Hi Everyone!

This was just an idea I had on a spur of the moment. This should be a series of one-shots based around a piano. Rated T because themes may vary. I hope you enjoy, and let me know if you want this to continue.

DISCLAIMER: Christopher Nolan owns Inception...I just own the piano.

"What the hell is that?" Eames cried, pointing at the large, wooden object that was now in the middle of the workhouse. Cobb rolled his eyes and motioned towards the object.

"Eames, it's a piano, not a rat," he said, his mouth wearing a smile. He was proud of his purchase.

Arthur looked up from his desk, placing down his pen.

"Why do we need a piano?" he asked, stretching his arms behind him. Cobb shrugged.

"We don't need one. I just thought it would be nice. Add a little culture to the place."

"How much was this wonderful purchase?" Eames asked, raising his eyebrow. Cobb mumbled something under his breath, and Eames held his hand up to his ear.

"What's that? Couldn't hear you, love."

Cobb sighed. "£350."

Arthur jumped up from his seat. "£350? Cobb, we could have bought some new equipment with that! Or at least some new lawn chairs or something of use!" he exclaimed angrily.

"The sales guy was convincing!" he cried in defence.

"Morning!" They all turned to the source of the chipper voice. Ariadne walked in, and slowed down when she saw the piano. She looked at it for a moment. "Why is there a piano in here?"

Eames smiled. "Because Cobb thought he would be spontaneous. Dare I say, it worked!" Cobb sighed and left the room quickly, pissed that no-one appreciated his piano. Arthur watched Ariadne as she walked around the piano, smiling at it and trailing her hand across the wood.

He smiled. "You like it?"

She chuckled to herself and turned to face him and Eames. "I guess I just like old things. You know, you're never sure if they'll work or not, and they're not exactly the most beautiful or practical things in the world, but they can be useful."

Eames smirked. "You'll like Arthur then."

Arthur shoved Eames in the arm, hard. Eames held his hands up. "What? I wasn't talking about you, I was talking about your peni-"

"EAMES!" Arthur cried. He stuttered awkwardly for a moment, before giving up and wondering back to his desk.

Eames smiled to himself. Point Men can be so easy.