One Year Later

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This is my very first story and I am very excited about it! I wrote it all in one night.

Kaitlyns POV

Finally no more running or hiding. It is over! Mr. Zete was finally gone. We all found out that Frost had gotten into the middle of a gang war a couple months back and was killed. So now there was only one more person to look out for and that was her partner in crime.

Gabriel finally decided that it was time for him and I to pack up and head up to the fellowship with the rest of our group. I was a little sad though because that meant leaving behind my old life. My father was going with us but I think I was more sad to leave my childhood home. Dad on the other hand was still trying to get use to his baby girl dating. He was starting to come around though and for that I was happy about. I love Gabriel so much. Speaking of Gabriel as I write in my journal he is sitting across the room staring at me! " Whats wrong honey?" He asked. I thought about if I should tell him or not but then I answered " Well, its just that I am going to miss my childhood home." He knew how I felt about that and really didn't say too much about it. " Hey Gabriel, how about you and I take a drive and talk a little bit?" My dad said as he came around the corner. He was smiling at me like there was some kind of secret that I didn't know about. " Sure, why not." Gabriel said. He came over and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and left.

Gabriel's POV

When Kaitlyn's father asked me to take a ride I thought he was gonna tell me to stay away from his daughter or something but instead we went down to Dairy Queen and got some ice cream. Once we were done eating our ice cream he turned to me and said " what are your intentions with my daughter?" I've been waiting for that very moment for the last couple months. So I answered him : Well sir, I love your daughter very much and I would like to ask your permission for her hand in marriage." He was very quiet for a little bit there but then he finally looked me in the eyes and said " She is my only child and I don't want her to get hurt. You two are both very young still. Are you sure that she is the only one for you?" I barely hesitated at that question and I answered : Yes, she is the only one for me. I've known that since the very first day that I met her." Kaitlyns father nodded to himself and then said to me " You have my blessing to marry my daughter, but if you so much as hurt her it will be your biggest regret." We sat there for a little while longer talking over more details about when I was going to propose to her and where we would get married. We finally looked at the clock and seen it was starting to get late so we drove back home to where my darling Kaitlyn was waiting.

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