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Mixed Drinks

Amoretta held her flask in one hand and a suspicious looking bottle in the other. She bit her lip, hesitating on her course of action. It wasn't perfect. The name was close, but it wasn't perfect. She started to set the bottle down when she was struck again by the thoughts and feelings that had led her to this strange course of action in the first place. She hated having to spend time in her flask. She hated having to spend that time away from Lillet. Maybe it wasn't perfect, but the symbolism, the act, still meant something. She nodded her head in a jerk of firm affirmation and then lifted the bottle to pour into the other container.

In short order there were three sounds, none of them coming from Amoretta. In this order: a door swung open, a tome dropped to the floor, and a beloved voice shouted "What are you doing?" Lillet swiped the bottle from her homunculus lover, her face going a bit blank as she read the label.

As the silence grew and Lillet's expression didn't change, Amoretta started getting nervous. "What's wrong?"

Lillet's brain started functioning again, if a little unsteadily. "This is…" She looked harder at the bottle she'd never looked away from, willing the label to change. It didn't. It still said Lillet Blan (there was a scribble of marker after the 'n', just large enough, she thought, for a 'ce') fine liqueur. She breathed deeply and finally raised her eyes away from the bottle and to the woman in front of her. "What were you trying to do?"

"I saw it, at the market, and it had your name… sort of…" Amoretta trailed off before starting again, determined to at least try to explain herself. "And I could imagine it was you inside of a bottle like I am sometimes inside of a flask. And I wanted to believe that in this form I could take you with me and wouldn't have to be alone." Anything she might have said after that was lost to the breath stealing effect of a small but energetic blonde throwing herself around the taller woman.

"Oh… oh…" Lillet drew back and wiped at her eyes. "I see… I see and I'm so sorry that you can't always be with me, but…" she winced, "but if you did pour that stuff in with you it could be really bad. I mean, what if you get mixed and I ended up losing you to some really strange creation!" Lillet grasped Amoretta's hands in her own. "I promise that I'll look into your regenerative process and see if I can leave some sort of comforting aspect- but you have to promise that you won't ever try something like this again. Promise!"

Amoretta squeezed Lillet's hands then leaned in to kiss her cheek. "I promise."

That night as they lay next to each other Lillet had a dream. She saw herself enter their room, too late to stop the concoction being poured and too late to keep Amoretta from adding herself to the flask. She tossed and turned violently as she feared that somehow she was caught again in a time loop where she would have to see her friends suffer and her love die. The thought was stalled somewhat, as Amoretta emerged from her flask, flailing around and quite obviously drunk. The horror returned when the singing started. This was definitely not 'choir of angels' fare.

She would never fully be able to voice her appreciation to her lover when she awoke, held by those familiar arms, while a soft voice assured that it was only a dream. Lillet pulled back just enough to look into Amoretta's face and felt a strange pang of déjà vu when she had to ask, "What happened to your nose?"

Notes: Well, that was silly, wasn't it? I wrote this mostly as a celebration for finally finding the time this weekend to finish the game. No beta this time. It just didn't seem fair to ask Crossy to look over a fic for a game I am at least fairly certain she's not familiar with. (And yes, I know you'd have done it anyway because you are an amazingly good sport.)