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Chapter 1- The Breakup and Consequences of power

Kim sighed as she collapsed onto her bed welcoming the soft feel of the mattress as it compressed to hold her weight.

"What happened to us am I really that bad?" she questioned as she looked up at the ceiling remembering the fight she and Ron had the previous day and what it resulted in.


Kim had agreed to meet Ron in the park that afternoon and was running to make it to the bench where they normally met for such outings.

She saw that familiar crop of blond hair as well as the beige cargo pants, red jersey shirt, and sneakers. It had been a month and a half since graduation and their relationship had been kind of strained as of late with all the missions they went on, and Kim had been busy with filling out college applications.

There had been little time for spending time together, though she was upset about that it was time for college and she did not like Ron's carefree attitude about the situation and she believed that there would be plenty of time for them to spend time together once they were in college.

She was kind of irritated that she had called him out here; she had things to do like goo over the college programs to see what they offered.

She finally reached the bench and stood in front of Ron with her hands on her hips and her face set into a frown "Ron this had better be important I have to look over college programs and decide which ones will work for us. So what did you want anyway?" she said in a slightly harsh tone.

Ron looked up at her a look of regret on his face before it changed to one of seriousness then it shifted into a sad smile "Hey KP, listen you need to sit down this is something you're not going to want to hear, but it is important." He said as he patted the seat next to him and motioned for her to sit down.

Now Kim was worried Ron never used that face unless something was seriously wrong. She sat down and laid a hand on his. "What is it Ron, it must be something serious." She said with concern in her voice.

Ron gazed at his red haired warrior, god he loved her, but as of late it seemed that she didn't have enough time for him and whenever she did spend time with him they were always doing things she wanted to do; she shot down his ideas calling them childish or immature. Then he started to notice a pattern, it seemed that Kim always called the shots or decided things for him.

It was like she was molding him into a sidekick in life as well as on missions, he doubted she was doing it intentionally but it was still happening even after awakening his monkey powers which had been dormant ever since the fight with the Lowardians. He thought back to all the missions, all the times they had spent together and realized that he was her fallback she would get jealous and suspicious every time a new girl showed an interest in him but it was okay for her to have a boyfriend. She had put Ron in her shadow without realizing it and wanted to keep him there, he was her security blanket.

That left Ron angry and heartbroken it was just part of who Kim was, she was an Alpha and he was not she needed someone who could challenge her but also reason with her. Ron realized that he could not do that not with the way their relationship was set he was the one who was laid back and took the back seat. He let Kim lead which was fine with him until now, he was being neglected and it hurt.

He had talked it over with both his parents and the Possible parents and after a long argument with both sides they came to the agreement that it might be best for Ron and Kim to break up. Ron did not want to be in the back seat of his own life and the Possible parents realized that their daughter was unintentionally making Ron's life miserable and that talking to her would only make it worse.

So here he sat about to make the hardest decision of his life. He took a deep breath and exhaled "KP I love you and you are my best friend in the entire world. I know you feel the same way." He said looking up at her.

Kim nodded uncertainty and dread building in her stomach "Of course Ron you know I love you and that we are the best of friends but what are you trying to say?" she asked in a shaky voice.

Ron swallowed he knew what he was about to do would hurt her but they just weren't meant to be together, their personalities did not complement each other's anymore. But he knew it was for the best in the long run "KP this thing between you and me it isn't working out anymore our personalities and goals just don't work out anymore." He said with a heavy sigh.

Kim just sat there her mind slowly trying to process what Ron had just said. "What do you mean Ron, what's not working out between us?" she said.

"Kim I know this is going to crush you and I've thought long and hard about this, I think we should see other people our relationship isn't working out. What I'm saying is Kim I think we should break up." He finished his voice wavering but still firm.

Kim's world shattered, she watched as the pieces fell around her. She could feel the sorrow welling up inside her "What did I do wrong, I love Ron. Sure I've been a little busy lately, but for Ron to break up with me. I didn't do anything wrong so why?" she thought to herself. In an instant her grief turned to white hot rage. She did the only thing she knew how to do. She lashed out at Ron.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN? HOW CAN YOU BREAK UP WITH ME, I THOUGHT YOU LOVED ME?" Kim screamed at Ron fury still controlling her.

"I LOVE YOU. WHAT HAVE I EVER DONE TO YOU RON? WE ARE BEST FRIENDS AND WE LOVE EACH OTHER SO WHAT INSANE IDEA MADE YOU THINK THAT WE SHOULD BREAK UP?" she continued. By now she was standing in front of him her face inches from his. Her green eyes smoldering with rage.

"KP calm down." Ron said in a calm voice.


Ron just scowled at them before turning his attention back to his now ex-girlfriend as she was preparing to leave. "Kim Possible stop right where you are and sit back down this instant we are not done talking about this. Let me explain myself, so that maybe we can salvage our friendship!" Ron shouted at her as she turned to leave.

The words that Ron had said and the way he had said them cut right through the veil of rage that clouded Kim's mind. Ron had never shouted at her, and never ordered her to do anything. That's when cold logical reason set in; she knew Ron as goofy as he was he would never do something this drastic unless he had a very, very good reason for doing so. She turned around and glared at him before taking her seat on the bench once again. "Fine you have one hour to explain yourself Ron Stoppable." She bit out.

She could at least give Ron a chance even if he had just ripped her heart out, they were still friends and she owed him a chance to at least explain himself.

Ron let out a long sigh "This isn't going to be easy to hear Kim but I broke up with you because we can't function together anymore. I realized over this past month that you are trying to make me a sidekick in your life. Lately that's all I've been to you everywhere we go is a place you want to go or we do something you want to do. You have shot down all my ideas KP calling them silly or childish. That's part of who I am and you're trying to take that away from me. You always shoved me into the shadows only wanted me to yourself and I've come to realize that." Ron said in a calm level tone.

"No I haven't Ron; I would never do something like that." Kim said in a frustrated and unbelieving tone.

Ron looked at her smiling that sad smile again "Yes you have KP you just haven't realized you've been doing it." Ron said. Then he frowned " You have always wanted me to yourself, and if I showed an interest in anyone else you either acted suspicious of them and tried to talk me out of it or didn't tell me or give any indication that you knew they liked me." Ron said in a slightly accusatory tone.

"No I haven't Ron; I only have your best interests in mind." She defended, an image of Tara asking Kim to help her ask Ron out popped into her head briefly followed by the conversation she and Monique had after Yori had left where she had admitted to Monique that she was jealous of the girl but did not know why.

"Kim you will always have a place in my heart but I am stepping out of the shadows I mean you want us to go to the same college but it's the college you want to choose not the one I want. Kim because of you pushing me out of the spotlight intentionally or unintentionally I have missed a lot of opportunities in the past couple of years. I really liked Yori but I gave her up for you. She supported me and encouraged me to be the hero. She would tell me that I could do anything if I put my mind to it. You don't do that Kim but you don't need to, but because of you I had to give up my chance with her. I have sacrificed a lot for you KP. And in return you don't appreciate me. You have tried to control every aspect of my life for the last few years whether you knew it or not. We just don't work anymore KP you need another Alpha to push you and challenge you but also to placate you. I can placate and reason with you Kim but I can't disagree with you, our history won't let me. I still want to be friends KP meet me here in two weeks if you still want to be friends, but you should talk to your family Kim and maybe Monique and Wade and see what they have to say about our relationship and KP please listen to them truly listen to them. Good bye KP I hope we can still be friends." He finished as he got up and strolled out of the park not bothering to look back.

Flashback end

She was too tired to be mad at Ron, he was right but she had to be sure that he was otherwise she would spiral out of control and do something she might regret.

She would think about it in the morning as she drifted off to sleep.

Ron's House

Ron was in his room doubled over in pain as he struggled to get to the bathroom that was connected to his room. Rufus had long since gone to sleep curled up in his little drawer bed next to Ron's underwear/

Ron reached the bathroom and turned on the light; he wobbled over to the mirror and looked at his reflection. To his horror his skin was radiating a blue energy and his eyes white, pupils and retinas were all a solid glowing blue. Ron took a step back from the mirror this had been going on for a week now but he didn't know what to do. He had asked Wade to run some scans on him without telling Kim of course and Wade had said he was perfectly fine save for a higher metabolism and a slightly higher muscle mass probably due to the exercise he had been getting recently.

Ron shook his head and noticed that the pain had gone away and that the glowing had gone away. He felt an odd burning sensation on his backside as he stripped to shower. He peeled off his short to see that to his surprise a Black Monkey sitting cross legged had appeared on his back and in its outsretched palms lay a sword with a lotus blossom balanced perfectly on the hilt. It was then Ron knew it the Mystical Monkey Power was active and doing something to him again.

The tattoo faded but the pain came back in waves winding along every nerve in his body covering every inch of his skin. Ron fell to the floor hard and couldn't get up. He couldn't call out to his parents for fear of discovery and Kim was out of the question for now. So with great mental fortitude he willed his limbs to move and with that strength he crawled over to his bed and climbed in.

As he lay there motionless he could only wonder what was going to happen to him and what the monkey power was doing to him. He knew one thing for certain though whatever it was it was something bad and he prayed that Master Sensei would help him out. With that thought he fell asleep unaware of how much his life was going to change in the following days.

Japan, Yamanouchi Ninja School

Master Sensei awoke with a shout. HE had had a dream in which the Black Monkey and the White Phoenix had come to him. The phoenix held the spear of destiny in its talons while the monkey presented him with the Lotus Blade. He was about to reach out to them until a screech was heard and before them appeared an image of the chosen one doubled over in pain and his eyes glowed blue.

Upon awakening Master Sensei knew what it meant. He called for Yori and a messenger. They both arrived moments later.

"You summoned us sensei." Yori said bowing as she entered. The messenger remained silent but did the same,

"Yes my student it is time the black monkey has appeared upon the Chosen One's back. It is time for his destiny to be fulfilled." Master sensei said sagely. The messenger nodded in understanding and disappeared.

"Now come my White Phoenix it is time I tell you of the founder's consort and her weapon the Spear of Destiny." Master Sensei said cryptically. Yori nodded knowing what was about to happen, the Chosen One's time had come and it was her time to take her place beside him. But first he had to survive the power's destruction of his body by properly harnessing it which she would help him do. She followed Master Sensei into his personal chambers where he told her of the ancient past and the coming future.

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