A Hero Is Born

Copyright and important notice: All of this is based on the Jazz Jackrabbit franchise. All of the named protagonists and antagonists from Jazz Jackrabbit 1 —namely Jazz, Eva and Devan —are not made by me, but from the creators of the game. Special thanks to Cliff Bleszinski (CliffyB, as some call him) for the idea of Jazz Jackrabbit.

Hi, my name is jazz jackrabbit and my home planet is Carrotus. I am a green coloured rabbit with long ears and wearing red bandana as well as gold or red bracers. I was once a mercenary for hire who helps the needy regardless of the reward I receive until I learn about princess Eva captured by Devan Shell who hates the rabbits with a passion.

It was right after helping the rats at a distant planet and I learnt about the kidnapping of princess Eva by Devan Shell then did I decided to rescue after thinking for awhile. I went to a backwater pub for information on Devan Shell. When I arrive there, i ask a few of the anthros there about Devan Shell but they just ask me to don't bother them which includes a drunkard lizard. After like 15 to 30 mins later, I sit down on a chair at a table and a waitress gave me a drink and she said that it was on the house whom I replied thanks to her. I was about to drink the red liquid when the owner of the place went on stage and announce to everyone in the pub to welcome me aka the mean green hare.

The owner snatches me and put me on the stage before i got the chance to run or get away. I was nervous about speaking to a group of anthros of different species in front of me as I did not and very seldom says a speech at all in front of a crowd. I was talking for a few mins when the crowd starting jeering and asking to throw me out of the pub before I was rescued by an old friend of Devan Shell who gave me info on what Devan Shell is planning after kidnapping the princess and he told me that Devan has a cache of weapons lying around and stated that it would be a good idea stealing some weapons in order to defeat him.

After going through the amount of weapons I found, I decided to take a gun which can fire different kinds of ammo. I went to my spaceship which I own and went to the nearby planet called Diamondus to begin my mission to rescue the princess and defeating the evil Dvean Shell.

It took me weeks and some months to defeat Devan and save the princess and bringing her back home, where I travelled to a number of planets in order to stop him and his army as well as two battleships which he intends to use it to conquer Carrotus.

He was defeated in the end but somehow manages to escape. As for me I and Eva fell in love after rescuing and seeing each other face to face for the first time. I used my spaceship and brought her back to Carrotus which is my home planet back to her mother who is the queen. The queen was so happy to see her daughter back and learning that the person who saved her daughter is me and that we both are in love decided to let us get married.