Sam shoves his hands in his pockets, aware that there's a queue building up behind him, and that it's getting increasingly pissed off. He doesn't care; he's sticking around a bit more.

As he pretends to scan the menu displayed above the cashier's head, his eyes focus on table 5 again. A woman wearing a light blue sweater is laughing, her arm wrapped around a boy of maybe eight, nine. She's pretty, and even from here, Sam can see what he saw years ago: she had kind, understanding eyes. The boy looks older, and his hairstyle's changed. Other than that, all was as he imagined.

He quickly looks back at the cashier, who has her notebook with a pencil angled towards it, obviously irritated. "I'll have the double cheeseburger, with a Coke." He says smoothly, and she looks just a bit relieved. After that, she acts perfectly friendly, even pointing out a table for him. He smiles at her, because that's what he does, he's nice to everyone.

He decides to take her advice, because table number 14 has a perfect view of table number 5. He pushes aside the vase of artificial daisies, and that gives him sight of the family. The woman is poring over the list of specials, and the boy is talking animatedly to the man opposite him. Even from here, Sam can only assume the conversation involves AC/DC, or possibly Kansas.

The boy gestures violently as he speaks, accidentally tipping over his mother's glass of water. She looks at him reprovingly, and the man laughs. He musses the boy's hair in an affectionate gesture that makes Sam's throat constrict in a memory of something that happened so long ago that it may as well have been a past life. To all intents and purposes, he supposes that it is.

His order arrives, and he turns the can around in his hands, over and over. The couple a few tables down get up and leave, so that Sam slinks even more into the refuge of the shadows. Just as he does, the man turns his head, just slightly, to flash a grin at the departing couple in passing. The couple pause to speak to them, and neither family notice the tall man who slips out the back entrance.

Sam sits alone in his car a while, listening to Bon Jovi. His .45 rests on the passenger's seat, along with a few newspaper clippings. Then, he pulls out of the parking lot, but not before he sees the couple and the family come out of the diner.

Later that night, Sam goes to an empty park many miles away. There is a demon to be hunted, waiting for him in his motel. But it could wait.

He takes the black box out of the trunk, takes out the six-pack of beer. He finds the centre of the park, and pulls out his lighter.

As the fireworks dance across the sky, illuminating it in a multitude of colors, Sam raises his beer in a silent salute.

A/N: I doubt that I'll ever get over the season 5 finale. This was written over the course of fifteen heart-wrenching minutes. Hope y'all like it.