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"Well, well, well. Abandoned your lover eh?"

"Shut up."

Eames shrugged. "Well Darling, I am curious as to why you ditched your girlfriend to come and visit me."

Arthur folded his arms across his chest. "First of all, I did not ditch Ariadne. Secondly, we have something to do."

Eames raised an eyebrow. "That something being?"

"Cobb was obviously upset when we finished the job."

Eames furrowed his brow. "The bloke seemed fine!"

Arthur shook his head. "Trust me, I've known him for too long."

"Ok…" Eames pondered. "What do you suppose we do?"

"Well, he's obviously missing the team."

Eames smirked. "Can't understand why."

"What do you mean?" Arthur asked suspiciously.

Eames smiled. "Well, we've got an annoyingly smart chemist, a wonderfully annoying Brit, a horny Point Man and a hormonal Architect."

Arthur rolled his eyes. "Wow, way to be nice, Eames."

"I can't help it, it's what I do."

"Anyway," Arthur snapped, trying to get back on point. "I think we should do something to help Cobb out. I mean, he's the reason we're both in this business."

Eames nodded. "Fair point. Ok, so what did you have in mind?"

Ariadne twirled her ring around her finger. She found herself smiling. Truthfully, she didn't really care that Arthur had gone to Paris. She didn't mind waiting for him. She would wait for years on end if it meant that she got him in the end. She'd wanted him from day one. His smirk, his smile, his eyes, his wonderful suits, he perfectly organised ways, all his perfects and imperfections. She wanted them, and she wanted to be a part of them.

Her hand fell to her stomach as she smiled. "Daddy will be home soon."

1 Day Later

Cobb sighed as he walked into the house. He hung up his jacket and waited. Waited for that noise that he loved so much.


He turned around and smiled at the young blonde boy. He bend down and picket him up, swinging him under his arm.

"Hi James," he beamed.

The little boy smiled and hugged his father's neck. "Did you get me anything?"

Cobb chuckled at his bluntness and placed him back down. "Sure did." He grabbed a paper bag from behind him and handed it to James. "Here. Go and find your sister."

The little boy disappeared into the next room, just as Miles walked in. He smiled at Cobb.

"Back so soon?"

Cobb shrugged. "We finished the job early."

The older man smiled. "Well, good job. I heard about Arthur and Ariadne." He walked into the kitchen, Cobb in tail. "It's wonderful, truly wonderful."

Cobb nodded. "Yeah, I'm happy for them."

Miles turned to him. "Well, the children have been little angels. Most of the time."

Cobb smiled. "Thanks, Miles."

"Anytime." Miles grabbed his jacket off the counter and paused. "Although, I do hope I get some time off before the next job."

"Don't worry Miles, I'm not planning on working for a while."

Miles nodded. "Good. Anyway, must be off. Traffic's a nightmare." He smiled again. "Have a nice evening."

Cobb followed him to the door. Before he left, Miles turned to him quickly and smirked. "By the way, there's a gift for you in the living room."

Cobb waited until he heard the car leaving, before quickly making his way to the living room. Like anyone else, hearing the words 'gift for you' made him exited. When he opened the door, he froze and blinked a few times.

Then he smiled.

Because there, perfectly placed in the middle of his living room, was an old, slightly dusty, but simply beautiful piano.

Cobb knew it was the right piano, because it was the same piano that he brought and that Yusuf played. It was the same one that Eames broke (multiple times) and the same one that Arthur got kissed by. It was the someone that Cobb had puked in and that Arthur had drunkenly fallen asleep on, the same one that Ariadne was fixed on and the same one where two people spoke French by. It was the same one where secrets were made by and where his children played. There were fights, kisses and amends all taken place by this piano. It was the same one where Yusuf spilled the chemicals and the same one where special promises were made by. They found kittens in this piano, and Cobb found people in very compromising positions on the piano. It was the same piano where Eames found out something that he shouldn't of, and it was the same piano where friendships were re-formed. Babies, fake proposals, real proposals, birthdays, video games, movie references and songs about the alphabet were sung by the piano. Dogs, games, drunk girlfriends, ex-girlfriends, truths and phone calls were also by this particular piano. It was the same piano where the man talked, played cards and threw paper planes.

Cobb smiled because he knew, above all that, it was their piano.

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