Ocarina of Hearts Random Thoughts


Some reminders before we begin. These are not all meant to have actually happened in the story, but certainly some of them could have. They weren't included for many reasons, including because they messed with the story, they take place before or after the story, or they're just plain weird. Sometimes the characters talk to me, the author, to explain a writing decision. Anyway, you decide what you like and what you didn't. Drop me a line with your favorite, least favorite, or just some random words. That's what these basically are; random words.

The Legend of Kingdom Hearts: Drabbles of Time




"Link, did you just set that bat… on fire?" Link looked at the shrieking Keese in question, which was now dive-bombing Donald.

"…Yes. Yes I did.


" Link?"


"Why don't you ever talk to people?"

"…You talk enough for both of us. Besides, you saw Malon. People don't even give me a chance."

"HEY! Lefty! You put Sheik into the story just so that I wouldn't get to talk anymore! Is that it?"

Guilty as charged, Navi. Sorry.

"Link, ever since chapter 4, you've been more happy and talkative. Why's that?"

"It's probably because Lefty got tired of writing for Navi."


Sorry, but true.

"Oh boy! I can't wait to bomb some-"

Donald bashed Link over the head with his stave.

"Thanks. I needed that."

"Here's your horses back, Luigi."

"It's Ingo!"

"Right, right, sorry. Tell Mario I said hi."

"You know" Kairi sprawled out on the sand next to Sora and Riku. "I was thinking. It would be cool to have a horse." Beside her, Sora tensed up, but relaxed and grinned as Riku spoke up. "You know, that's not a bad idea".


"Ow! Sora! What was that for?"

"Just keeping a promise."

Link and Riku looked at each other.

"Nice dress."

"Nice hair."

Sora looked at them with a grin. They would get along just fine.

"All the single ladies! All the single ladies!

All the single ladies! All the-"

Ganondorf looked at Link, who was barely stifling laughter, then up at Zelda, who had lost all composure in her crystal prison. "Here's the deal. I don't instantly kill you, and you pretend I was playing dramatic organ music when you came in."

"So, we were just cruising in our ship, when all of a sudden everything went dark! We had been eaten by a giant whale! Beat that!"

"I got swallowed on purpose."

"…Dang it."

"I just have one question, Ganondorf"

"Speak, Sora."

"Do you have ANY idea how many stairs we just had to run up?"

"Hmm, I'll have to thank Bowser for the idea at our next meeting…"

"Wait, who?"

"Never you mind, kid."



"How do you wield your Megaton Hammer?"

"It only becomes really heavy when I swing it."

"But it's still pretty heavy anyway, right?"


"OK…what about your Iron Boots?"

"…I don't know…I don't wonder about these things anymore; it just seems safer to let them do their thing."

"An entire race of women?"

"That's what Link told me. Anyway, all of the Gerudo are supposed to be really beautiful, with red hair and dark, tanned skin. I never really got to meet any of them, though."


"…Kairi? Are you ok?"

"Sora, how on EARTH can you solve a Rubix Cube so fast?"

"There were a lot of puzzles on my last world, Riku. I had a bunch of practice."

"Sora, watch out! There's an-"



"…invisible chest."

"…So Lemme get this straight." Cid scratched the stubble on his chin. "You want a hook… that shoots… like a spring powered grappling hook?"

Sora nodded excitedly. "Exactly! It will latch onto things and then have enough power to drag you to whatever you're hooked onto!"

Cid frowned. He wasn't sure you could get enough power into a spring and have it still be portable, but still, it was an intriguing idea. Maybe with a steam engine… "Where did you get an idea like this?"

Sora grinned. "On this one world we just went to… our friend there had one, and it was really useful. He said it was given to him by a ghost."

Cid's eye twitched. A ghost had one, and he, Cid, was having second thoughts? That did it. No dead guy was going to outdo him. "Alright. Let's see what I can do."

"So, anyway, about my…condition…."

"Gawrsh, ya don't hafta worry. I won't tell nobody if you don't want me to."

"Thank you, Goofy. Frankly, I'm a little surprised you saw through my disguise so quickly; it's fooled everyone else for years."

"I just notice these things pretty well. We had the same thing happen on another world we went to; I noticed that pretty quick-like too."

"Well, let's get going; I think I can hear the others needing our help. And thank you again."

"Gee, no problem, Your Majes- I mean, Sheik."

"HEY! I wish you could have been with us through the other temples! They would have been a piece of cake with you guys around!"

"You've had to go through other temples too?"

"Sure! Well, only two other Temples, but we had to go through the Great Deku Tree, Dodongo's Cavern, the Ice Cavern, a whole maze under the Well, Gerudo Fortress; man, you would have been so awesome at the Gerudo's Training Grounds!; and Jabbu-Jabbu's Belly! Well, I guess you couldn't really help for that last one, since it didn't have any locked doors…"

"…Navi, I'm sorry, but I didn't understand a word of what you just said."

Sora looked back at the rainbow bridge. There it was again. For just a moment he could have sworn he heard…

…Go karts?

"Just one more question, Ganondorf"

"…what now?"

"Where'd that Organ you were playing go? It was right there, now it's gone!"

"…Of all the things you could wonder… Look. I'm an evil King of Darkness. I can use magic. I have the POWER OF THE GODDESSES at my command. Just… don't worry about it.

"Hey Ganon!" Link threw a deku nut at the monster's face, stunning it in its tracks. "The Great Deku Tree says 'Hi'".

Twin swords appeared in each hand, each one's blade longer than Sora was tall.

"Huh," Sora mused. "I finally found something to give Cloud and Sephiroth a run for their money. I wonder if they could even lift those things…"

Thanks to A Sleeptalking Demigod for this idea for chapter 2:

"Besides, it was probably Ganondorf who got the Heartless to come here anyway, so this is as much our fight as it is yours." He remembered what Malon had said the night before. "C'mon… It's dangerous to go alone."

And the Author broke down in laughter while Link and Sora stared at him, scandalized. "Come on!" Sora raged at Lefty. "This is supposed to be a serious moment!"

Sorry… Dangerous to go alone… too funny…

"Sora, where did you get that from?"

"Huh?" Sora flipped the keychain to Riku. He snatched it deftly and looked at the end: an emblem of the Triforce hung there. "Was this from your last world?"

"Yeah." Sora motioned for it back and Riku obliged. "It's pretty awesome."

"What's it called?"

Sora thought back to his adventure and grinned. "It's called the Hero of Time."