A month later, Katara and Aang came to visit with the kids. That day they found out Sokka has been dating Toph. "Well that's such a surprise." Katara said. "What's that suppose to mean?" Toph said to Katara.

"You two just make a good fit. It wasn't and insult."

"Ok. Well I don't want to hear any more blah blah about me and Sokka. We are dating its done."

"Sokka and I."

"Oh who cares?"

"I do. When are we going to the doctors?"

"As soon as Sokka and Aang are awake."

Toph ate a final bite of breakfast and went up stairs to wake up Sokka. She opened the door to their bedroom and felt the foot steps of Sokka coming toward her. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her.

"Good morning." Sokka said.

"You need to get ready."

"For what?"

"We are going to find out if Kataang's baby is going to be a boy or a girl."

"Do I have to go?"

"Yes. You don't have a choice."

"Fine." Sokka sat down on their bed and looked at Toph. She was beautiful. The girl he once knew as a young blind earth bender was his friend and Aang's sefu. Now she was a beautiful women with much more experience and new a look. She kept her long black hair in a pony tail with a embellished headband. She was more filled out with bigger breasts and body. She wasn't big and was the perfect size. She was beautiful, sexy, smart, strong, and perfect in Sokka's eyes.

"Well come on get ready!" Toph yelled bringing Sokka back to reality. Then she left to go down stairs and Sokka got dressed. He put on his regular tank top and shorts. He put his hair in a pony tail and went down stairs to meet the rest of the gang.

"Your finally awake." Katara said.

Sokka laughed. "So lets get a move on." Sokka said.

"Ok." Aang said. He picked up Gyatzo and Sokka picked up Nari. They all walked to the doctors office.

They walked into the doctors office full of soon to be mothers. The gang was all thinking something different.

"I really have to pee." Katara thought.

"All these pregnant ladies. I haven't even had sex with Sokka yet." Toph thought.

"I'm going to be a dad. I am going to be dad and its not with Toph. What if Toph doesn't even want to have kids." Sokka thought.

"I just want to see the baby." Aang thought.

"So Aang do you want the baby to be a boy or a girl?" Toph asked Aang.

"Oh I don't know. I have one of each. So as long as its healthy." Aang said. Toph wondered if Katara thought the same thing. They all sat down once Katara checked in. They sat in silence as all waiting rooms are. Then the doctor called Katara and Aang into his room. Toph and Sokka stayed back with the kids. Toph sat on the floor with Gyatzo and Nari. Toph played with them with the toys that Katara had in their baby bag.

"I wonder what kind of benders they will be." Toph said Sokka.

"If they are benders. They will probably be air or water." Sokka replied.

"You never know."

"I wonder if I will have a new niece or nephew."

"Yea." Toph didn't know where to go with that. All she could think about is that Sokka was going to be a dad. Sokka was going to be dad with Suki. Her thoughts were cut off by Katara.

"Its a girl!" Toph handed the kids to Katara.

"Your going to have a new baby sister" She said to the kids. "And you are going to have a niece."

She said to Sokka.

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