A/N: If you have not figured it out, I am writing this in order of the first gen Weasleys birth order.


Her birthday is August 15, 2008. This makes her the youngest Next Generation kid and nearly ten years younger than Molly.

She idolizes her cousin Nique, The Chronicles of Narnia, and the muggle sport of skateboarding. You will barely ever see her without her board, bubblegum in her mouth, and her yPod.

Her hair is a choppy style, shoulder-length at its longest, with red and blue streaks in her dark brown hair. She wears thick-rimmed glasses only because she is legally blind without them.

Weasley blood is good for one thing, keeping you from expulsion. Lucy holds the record for most detentions of all time for a Weasley, a record held previously by the illustrious (and deceased) Fred Weasley, who beat his twin by one detention.

Lucy is a beater and hates being told that it is a man's position. She and Dom, who played side-by-side for three years, led Gryffindor to many victories and two cups!

Lucy hates chocolate. The only way chocolate is good is with peanut butter.

Lucy never made prefect, but in her seventh year she is made Quidditch Captain.

Lucy and Molly's relationship has always been strained. They have such a huge gap in age that they were never really close, but Lucy is barely 9 when Molly exiles herself from the family.

Lucy always liked the idea of being a Healer. So, when she announces that she is going to be one, no one is surprised. She works under the famous Healer, Merlin Gatsby for ten years, but she is then offered her own ward for the study of Obliviation.

Lucy marries last of all the Weasleys (being married on the last day of 2034). She met her husband, a Greek Healer named Hermes.

Favorite Aunt: Ginny

Favorite Uncle: Charlie

House: Gryffindor

Quidditch Position: Beater

Kids: Peter Eustis (2035)

Susan "Zan" Jill (2036)

Edmund "Ed" Diggory (2040)

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