Chapter 6 – Coping and Adjusting

Upperton University

It was a month into the semester and Kim was adjusting to college life, she had chosen to live on campus because of her class load and the distance between Upperton and Middleton involved a 90-minute drive she couldn't afford to be away from campus.

Her classes were 100 level courses and were easy so far. She had found a part-time job at the campus bookstore already and could still find time to practice her martial arts at GJ's training facility. She was faced with the realization over the summer that balancing training, school, and a job would be hard. Throw in missions and that made things even more hectic. Jake had said he was taking a break from missions for a while to work on his degree, which Kim now found herself doing as well.

Now she found herself taking missions that only took place in the surrounding states. She had talked with Director Betty and ended up working something out. The world hopping save the world missions Wade sent GJ's way and they seemed to be doing a good job so far.

She did find herself up against Shego every now and again when the ex-villain decided to drop by and pester Kim. They spared and Kim noticed that Shego was improving. She could now do more things with her plasma blasts and she was faster and stronger than she used to be. Therefore, they still kept one another on their toes.

She and Jake were getting closer because he was really her only friend at this point. Monique was off at design school, Yori and Ron were in Japan learning ninja stuff, and Wade was well still a reclusive computer genius.

Monique talked to Kim regularly over a video chat courtesy of GJ as a little thank you gift for helping them in the past, but it wasn't the same. Jake could relate to her personality and tended to keep her more level headed. He could actually talk her down when she got a little too passionate about something or pull her out of a slump with his words. He handled her better than Ron ever could, which still brought up bad thoughts. They were friends again yeah, but there would now forever be a small rift in their friendship because of what occurred over the summer. Jake helped make things easier, but she still missed Ron.

Kim was currently in her room working on her math work.

Kim glanced down at the calculus problem in front of her she was no nuclear physicist and did not possess the ridiculously high IQ's the rest of her family seemed to have but ever since learning how to control her chi it seemed that math and other subjects came easier to her now.

"This is annoying." Kim said to her empty dorm room. "This is the only stupid problem that's confusing me. That teacher of mine has it in for me I swear." She muttered to herself.

"I give up." She said 20 minutes later. She was frustrated that she still had made no progress on the problem.

Kim put the homework away and glanced at the clock "9:00 AM" it read and she cursed to herself.

Kim got out of her chair and grabbed her bag before bolting out the door "Great I hope I'm not late again." She muttered under her breath.

She shot out of the dorm and sprinted across the campus to the student center where the bookstore was located. It was Thursday and she had no classes until 4:00 in the afternoon. She worked at the bookstore from 9:15 to 3:45 on Thursdays and she had lost track of time doing homework.

"Please be on time, please be on time." Kim chanted as she dashed through the doors of the student center and flipped over the people who were in her path. No one considered this interesting anymore because she had been doing it all semester. It instead became a generally accepted part of her daily routine.

Kim rushed into the bookstore and glanced at her watch "2 minutes to spare." She grinned.

"Nice entrance Possible. I give you an 8 for the power slide and a 10 for sticking it. Now go clock in you crazy woman." A man behind the register joked. "You always push the limit but you're entertaining at least."

Kim glanced at the man he was a junior who went by the name Bill. He was a laid-back kind of fellow who always seemed to give off an aura of lazy cheerfulness was infectious. He reminded her of Ron, he would always joke with her when he got the chance and lifted her spirits a little when she was having a bad day.

She smiled at him "I keep saying it Bill anything is…" she started to say before Bill cut her off

"Is possible for a Possible. I've heard it a thousand times but it doesn't change the fact that you cut it close all the time. You provide me with entertainment though so I guess I can overlook it." He finished with a grin.

"Thank you your highness, you are most generous." Kim said playfully as she gave a mock bow to him.

With the morning's banter out of the way, she clocked in and took her place at the second register.

Bill broke the silence "So tell me about this Ron fellow, you mention him every now and then but never really talk about him."

Kim sighed she was still getting used to Ron and Yori's absence and it was still a subject she treaded lightly on.

Bill wasn't really her friend but he was a close acquaintance "Maybe some other time Bill." She started

"Come on Kim I know that face I can read you like an open book when you're like this now spill. Talking helps." He said with a reassuring smile.

Kim knew she knew she couldn't get out of it now "Fine Bill. Ron is my best friend and has been since preschool…" she started.

She suddenly felt a chill go down her spine and looked around with narrowed eyes.

"Is everything alright there Kim, you seem tense." Bill questioned.

Kim shook the feeling off and looked at him "It's nothing so what do you want to know?" Kim questioned.

Across the student center commons a figure in a black trench coat got up and exited the building and then flipped open a cellphone and hit the call button.

"A voice came to life on the other end of the line "How'd it go?" the voice questioned

"She sensed me boss, or rather more like she felt something and went on high alert." The man replied.

"Hmm interesting it seems she is more in tune with her Chi than we previously thought. Continue monitoring her but cloak your presence completely we need to find out if she is showing signs of awakening." The voice commanded.

"Yes sir, but what should I do if she starts showing the signs?" the man asked the voice.

"Do what you do best Nico, kill her. However, make it clean and quick we can't risk being discovered yet. Kim Possible cannot interfere in the master's plan. Do you understand?" the voice questioned in a cold tone.

"Yeah boss I got it, but what about the Turtle?" the man questioned further.

"We haven't found him yet because the damn prophecies can be interpreted in many different ways, but we're close. Your job is to monitor and kill the girl even if she isn't the Tiger. She is too dangerous to be allowed to live." The voice responded. The line went dead.

Nico got into his car and drove to his hotel. He always got the job done and no one would stop him. He laughed as his grey eyes turned yellow for a split second "Hope you enjoy the little time you have left Kitten, because I'll be coming for you soon.


Author's Note: There it is everyone Chapter 6. I know it's all about Kim but think of this as a focus to include Kim in the story and to give you a little insight into her college life. She's still a main character but is secondary. In addition, I will be going back and revising a few chapters to fix grammar and what not. Also The next chapter will focus on Ron his training and his evolving relationship with Yori.

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