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Sokka's Girl

Sokka walked in front of his best friend's house. He knocked on her door and the blind earth bender opened it. "SNOOZLES!" she yelled and glomp hugged him. Sokka hugged back and asked if she got his letters. "Well I wrote back didn't I?" she answered. "You can write?" he said sarcastically. Toph smiled and then blushed, after inviting him in she asked "So are you and Suki broken up?". They sat down on a green couch in her living room. "Well yea.", Sokka said scratching his head. Toph knew that things weren't going well with them.

She knew she felt something for Sokka but she couldn't tell what her feelings were. "What happened?" she asked. Toph realized that might not have been a good question to ask and then said "We don't have to talk about it.". "Well I went back to Kioshi with her and I got lonely then when I started writing to you she got jealous and we got into a fight. So I just left." Sokka said. "Oh I'm sorry I did that." Toph said. Sokka knew she felt bad. "Oh you didn't do it I was kind of getting fed up with her being with the warriors and all we got into fights before I started writing to you and yea I just left." he said trying to make Toph feel better.

"Lets change the subject." Toph said with a smile on her face. Toph forgot she was the host to her birthday weekend and offered Sokka some food. "No that's okay I'm not hungry." he said. "Well I am" Toph said. Then Toph called over her chef and asked him to make her some fruit tarts. Toph (with Aangs help) made an Island where all benders and non benders could come to live, rest, or visit. It was called Gates of Nations and Toph was in charge.

"Well I guess I'll show you to your room." Toph said and she grabbed Sokka's arm to take him to his room.

After Toph and Sokkas small talk it became like old times when they could talk about anything and they did. Then the doorbell rang. Toph and Sokka both got up to get it hoping it was one of there other friends arriving for Toph's birthday weekend. They opened the door and it was Katara and Aang and there children Gyatso and Nari. They all made there greetings and then Toph showed them to there room. Toph noticed another heartbeat in the room. She counted a couple times to make sure and then yelled out "Kataras pregnant!". "WHAT! How did you know!" Sokka, Katara, and Aang yelled all at the same time.

"Wait, Sokka how did you know?" Toph asked. "I didn't. I wanna know how you knew." he answered. "Oh I counted the heartbeats in the room and I knew I wasent pregnant so It had to be Katara." she answered the three. "We were going to tell you when everyone was here but I guess big mouth over here figured it out." Aang said. They laughed and continued talking while the little ones played. As soon as they knew it, it was night time. They started yawning then Toph said "Well I'm going to go to bed.". The rest agreed and they all went to there rooms.

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