Title: Can you keep a Secret?

Authors: kusanobabe05 [kusanosakura] and socia0307

Pairing: DracoxHarry, implied RonxHermione, implied BillxFleur

Fandom : HP

Notes: Compatible up to the bathroom scene between Draco and Harry in Half-blood Prince- minus the Ginny interest. After that is completely AU…

Warning: drarry gets rather aggressive so be warned.

Chapter 22

Molly Weasley over Breakfast, Ron and Hermione over Lunch so that meant it was time to tell Remus, Harry thought sighing after putting aside his book after he finished it.

Remus was Harry's last link to his parents especially now with Sirius gone.

Harry summoned Kreacher and asked him to bring him Remus.

The elderly grumbling house elf doddled but muttering how upset his old mistress would be about the people living in her house.

Harry smirked, "Kreacher you bring me Remus and I'll see to it that the squatters are turned out! Every last one of them! It's my house and they don't pay me one Knut for rent."

Kreacher eyed him critically, "Master promised to turn the filthy bloodtraitors, diseased creatures and Mudbloods out?" had Master Draco told him his plan?

Harry nodded, "As Lord Black I solemnly promise to turn the Order of the Phoenix out of the Most Noble and Ancient House of Black."

The wizened old house elf seemed apparently satisfied that Lord Malfoy had, "Kreacher bring the werewolf here."

"I forbid you to tell anyone where I am. If you hear anything about me said in Grimmauld I want to know. Or anything about the Dark Lord."

"Kreacher promise." The house elf said grudging giving Lord Black the same promise he'd given Lord Malfoy.

Harry wondered whether Draco was still busy with paper work and hoped he'd remember to turn up for dinner.

Remus showed up wiggling and shouting that the house elf to let him go.

Harry sighed, "I'm sorry for the lack of proper invitation but unfortunately I find myself needing to keep a tight hold my security."

Remus sniffed him, examining his for injuries. "You seem alright. Albus told us that Malfoy's kidnapped you."

Harry snorted, "Draco? Kidnap me? Hardly. We left the castle out of both our free will. As you can see I'm pregnant. With all the possible Death Eater loyal Slytherins it was getting too dangerous. This is my home. I am emancipated Remus. Draco is as well. I am Lord Potter-Black. It is too dangerous for me to return to school. So I have a proposition. You renounce the Order and I'll pay you most handsomely as well as offering you room and board to tutor us for our end of year exams as well as our NEWTS."


Harry continued, "Plus I'll throw in your inheritances from my parents and Sirius. You'll be a well taken care of man. You can't live at Dumbledore's whim and we both know your spying on the werewolf packs is just going to get you killed. So I'd prefer it if grandpa Remy was about."


"Well with my parents gone and Sirius too someone's got to be her grandfather. I'd be honoured if it was you."

"Surely Malfoy has a problem with that."

Harry chuckled, "He agreed that Mrs. Weasley should be her grandmother. I don't think he'll have a problem. I'm going to be turning the Order out of Grimmauld so I'd hoped that you'd prefer to have a stable place to stay. I'll ask Severus to brew Wolfsbane for you again."

"Severus? I thought he hated you?" Remus stammered stunned.

"When I'm carrying his godson's child I doubt think he has that luxury anymore." Harry shrugged.

"You have to do everything the hard way don't you Harry? A Malfoy? Merlin. You father would be so shocked…"

"It gives me a stronger tie to the Black Family. I'm only the grandson of a Black by blood but the godson of one as well. Draco is the son of a Black."

"I know. Narcissa. We had classes together in school. I know Bellatrix will be furious but as for Narcissa it's hard to know what she thinks."

"So will you teach us?" Harry asked giving his best puppy face.

"Yes, please do," Draco added as he stepped through the door, "If not we would sort of be out of other options..."

Remus blinked at his former student's politeness. "Out of what options?" he was surprised that Malfoy appeared out of nowhere. He hadn't agreed to tutor them yet and he wasn't sure how Harry could be in a consensual relationship with Draco Malfoy of all people. Wasn't this the same person Harry was convinced was a Death Eater over Christmas?

Harry held out his hand to Draco and then patted the seat beside him. His face lit with a smile, "Did you finish your work early?"

Draco took Harry's hand and sat, "I was just finishing when Winky told me we had a guest." He turned back to Remus. "Professor Snape is doing enough for us already and there are very few people we can trust as it is. We would really be glad if you say, yes."

Remus saw the way Harry gestured for Malfoy to join him. He was struck by the memory of Lily greeting James similarly. He blinked away tears, "You are more like Lily...you may more physically resemble James but you are more like Lily..." that resemblance would have been painful for Severus who had been so close to Lily and so distrustful of James.

Harry blinked, "You think I'm like my mother? I've never heard that before. I've always been compared for my father..."

Draco was somewhat curious, too about the statement. Even Professor Snape only talked about Harry's dad.

Remus took a seat in a comfortable armchair across from them. "Lily was a kind person. She was Severus' best friend for years. They grew up together in the same town. James had it out for Severus from our first year. He thought bullying Severus was the way to get Lily's attention. Lily ignored him mostly except when she told him to lay off. She was a prefect and quite skilled at a variety of subjects. She was academically like Miss Granger but your friend is more like me. She is easily influenced by her friends even when she doesn't agree with them."

Harry listened avidly. He knew so little about his parents that he treasured every mention of them like Ron horded his money protectively.

Draco was surprised to here that Professor Snape and Harry's mother was close, since he knew she was Muggleborn.

"I suppose telling the son of his pureblood idol that he was best friends with a Muggleborn especially one who died at the hand of their Lord would be not a good topic. Severus was a nicer person when he was around Lily, she would make him almost friendly one might say. They were so close, almost like siblings. When they argued it was watching Gideon and Fabian or Sirius and Regulus." Remus said with a far away expression.

"If Harry's mum was like a sister, no wonder the professor disliked Harry's dad, Draco thought. "Who's Regulus?" he couldn't help but ask. The name was new to him.

Remus blinked, "Regulus? He was your mother's cousin. He was in the year behind us. Narcissa was once betrothed to Sirius. As was Andromeda to Lucius." he sighed, "I thought it was part of a pureblood's education to memorize names and genealogies. I know Sirius used to complain a lot about it. James too. Being a Halfblood and not expected to sire children my pureblood father didn't bother teaching me such things."

Draco racked his brain, "Was he killed? I mean, when I was a baby or something? I think I remember the main people more then someone's children or in this case cousins."

Remus sighed, "It's hard to know. According to the Black Family tapestry he's dead and has been for a long time. Sirius heard roundabout about it. You would have been not even conceived yet. Your parents Bonding was postponed a few months due to the shock. He died just after our graduation, in early June I think. So it would have been the summer before his Seventh Year. I may not have liked your Great Aunt Draco but I pity her. He was a Death Eater. Sirius was furious because his parents were more proud that Regulus was one than that Siri was a Auror."

Draco nodded at the information. Maybe he will be able to find out more from his mother, when all of this was over. It was very interesting hearing about all of this.

Remus looked at them both, "I think I will stay. It would do me good to talk about James and Lily. It's about time I had to talk about Sirius. People keep tiptoeing around the issue." He coughed "And your cousin's doting attention is getting onerous."

Harry giggled, "Are you talking about Tonks? She's been all weird. She helped get me into the castle after Draco locked me in the train carriage under my cloak."

Draco hid back a smile. "Doting attention...no one in my family dots on anything or anyone without a reason," he said offhandedly. "But we are glad you're staying."

Remus winced, "I'm thirteen years older than she is. She takes after her father. I can't see Andromeda doting on anyone. She's too much of a Black for that. It takes one hell of a woman to turn her back on her entire family to elope with a Muggleborn and a Hufflepuff at that. She was a Head Girl too. Bella hated her so much...being embarrassed by an elder sister made Bella furious."

"A lot of things makes my aunt furious," Draco sighed. "The way she talks sometimes..." Draco shook his head; "but I guess doing things out of love that's stronger then anything can make a person do things they never dreamed of doing." He ran his thumb across the back of Harry's hand, "I guess that runs in the family as well."

Remus nodded, "I can see Andromeda agreeing with you about that. Perhaps, I could introduce you. It would be wonderful if you accepted Andromeda back into the family, Harry. Sirius' mother blasted her off the tree as well. She is a healer and she helped deliver you Harry."

Draco tried to hide his smirk, "We can assure you, that there will be quite a few changes that will be made in the near future concerning a lot of things family wise..."

Remus raised an eyebrow in an unconscious imitation of Severus Snape. "Changes? If it will cause a fall out I'm glad I'm safely with you two." an odd concept being safe around a Malfoy but stranger things had happened. James and Lily were shocking despite James' worship of her. James had been a real jerk to Severus when they'd been in school.

Harry nodded, "I'm planning on kicking the Order out and charging Dumbledore back rent. He made 'an agreement' with Sirius but not with me. Consider it revenge for wanting my daughter dead. Besides, I'm sure I am too far along for a legal abortion." he shivered and cradled his stomach.

Draco rubbed Harry's back gently. "I'm taking my home back. I doubt my mother is happy about her guests and I don't need them finding about her grandchild. I am not going to let anyone take my growing family away from me." Draco smiled, "but enough about that, we all are hungry so lets eat."

Remus was reminded about how James interacted with Lily during her pregnancy. "Are you really going to turn He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named out? That is dangerous business. I hope your mother has matured since I knew her in school. She rarely ever had an opinion." insulting anyone's mother was unwise, but insulting a pureblood's mother could be terribly dangerous. His stomach growled, "At times I miss Molly's cooking...Kreacher is about useless."

Harry smirked, "Oh he has his uses. You just have to know how to talk to him. I think we're both hungry..."

"The Dark Lord is only there because he's punishing my father for his failed attempts at bringing Harry to him. I'm more then ready to do what I have to." Draco smiled at Remus. "Winky and Dobby cooks for us so it will be much better then what you've been getting."

Remus shrugged, "I am sorry your family is suffering but I am glad he failed. If only we could make Bella pay for killing Sirius." he gazed at Harry fondly, he was all that was left of his pack.

Harry stood, tugging gently on Draco's hand so they would leave the library. "Less talk more moving. The dining room is on another floor."

Draco stood and smiled, "Okay, okay Mr. Extra Hungry." He led the way. "We can have your things brought over by the end of dinner," he said to Remus, "You have every type of room to choose from, so which ever you prefer is fine."

Remus followed them nodding, "I will pick out a bedroom." he chuckled, "If Harry is anything like his parents either you'll need silencing charms or I'll have to sleep in another wing. If it can be arranged I'd like a lab. I'm trying to piece together Lily's research. Brilliant witch that she was, she wrote in code. Which I have yet to break." sheepishly he added, "Sirius built me a room in Grimmauld to spend the full moons. Would you prefer I returned there on those nights after you evict the Order?" he would understand if they said yes...

"It won't be hard to convert a room to a lab, there's two on the other side of the house that's like a third study connected to a bedroom. It'll be perfect." Draco smiled; trying not to think too much about what Remus just said. "There won't be a need for you to do that...We've been looking into Animagus."

Harry wouldn't care personally; he'd leave the choice up to Draco.

Remus grinned, "That sounds perfect. Considering the dangers of Charms Research I'd prefer to be as far from your quarters as possible." He blinked at the mention of Animagi. "Are you crazy? That's dangerous. If I'd known what James, Sirius and Peter were up to I'd have strangled them. It's too dangerous. Especially while pregnant. Any sort of Human Transfiguration can harm a growing foetus."

"Harry won't be practicing it while pregnant. We were just researching into it," Draco assured once they reached the kitchen. Winky had already set the table. The food smelled great. "Its only research we're doing," Draco added for good measure as he pulled a chair out for Harry.

Harry snorted, 'just researching'? They'd had plans to actually do it before they found out he was pregnant. He was eternally glad they hadn't had a chance to attempt it before finding out about Iris. He smelled Roast Beef and treacle tart. Damn house elves were observant.

Remus knew that look, Harry was not agreeing to Draco's claim and it didn't smell completely truthful but he let it slide; for now at least. He whistled, "It smells amazing. I can't think back to when I ate like this except at Lily's."

Malfoy fought not to roll his eyes at Harry's snort; instead he removed the lids from the dishes. "Have you been requesting this," he asked Harry.

Harry shook his head, "I never request food. I'm thankful for what I get. I may have favourites but I never make requests. I didn't know I could..."

Malfoy blinked. "Oh. Right. Well, you can if you want to." It was hard for Draco to remember Harry was not use to wizard life at home.

Harry shrugged; "It's not important." while his manners weren't refined like Draco's Harry was more polite than Ron. He merely was hungry...with his poor health pre-pregnancy he really had to eat for two.

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