Oookay, I am officially obsessed with Feanor.

Disclaimer: Nothing is mine, all is the Good Master Tolkien's.

Author's note: Silmarillion-fic yet again. Better only read this if you read the book.

Tidbit: for those sane people who don't know Sindarin, "Feanor" means spirit of fire.

I shall hammer the slight into forms of my own

I shall shape fire's might into things yet unknown

I shall capture the glow and the warmth and the flame

And all of this world will of now know my name!

The one who had conquered and tamed the wild flare!

Let the night and the shadows and darkness beware!

The Spirit of Fire am I!

I shall bury the light in my vaults down below

For mine, mine alone is the spellbinding glow

Neither friend neither foe will their hands on it lay

Lest their flesh catch my fire, ere now burn away!

In the dark of my house and my heart shall it flare

Let all those who seek to take it beware!

The Spirit of Fire am I!

I shall rip ancient bonds of true friendship and trust

I shall tear to the core of your passion and lust

And naked and writhing expose what you sought

Be it my light or my good, I care not!

I need not your burden disguised as sweet care!

Let all those who seek to approach me beware!

The Spirit of Fire am I!

I shall laugh at forgiveness and empty threats both

On all you hold holy I swear foulest oaths

I shall storm down the gates and reap through the land

Till not one will have touched my fair light and still stand!

Know I am coming! Know and despair!

Let all those who stand in my just path beware!

The Spirit of Fire am I!

In the depth of the night I forged wonderful things

In the harsh light of day I shall shatter your dreams

There will be no escape of my wrath, just and proud

And my fire shall burn all this world to the ground!

Only ice-frozen death shall quiet my flare!

Let all know of my works! Let all know and beware!

The Spirit of Fire am I!