Disclaimer: The Cullens, the Swans, and most of the characters mentioned in the story that are known from Stephanie Meyer's beloved Twilight Saga, are all hers and hers alone. I neither have nor wish to pass them off as mine. I do appreciate the fact that she did bring them to life and allows us to play with them in our imaginations. The only thing I will claim is the current storyline.

Finally they look up and see Carlisle and another doctor walking towards them and the looks on their face is not good. Carlisle shakes his head and Edward falls to his knees weeping.


The tears had started to flow with the rest of the family as well. They couldn't believe that to get her back home and then to have this happen before they could even say hello. About that time Charlie came running through the door and got slammed in the gut by what he saw before him. He knew he had lost his little girl.

It took a bit for Carlisle to get everyone to understand that Bella was going to be fine. She was in recovery and the surgery was a success. He had been shaking his head no to something the other doctor had asked him, never realizing before it was too late that his family would misread his movements.

Well, time did pass and Bella was released from the hospital to be reunited with her family and children. All questions were answered, her statement taken by several law enforcement agencies, all of the papers she had received turned over and charges pressed against everyone involved.

As charges were brought, a lot involved rolled over on their bosses to receive a lighter sentence. Of course, James and Victoria Harrison were arrested, charged and sentenced, along with Laurent and all of their other well placed cohorts. The number of charges against them was numerous. And the judge stacked the charges to where they would never get out among the public again.

Bella, Esme and Edward, of course had to each testify against them along with Riley Biers.

Looking back over the last year since that night that Bella got shot a lot has happened. Jasper and Alice had a son and Alice is pregnant again. Also, Rosalie and Emmett are expecting a daughter. And Bella and Edward are expecting a son. But, the biggest surprise of them all is that Carlisle and Esme are expecting twins.