All I Want Is For You To Want Me

Chapter 1

The first time Justin laid his eyes on Brian Kinney, he fell in love. It wasn't the kind that shakes you, or makes you a living example for all those sappy love songs. But, he just knew that Brian was his destiny, and no matter what, he always found a way to get what he wanted.

He started working at Kinnetik right after college where he had gotten a degree in art, at PIFA. He applied for a job at Kinnetik to work in the art department, but the only job available was a Personal Assistant position for none other the the owner, Brian Kinney, himself. So he took it, and planned to go from there.

Justin P.O.V.

Brian Kinney was a man who had it all: He was successful, smart, hot as hell, and could have anyone he wanted. As my boss, and his personal assistant, my job required me to work both in and out of the office for him.

My daily routine begins by waking up at 6 am:




Diner (breakfast), and then on to Kinnetik. His majesty required for me to arrive at 7 am: prepare coffee, organize his desk, and plan his meetings for the day. On the days after he pulls an all-nighter, he requires a change of clothes, COFFEE and breakfast. I have a key to his loft - which, by the way, is absolutely perfect. The amount of light he gets from his windows, is like a wet dream for me.

This morning, however, I must have pissed-off someone or done something horrible in my past life, which I was being punished for. It ranked right up there as one of the worst days of my life.

I woke up late - so I missed the bus and didn't get breakfast - which was causing my stomach to growl like a caged beast. Worse yet, I forgot that Mr. Kinney slept at the office. I breeze in - thanking God that I'm not late - and I started preparing my schedule for the day in my head.

It was then that I saw him. He was lying on his leather sofa, his left arm covering his eyes, his hair disheveled, his shirt opened - so that you could see his white wifebeater - and his left leg is on the floor. I'm struck with how beautiful this scene is. Of course, too late may I add, I realized I forgot to stop and get his required items. I start saying a silent prayer that my friend Andrew, from accounting, is here already so I can borrow his car; envisioning myself breaking every traffic rule that exists to get to the loft and get back before he wakes up. I silently turn around, planning on sneaking back out of his office, in order to hurry and get to his loft.

Before I could even take a step, he spoke. "You forgot, didn't you?"

I jumped, and with a rapidly beating heart, I turn to look at him. His eyes are squinted open; I have a vision of me dead, strangled on the ground at his feet, with him giving me - the evil eye.

I had the decency to blush. "I... ah... yeah." Sometimes I wonder why I even reply if all my verbal skills are lowered to an imbecile level.

He glared at me, but then he saw how frightened I was of him. I'm not sure why, but his features softened, a bit. Maybe, because it was only my second week, or maybe, because of how pitiful I looked.

"The keys to my car are on the desk. Bring me my Grey suit, red silk shirt and a matching red tie, and all the other things you were supposed to do... and don't make this a habit!" Before I registered what he said, he was in the bathroom taking a shower and I was running like a mad man trying not to kill myself in the process.

Three months later...

Today is such a lovely day for Justin. He didn't forget anything important, he didn't spill coffee on his clothes, and he also managed to arrive early to the office. But, as always, something had to go wrong. It materialized by one Mr. John Reid. He is an openly gay client who flirts with any moving body: gay, straight or undecided.

At 8 am he met Andrew for coffee at the staff cafeteria, before he went to get Mr Kinney's coffee... Of course, Mr High and Mighty, can't drink the watered down coffee at the cafeteria.

"So, what happened to you last night?" asked Andrew.

"Nothing. I just got bored and left early," I said, ignoring the knowing look he was getting. "I have to go to Starbucks... care to join me?"

"Only if you admit that you left last night because, you know who was there."

"Don't be ridiculous! Why would I leave just because my boss - who happens to own the club - is there fucking his way through gay Pittsburgh?" He couldn't help the way his voice sounded: all jealous and bitter.

"I have to go," I said quickly, and turned and left in a hurry... unfortunately, not missing Andrew's knowing smirk, or his look of complete pity. I wish someone could explain to me what to do when you are in love with your boss - who can have anyone he wants - and doesn't want anything to do with you, except for your typing and organizing skills?

Returning from Starbucks, he went to Brian's office, sat the coffee on the desk, and started sorting the ad boards. He looked at one of the boards and couldn't help himself... he thought the font color was wrong and didn't go too well with the background, so he changed it to see how it would look. He planned to return it to its original color, but before he did, the phone rang and John Reid was on the phone; he wanted to talk to Brian (not Mr. Kinney... no, no, because then it would be too difficult.) Justin told him that Mr Kinney hadn't arrived yet, but just as soon as he did, he would have him call him back. Justin planned to accidentally forget to tell him about the call until much later in the day. Sometimes, Justin loved to be evil; he would do that evil laugh inside his head, but then he remembered how that creeps him out, and he stopped.

He feels his arrival before he sees him. It's something in the air how all the surroundings change once Brian Kinney steps in the building. Everyone stops talking and just looks at this god, who is so powerful and alluring, he just attracts you to him and demands your attention.

"Justin, may I have my schedule for the day? And please, do something about the air freshener in here. It's disgusting!"

Justin looks at him puzzled, and then says, "It's rose scented."

"Exactly." Then he gives him the look that says, 'Why are you still standing here?'

Justin hurries to do what he was asked, muttering all the way about selfish assholes and how they don't appreciate what he does.

At lunch, Andrew came and asked him what he wanted to eat, but, at the same exact moment, Brian exits his office to go to lunch. Justin couldn't help but notice the glare Mr. Kinney sent Andrew's way, then proceeded to ignore the two of them. It was really quite strange, because he usually nods or says something before he leaves for lunch. Justin stores that look Brian gave Andrew, in order to sketch it later.

On those extremely rare occasions where Brian knows Justin can't go (like now), he'll usually ask him what he wants for lunch, and then continuously makes endless comments regarding how much fat is in whatever he orders. None-the-less, he brings him what he asks for, plus lemon bars that he insists Deb forced him to bring for Justin; because poor Sunshine will surely starve without them. (Justin met her on one of her visits to the office and she adored him; proceeding in nicknaming him, Sunshine.) Justin grins and says thank you, thinking how proud his mother would be for using the good manners that she taught him.

"Sorry Andrew, I can't go right now. I still have to finish sending the emails the boss requested." Andrew heaves a big sigh and says his goodbye.

After finishing his work, Justin looks at the clock... 1:30; too late to go now. He hunts in his drawers for anything edible, and finds a Snickers bar. After finishing it, he still feels hungry. And then, he smells the unmistakable smell of greasy diner food. Brian waltzes in, food bag in one hand and a cigarette in the other. He hands the food to Justin with, "This is from Deb," and then goes to his office.

Justin can't help the silly grin that is plastered on his face throughout the day, until he remembers what he accidentally forgot and goes to inform Brian of the call.

He knocks and hears, "Come in." He enters the office and spots Brian hunched over his desk looking at the boards from this morning and Justin starts panicking, screaming in his head, "Noooooo..."

"Care to explain what happened to the boards?"

"Would you believe me if I said the elves did it?"

"No," and Justin notices that there isn't any anger in Brian's voice, just a hint of amusement.

"Okay. I did it. But, I was going to change it right back, but then got distracted with phone calls; speaking of which, John Reid called."

"And when did he call?"

"Ah... this morning."

"Did he say what he wanted?"

"No, he just asked for you to call him back."

He could see some annoyance appearing on Brian's face and took endless pleasure from knowing he wasn't the only one who couldn't stand the man, although, they looked cozy the last time the man was here for a meeting. Don't go there, Justin's mind screamed at him. He stopped and killed the memory before it resurfaced, as last time it took him a week to get rid of it.

"You can go now." Justin turned to leave to office, and then heard, "Oh, by-the-way... the boards look better with the changes you made. Thank you."

Justin smiled his sunshine smile and quickly exited the office, not realizing how breathless Brian became every time he was subjected to that smile.