Strider Hiryu files documents 3

Onday striderhyryo was on the top floor of his apartment which wer his office he worked alongside two lesser co-woekers bill and carl, he look at his picture of his win ppose in mvc2 and miss his past adventure so he decide to get out there agin, he reached into carls back pocket wher he hid his old costume and he told bill to drop and giv him 50, so bill broak his legs and got to doing pushups. Stride decide that bill was unwoprthy so strider tell bill to hold wheels and be a skateboard. Bill unhappily got some wheels but he weren't on a flat surface so he roll away and fall in a blendcinerator.

At bills funeral strider find his sord so he stored it for later, when the guy was done going on about bills skate trouble strider go home. Wen at home strider went out of his home and to the local point where he hireda crew of cool people like Raijin and Volgin and Rick jones and noit and Fillmore and kooper. They all set off until they were ambushed by the greates ninja team ever to exist and is was bowser, nigel, floteboat, borf, Fat Mario and shredder from tnmt ya know?

Then they fought and Raijin and rick jones and noit and fillmore and volgin and kooper all ran upto shredder and he was like "darn turtls," so he cut them all up in one poorly executed slash and those guys were killed off, then it turned out shredders team were all on skateboards but they weren't on a flat surface so they roll away and fall in a blendcinerator. Except raijin actually, he ya knowed his way out of there, ya know?

Then shredder got in his helicopter and took to the air, raijin and strider follow and get in, they sat next to shredder and he offer then snacks and they find out shredder was really good at lego when he show them his ice skulpcher he made of iced lego blocks, when they landed the helicopter, raijin got klled off for real and so did shredder because the helicopter was on a skateboard but it wasn't on a flat surface so it roll away and fall in a blendcinerator. Strider luckily was on roller skates on the plane so he dived out and landed in a fire, he thanked the guy who make the fire for the thing to land on but then the guy stuffd strider in the back of his car and drove him to the exciting street scene where everyone wer dancing badly and dr doom were tyhere and he say "STRIDER, theres a villain army coming, you gotta come with me, so they managed to pack the exciting street scene into their suitcase and drove it away from the area and took it to dr dooms hovel, when they unpacked the street scene was on fire because they did that that onetime.

Then it was getting at the end or something, so rockerton made his entrance, he through a punch at dog bin but dogbin dodged and put rockerton in the bin where he belonged, dogbin then got kick into space by luzzu who said "ya may want to take a detour" then it turned out that country was on a skateboard but it wasn't on a flat surface so it roll away and fall in a blendcinerator

Everybody DIE. Except for strider ya know?