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Story: What would have happened to Bones if his relationship with Kat was just one of friend and mentor. What would be different in the Night Huntress World if Kat married Tate and bore a child. This is the story of her life after the death of her parents. This story will take place after book four. The events of book two involving Kat's father did not take place. The reasoning's behind book three have changed but not the outcome. At this time I am not sure if their will be any major spoilers to the books but there is a chance their could be so be warned in case you are not read through all the books yet.

Chapter One- The Funeral

My mood was understandably bad that rain would have not made a difference. Choosing to hide in the back of the crowd instead of the front as would be customary at funeral for my relation ship to the deceased party. The only people I am related to are in those coffins. The question of where I will go has not been addressed. I had not thought about that until the man beside me decided to bring up the topic. The burial is such a human rite and I am sure it is being done to appease me. I don't even know how they handle such things in the supernatural world. Even though my parents are human they lived as if they were. My mother was a half-vampire human hybrid named Katherine Crawfield. My dad was a human when they met but he underwent the transformation as they were both working for the government. Tate Bradley was a military soldier that believed in what he was doing. He was an orphan so I have no family on his side. My mother had only her mother when I was born. Well there is a father somewhere if he is alive. Mom never found him. The idiot was smart enough to hide from her. He never was heard of. I know his name since Mom found out from Uncle Don her boss at the federal agency my parents worked at. I was familiar with the agency due to the visits I made when trouble was brewing and they basically had me in lock-down to shield me from there troubles.

My interaction with the vampire world was limited. I did meet a few of my mother's acquaintances. The man beside me was one of them. Mencheres. From what I heard he is a very powerful vampire. I know he can read human and half-vampire minds. Since I am a half or possible more than half since I was conceived after my father was turned. I was their miracle baby. That is what my mother told me. Later when I was old enough I learned that older vampires can not produce. Only the very new can since they still had some human fluids in them. Of course my mother was embarrassed about trying to explain that to me. It was rather humorous even though I was just as red as her due to my own embarrassment. I always wished I had a brother or sister. I was the only child...Sage Marie Bradley.

A hand on my shoulder brought me back from my haze. I found it hard to look at the grave. My parents would be buried together. My father adored my mother. I know if he had lived longer than her he would have died from a broken heart. I don't know much about their jobs since everything is classified. I heard things here and there but they did not mention more than was necessary. I know they wanted me to have as much of a normal life as they could provide. My parents have come back from every job they went on. I know their work us very dangerous, but when your parents are almost indestructible you live in a sheltered world. This last job something went wrong and both of them did not return home. No one has said what happened but I have been put in lock-down again until the funeral.

Mencheres has been in and out of my life since I was a baby. My mother was not close with him from what I could see but he was brought in during tough times. The man beside Mencheres was closer to my mother. I liked him too. He was fun. Well to me he was fun. He would do these tricks with fire to entertain me when I was small. I know most would grow out of finding enjoyment from such childish things but I never did. Vlad had a wonderful laugh. He found my mother funny. I never knew what it was he head since it was almost always something she was thinking.

The minister finished and I watched as people dropped flowers on top of the casket. One of the military men weeded through the people and stopped in front of me. He handed to me two American flags. I reached out and took them taking the briefest glance at the person standing there. It was Dave. He has been in my life every week since I could remember. He is a supernatural too being he is a ghoul.

Realizing that was the last act in the ceremony I turned to head towards the car. I did not want to hear people saying they were sorry. I understood the sentiment, but I rather hear it later not now. I felt Mencheres hand slip from my shoulder as I left his reach. I was able to arrive at the car before anyone spoke to me.

"Little one we have something we need to speak about." He waited until I lifted my head and eyes to him acknowledging my attention was on him. "The topic of where you will be living needs to be figured out. I wanted you to have a say rather than choosing a place for you. We would like to avoid using the American system for choosing your living arrangements. With the line of work your parents we employed and your lineage we feel you belong with people that will understand your growing assets since they have already begun to make appearances. No human family will have the knowledge to aid you as your strengths begin to heighten. I have already looked into a few options for you to consider. One of the other factors in my choice was that the person be able to protect you. As far as I am aware you are the only living half-vampire and it is important that the person you will be living with for the next four years be someone that has the capacity to keep you safe. There are those who would see harm come to you since you are rare. There have been a few know half-vampire half-humans and they have amounted to great things and it would be assumed you would too." I just looked at him taking in what he was saying wondering if there is a significance to his words or if he is just stating his reasons for his choices. From what I knew of him he took matters very seriously he always weights all before making a decision. I know it drove my mother crazy. The way he spoke drove her up a wall. It does not bother me well not yet anyways.

"The people I have chosen for you to live with would take you under their protection. You have been living a human life due to your parents choices. I am afraid you will see a difference with how you will be living since it will be with a vampire that follows the normal lifestyle of our kind. Each of my choices lives outside of the United States most of the time but they do come stateside on occasion. I know you have some knowledge of other languages but will most likely have to learn another if you choose one of the vampire lines that speak a language you are not familiar with. Each vampire I have chosen is a master vampire has agreed to take you and are present today." I let my eyes wander to see if I can figure out who they may be. I see a few groups milling about. They are separated into a few groups near different cars. Mencheres voice stops my perusal to land my gaze back on him.

"The first is a member of my line. Charles De Mortimer. He spends most of his time in England but has occasionally spends time in America." I know of him not well but then again my parents tried to shelter me from the vampires that were called in on occasion to help in some situation my mother was involved in. His wife Denise visited and I know she was close to my mother. She was part demon I think. She is nice.

"The second is another member of my line Ian Flannery. He too lives in England." That was a vampire I only saw a few times. I don't know him but I always felt my parents distrust in him. "Remember Little One that your parents were not proud about their lineage and distrust those of their vampire side since they valued humans more. These vampires are responsible for your safety. You will be continuing your education and living a life close but different than the one you lead before." I guess he heard my thoughts and wanted me to keep an open mind. I know my parents were not perfect and they did have prejudices against vampires.

"The third is Vlad Tepesh. He does live in another country they can speak English but learning Romanian would be useful. " I looked over and my eyes met with Vlad. He smiled. I knew him the most out of the ones he mentioned so far.

"The last is Bones." Bones came by on occasion. He was around when the big things were going on and he was brought in to help. I remember him but did not know him well. Out of the group he looked a bit dangerous and definitely a bachelor. All the others were more refined is the word to use. From what I remember he lived in a cave from time to time. I definitely did not want to live in a cave. I heard a few snorts and chuckles from different vampires.

"My Dear you will not have to worry about where you will be living. Each vampire I have mentioned has the appropriate accommodations for you." That proved that the ones that chuckled have been listening in on my thoughts. Wonderful. That just means that my teenage mind will not get the privacy I was getting at home. I am so glad my parents did not have that talent. That would have been embarrassing. "I am sure that your new guardian will do his best to give you the privacy you need." Yah right. What better way to police your kids than to know what they plan to do before they actually do it. It is like the ultimate deterrent. I head more chuckles and knew my thoughts spread again. Thanks guys I really appreciate your courtesy. I really trust that you will abide by my wishes to stay the hell out of my head. I head more laughs.

"Do all of my possible guardians have the gift to read minds?" That may be a factor on who I chose or maybe not.

"Bones and Vlad both have that gift." I will keep that in mind.

"I noticed that you did not list any females. Does any of my Guardians have wives or am I living with bachelors?"

"Charles has a wife named Denise. You know her. She is American and is the reason you would find yourself in the states from time to time. The rest are not attached to anyone." Another factor to consider. "I have chosen these men for the purpose of your safety. They do have females in their households so it will not be like you are living in a frat house." That was funny coming from Mencheres.

"What about my schooling? Will I be going to a normal high school?"

"From what I gather most likely tutors. With the traveling done there may be too much attention brought to you if you are taken out when the household is moved to a different location. We do not wish to use boarding school since your safety would be in question." Do I really need that much security? I don't see why anyone would try to come after me. "As I mentioned your status as a half-vampire would be enough reason to have others want to harm you. You mother and father were very well known and the trouble that they caused to vampires would make a bulls-eye be planted on your back. They tried to keep your identity quiet but there are vampires that know of your existence. Fear of you turning out like them will bring them calling on you. We want to prevent any encounter as much as possible."

"Will I be living like an inmate in prison?"

"Not as bad but yes you will be under surveillance." Great. I am at an age where we are looking to gain our independence and I am going to be more restricted than I already was. "I am sorry but it is necessary." Of course it is.

"Since my safety is so important, will I be getting training to learn to protect myself?"

"Yes you will. It is a wonderful idea." That is interesting.

"Will I be around anyone my age at all?"

"There will be some humans that may be close to your age that are under employment."

"What kind of employment?"

"They are there to provide our nourishment." Ah, blood donors. "You are correct."

"Do I get to test drive my living arrangements with the option to move to another location if I find that I am not happy where I am?"

"Yes that will be fine." That's good to know. I look around and notice that all the candidates are looking at me. I decided to go with the one I most familiar with. He and I got along well I think.

"Vlad are you sure you want a teenage girl in your home? We have a tendency to listening to loud music and giggle a lot. It might cramp your style."

"It will be tough but I will just have to deal with it." He is wearing a smile. I am surprised he would want a kid in his house. "Don't be shocked. I never had any children. I actually did want them."

"Really?" He does not know what he is in for. Poor guy. "Your on probation so you better keep me happy." I said it as serious as I could but I knew he could tell I was just messing with him.

"I will do my best." I looked around and saw most blank looks so I am not sure if they were happy that I did not pick them. Denise was the only one that showed she was a little sad at my choice. I am not particularly girl since I was usually surrounded my my parents work friends who where all guys.

"No Luv I would have been happy to have you live with me but it is your choice. I will just have to visit to make sure Tepesh is indeed treating you right. If he is not well I will just have to kidnap you." He gave me a warm smile. He looked good when he smiled. Not that he didn't look good before. He smirked at that. Damn guy was in my head. I remembered my mother saying she could keep people out by envisioning a wall that would shut them out. I wonder if I could do it. I thought about a wall. Blocking everyone from entering. I think it worked because the smirk fell from his face. "Now that isn't nice Luv. It is like slamming the door in someones face."

I heard Mencheres and Vlad chuckle. "It worked?"

His voice held disappointment. "Yes it did."


"See she is already learning and at such a young age. It took your mother year before she figured out she had the ability to block her thoughts. Now back to your new living arrangements. I have people packing your belongings. Your mother and fathers persona affects will be packed up and sent to your new home. When you are ready you can go through them and keep what you desire."

"Thanks." My face fell as I was brought back to remember the reason for all of this.

"I know it seems fast but Vlad plans on leaving right away. Your things will be loaded on his plane and you will be going to his current residence. I will be meeting you there tomorrow. I need to take care of a few things here before I meet up with you both."

Charles De Mortimer walked up and I found he was now with a woman that I knew well. "Sage I know you will be living with Vlad but I hope you come to stay with us in the summer for a few weeks. I can take you to see some shows and maybe even the ballet. Whatever you find interesting. You mother said you enjoyed going to those. It will give me a chance to have some girl-time with you. Spade takes me to see them but he is not a lover of musicals." I smiled.

"I like that. Thank you."

Bones walked up. "Luv since you are serious about learning to protect yourself, I should be the one to teach you. I love to invade Tepesh's home and help you. That is if you like."

"Sure sounds good. Mom did say you were the best."

"See I didn't even have to blow my own horn. I hate to have you think I have this big ego and all."

"That is the one thing my mother let me know...she said you had the biggest ego she had ever seen."

"Well I have reason of course. I have mad skills." Nice he thinks he is gangsta. "No just stating a fact Luv. I will have you better than your parents in no time since I get to start with you so young."

"Remember Crispin she is underage for any of your other tutelage." Ian had been quiet this whole time up until now. His proper English accent not inline with his thoughts or the devilish smile on his face. "Even I will wait until she is at least seventeen...well maybe sixteen."

"Only you would think I would train her in my old trade. My only thoughts are to make sure she can defeat anyone that tries to do her harm."

"Sure Sure. Whatever you say Mate." His tone showed he did not believe him one bit. I was a little confused by what they were speaking about."

"Never mind what he said Luv. He was just stirring up trouble."

"What you are not telling her about your past."

"Ian she is fourteen years old. That is highly inappropriate."

"I thought they started them young in that trade."

"Ian no more of this." Mencheres voice held finality. "I think it is time to leave. You will all see each other soon enough."

I listened to each say their farewells as Vlad led me to the car nearby. He even held my hand all the way to the airstrip where his plane was fueled and loaded with my belongings ready for our departure.