?" And here returns Miya Roader.

"No, No. It's not Yoshi-kun." I responded sarcastically.

"Oh my gosh! Will you watch the play?" she asked Yoshi.

"Obviously I will because Nagisa is there and she invited me." Yoshi answered in order to annoy Miya. He seems to be playing. And it was effective.

"Well, you better lookout for my outfits on that play. I will be playing Odinne in the play." She said proudly.

"Yeah, the antagonist # 2 of the story." I whispered to Yoshi in his ears.

"What was that Nagisa?" he leaned and narrowed her eyes.


"Well, off to the party. Good bye Yoshi!"

"BYE!" Yoshi and I waved to her in a joyful tone.

Next Day.

"You're leaving earlier than usual are you Nagisa?" He asked as we saw each other 7 am in the street.

"Yup. Rehearsals start earlier than usual. This will be our final gift to Ms. Hamilton that 's why we have to exert much more effort on this play!"

"I will look forward on that." He cheered.

"Drop by at 4 pm in the afternoon later. If you don't show up, I will beat you up!" I told him

"Su-Sure…"He agreed