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Chapter 14

They drove for another day before making it to Las Vegas. The city was bursting with activity. And lights. Can't forget the lights. It was almost brighter than New York City; at the very least the lights were more brilliant and colorful.

"So … um … where exactly are we going?" Grover asked.

Triton paused, which was dangerous since he was still driving, and this wasn't the kind of traffic you wanted to lose focus in. "I'm not really completely sure, actually. I—"

"You said you did," Annabeth pointed out.

"I said I thought I did," he shot back. "Something about the prophesy with the lost in the flower thing."

"So we need to find a flower that it would be possible to get lost in," she concluded.

"I could eat a flower like that," Grover sighed dreamily.

Percy looked to where the satyr was staring. There was a large casino with a large white flower rimmed in red as the entrance. More lights flashed out in front of it, proclaiming in the Lotus Hotel and Casino.

"That thing is made of metal and lights, G-man."

"It still looks good."

"Stop over there, Fish Tail," Annabeth ordered, pointing over at the casino.

The minor sea god looked confused for a second, until he saw what they were looking at and quickly complied. He pulled into the driveway of the flower casino, parking in an empty spot and putting the keys in his pocket before a valet could take them.

"Well, let's go," Triton said, trying to cover up his nervousness. He knew this place now, and did not like the idea of going in there for any amount of time.

The other three nodded, passing him to get into the building.

Percy topped just inside the door. The place was full of games and people, even kids, which was awesome since usually kids weren't allowed in that part of a casino. He grinned at his friends, not seeing his brothers troubled expression.

"You guys thinking what I'm thinking?"

Grover nodded, but Annabeth looked cautious.

"We're here for a reason, guys. We don't need to be playing games."

"Just a few minutes. Please, Annabeth?"

When she didn't answer, Percy and Grover took off into the casino.

"Percy, wait!" Triton yelled, but not even Annabeth had heard him as all three were already past the bellhops with their cards, heading to the games that littered the place.

Percy loved the casino, with its various games and slot machines. The flower cookies were good too. He didn't know how many he'd had or how many games he'd played in the two hours that he'd been here.

He occasionally saw his brother, but he didn't register the panicked, or sometimes frustrated, expression that Triton had on.

Annabeth and Grover had both found games that pertained to their interest, but Percy liked to try multiple games, that way he could get the full extent of what the casino had to offer.

Eventually, he ended up shooting hoops next to a boy that looked about ten with black hair and olive colored skin. Throughout the entire game, he was chatting, non-stop, about some game called Mythomagic.

"I'm not sure which one is my favorite one. I think it might be Hades, just because he can raise the dead and he's really good if your enemy attacks first. Although, Dionysus is good too. He can …"

He droned on and on about different gods and their powers. While he'd been talking about Hades, Percy idly wondered what the kid would do if he ever met his uncle.

A jolt went through him. Hades, Dad, weapons!

He looked around at the games, the waitresses carrying the platters full of flower cookies, and the people. His brain felt like it had come out of a daze. How long had they been here?

"Perseus Jackson!"

He spun around to find Triton glaring at him, but his expression was more distressed than angry.

"How dare you run off without making sure it's safe! Wake up!"

"I am awake! And I didn't know that this place would take away my conscious decisions. What about you? You don't seem like it had affected you at all."

"I'm a god! Even the Lotus Eaters' spells won't affect me."

"You're a god?" the black haired kid asked. Both brothers stiffened, just now noticing that he was listening to their conversation. "That is so awesome! Which one are you? Do I have your card? I wonder what you can do …" He went on.

Triton glanced at Percy. Card? he mouthed. Percy just shrugged and shook his head.

"Where is Grover and Annabeth?" Percy asked, ignoring the kid.

"At their games. You were the only one I couldn't find so I figured that they were fine where they were until I found you."

"Well, then, let's go get them. We have a quest to complete."

Triton nodded, glancing at the kid, who was now listening with interest again. He noticed something about the kid, something that made him different than regular mortals. "The kid is coming with us. I think that he's a demigod."

"I am? What's a demigod? I get to go with you? I don't think my sister will let me. She's kind of strict about that kind of thing," the kid said.

Triton nodded. "Go get your sister. We will explain everything later. Percy, why don't you go help convince his sister to come? And if you fall into the daze again, you are going to wish you never left the sea."

Percy rolled his eyes, but nodded. "Good luck with Grover and Annabeth."

With that, they split up. The kid dragged Percy away, towards the Skee Ball machines. They walked right up to a black haired and olive skinned girl that looked a lot like the kid, except she was about a year older, who was intently aiming the balls that the target holes.

"Bianca!" the kid exclaimed, causing her to drop the ball, mid-swing, sending it crashing into a waitress that had been walking behind them.

"Sorry!" Bianca apologized, then quickly turned to the boy. "Nico! Don't do that!"

"But we have to go! A god and his friend wants us to go with them!"

"Nico, there is no such thing as gods. They don't exist. Don't let that game of yours get to your head."

"Actually," Percy interrupted. "The gods are real. They live above Manhattan. I'm actually a demigod son of Poseidon."

Bianca looked up as if she had just noticed him. "Oh … um, hi. … look, I really appreciate you indulging my brother, but I would also appreciate if you didn't encourage his antics."

"They are real and I can prove it, but we need to get out of here first. My name is Percy Jackson, by the way."

"Bianca di Angelo, and this is my brother Nico. Wait, no. We can't go with you. We don't even know you."

"Please," Percy pleaded. "We believe that you are demigods as well. I can only help you if you come with us."

"We can't – Nico!" she exclaimed as he brother stomped over to Percy's side.

"I'm going with him."

Bianca was about to protest, but someone behind them yelled out, "There they are! Get them!"

All three of them whirled around to see guards running toward them. Percy turned back towards Bianca, holding out his hand with a pleading look in his eyes. Her hand flew into his.


Percy gripped her hand and grabbed Nico's arm and dragged them toward the door. They were able to keep ahead of the guards until they got to the lobby. Several guards were blocking the door and even more were coming from all sides.


Triton, Annabeth, and Grover ran up to them. Bianca's grip tightened as she tried to figure out if they were friend or foe. Percy met his brother's gaze, and they nodded at each other.

Percy let go of Nico and pulled out Riptide, managing to uncap it one-handed. Triton took out his sword at the same time.

"Whoa, cool!" Nico exclaimed.

Triton summoned water and flooded the floor. Percy took control of it, whipping it at any of the guards that came near them. The group started to slowly advance toward the door. The Fish Twins used the water to keep the guards away, but Annabeth took care of any that got past them.

The guards near the door braved the water and rushed them. The three with weapons turned their attention to them. The three without stepped back a bit, Grover and Nico more than Bianca because she wasn't willing to let go of Percy's hand just yet.

Percy swung both his sword and the water at the same time at the guard directly in front of him. Apparently, these guards weren't human because they didn't seem to mind the water whips very much.

The guards had their own weapons so it wasn't really a surprise when Bianca abruptly let go of his hand. What did surprise Percy was when his opponent was suddenly knocked out and fell to the ground. Bianca was standing there with a silver serving tray.

Percy grinned at her. "Good job!"

"Can we go now?" Grover called from the doorway, Nico standing next to him.

Percy looked over at Triton and Annabeth, who had just finished with the other guards. Percy dropped the water and hurried to the door with Bianca as Triton nodded.

"Let's go."