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Ch. 5:

Methos came back down the stairs to find his friends waiting.

"How is she?" Amanda asked.

"She's sleeping, but there doesn't seem to be any sign of the bloodlust coming out." Methos replied, sitting down. "She seems fine."

There was a sigh of relief that went through the room.

"Well, this was a fun day." Duncan said sarcastically. "I think I'll go sleep for a century."

The others chuckled.

"I'm sorry for all this." Methos told them.

"Don't sweat it, old man." Joe told him. "What's dinner with friends without a little fight to the death? Explain to me why I hang out with you people again."

"Because we're just so damn much fun." Amanda replied, wrapping her arm around the Watcher's shoulders.

"Oh yeah, that's it." Joe agreed sarcastically.

"You know, you never did tell us why you two brought us here." Aurore pointed out.

"Well, Sekhmet wanted you two here so she could talk to you about the bridesmaids' dresses." Methos replied. "I assume she'll do that tomorrow. Joe and Mac are here because I wanted to ask Mac to be my best man and Joe to be a groomsman. Sekhmet fought me on the last one because she wanted to ask Joe to walk her down the aisle, but I won that argument. I think it's the first one I've won in weeks."

"How'd you manage that?" Duncan asked.

"Honestly?" Methos replied. "I think she realized that if I didn't have both of you, the wedding party would be uneven and she wasn't willing to give up one of her bridesmaids. So will you guys do it?"

"Of course." Duncan replied. "I'd be honored."

"Me too." Joe agreed.

"Great." Methos said. "Now, if no one minds, I'm going to sleep before someone else decides to take a shot at us. You guys are free to stay up. We'll see you in the morning."

"Good night, Methos." Amanda said, leaning over to kiss him on the cheek.

The others also said goodnight and he got up and made his way to his room.

"I think I'm going to turn in too." Amanda said. "What about you, Duncan?"

"Oh, I thought I'd stay up a little while longer." He said.

"Okay, I'll say that again." She said. "Duncan, I'm going to my room. What are you doing?"

"Oh, I guess I'm going to my room too." He said, catching on.

"Good boy." She said. "Good night all."

She reached over and took Duncan's hand, practically dragging him up the stairs.

"I think that's it for me." Joe said. "Good night, Aurore."

"Yes, me too." She said. "Good night, as well."

They both got up and made their way to their respective rooms.

Methos quietly walked into the room and quietly closed the door. He stripped down to his boxers and climbed into the bed. Sekhmet rolled over and curled into his side.

"Everyone going to sleep?" she asked softly.

"Yeah." He replied, wrapping his arms around her. "Are you alright?"

"Yeah, I'm fine." She replied. "I'm sorry for the angst earlier. It's just…"

"Gets to you after awhile." Methos finished. "I know."

"It's nice to talk to someone who understands." She told him. "Even the oldest Immortals out there are usually not much older than Amanda. They don't get it. The weariness of it all."

"I know." He said. "But you're not alone any more. You don't have to suffer through it alone."

"I love you, Methos." She said, kissing him gently.

The kiss slowly deepened until they finally pulled apart, breathing heavily.

"We shouldn't." Sekhmet said softly. "Our friends…someone might hear."

There was a thumping sound and Sekhmet laughed.

"Sounds like MacLeod and Amanda had the same idea." Methos said, kissing Sekhmet's neck.

She laughed and pushed him off, grabbing her robe and heading for the door. He groaned and flopped back before getting up and following her.

Outside, Sekhmet was standing outside Amanda and Duncan's room.

"Really?" Aurore said, poking her head out. "They couldn't be quieter?"

"Apparently not." Joe said dryly, standing in his doorway.

Methos leaned against the doorway to their room and raised his eyebrow. Sekhmet grinned at him wickedly and took a step forward.

"Oi!" she said, banging on the door. "Do not make me get a bucket of water! Keep it down, the rest of us are trying to sleep!"

The door opened and a disheveled Amanda stood, glaring at Sekhmet as she wrapped a robe around herself.

"Hi there." Sekhmet said brightly.

"Do you mind?" Amanda growled.

"Not at all." Sekhmet replied. "Do you mind being slightly quieter?"

"We will do that." Duncan said, coming up behind Amanda. "Good night, Sekhmet."

"Good night, Duncan." Sekhmet said, smiling. "Amanda."

Amanda continued to glower at Sekhmet as Duncan closed the door.

"You are not nice." Methos said in Egyptian, coming up to wrap his arms around her waist.

"Can we go to sleep now?" Joe asked. "Without the sound effects?"

Sekhmet took Methos' hand and pulled him towards their room.

"Good night, Joe." Sekhmet said, kissing the Watcher's cheek as she passed.

"Good night, Sekhmet." He said, going back in his room and shutting his door.

"Good night, Sekhmet, Methos." Aurore called.

"Good night, sweetie." Sekhmet replied.

Aurore shut her door and Sekhmet pulled Methos inside their room. The rest of the night passed without incident.

Sekhmet knelt in the sand as the morning sun rose over the Nile. She gently reached out and touched the ring of glass the Quickening had created.

"Sekhmet?" a voice called.

The Ancient Egyptian turned to see Aurore making her way down the beach to her.

"Good morning, Aurore." Sekhmet replied, dusting off her pants as she stood up.

"Methos sent me to tell you breakfast is ready." Aurore said, joining her. "That's really amazing."

She leaned down to touch the glass ring.

"Do you think anyone will notice?" she asked.

"I was just trying to figure out how to remove it." Sekhmet said. "The only thing I can figure is to dig it up and drag it back to the house."

"Well, we can do that later." Aurore said, linking her arm with Sekhmet's and leading her back to the house. "Let's talk about dresses."

Sekhmet laughed.

"So have you decided on a color for the bridesmaids' dresses?" Aurore asked.

"Methos suggested the teal, but I was actually thinking we might go with the burgundy." Sekhmet said. "I think it would look good if we had the wedding at sunset."

Aurore nodded.

"I agree." She said. "I'm not sure I would've if I had never seen this place. It really is breath taking. Was it this beautiful when you and Methos were growing up here?"

They walked up the steps to the deck and Sekhmet turned to look out over the river.

"It was." She replied. "More so. I loved Egypt more than anything growing up. I gave her my life, my duty, my duty, and my devotion. I gave her everything."

"Do you regret it?" Aurore asked.

Sekhmet hesitated.

"Yes." She said softly. "I regret my love for my kingdom, my brother, turning me into murder. But I don't regret my love for her. And I will always love seeing her beauty. It's my home."

Sekhmet smiled and turned back to Aurore.

"Come on." She said. "Let's get some breakfast."

The friends sat at the table, eating and enjoying their time together.

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