Disclaimer: I do not lay claim to the original Night Huntress series. I am just using it as my inspiration.

Story: What would have happened to Bones if his relationship with Kat was just one of friend and mentor. What would be different in the Night Huntress World if Kat married Tate and bore a child. This is the story of her life after the death of her parents. This story will take place after book four. The events of book two involving Kat's father did not take place. The reasoning's behind book three have changed but not the outcome. At this time I am not sure if their will be any major spoilers to the books but there is a chance their could be so be warned in case you are not read through all the books yet.

Chapter Two- Four Years Later

I have never regretted my choice to live with Vlad. Like most of the master vampires that I had to choose from he has a reputation. He is fiercely loyal to his people and I am considered a member of Mencheres line but Vlad is my guardian and protector. Vlad can be terrifying but I have never seen that side aimed at me. He has done well keeping me safe. There have been a few times where I could have been harmed by vampires and ghouls outside his or Mencheres line.

He has never left me unprotected. When I went for my summer holidays to visit with Denise he had one of his trusted members of his line stay with me when he dropped me off. He almost always made the journey with me. When I stayed with Denise, Spade had is men with us along with my guard from Vlad. Like she promised she took me to plays, musicals, concerts and other shows. On a few of those Spade came along. His guest on those excursions was Bones. I was surprised he joined us. Most of the time when I saw him he was in his usual gear of dark pants and shirts that were more appropriate for training and fighting. For these occasions he dressed more formally and he looked really good. I made sure to keep my mind closed to him. Can't have him listening in on my private thoughts about him. He gets enough attention from women. I refuse to be apart of some fan club to this vampire. I am not under any illusion that he would fancy me. We have a similar relationship he had with my mother...a mentor. That was fine with me. Really it is.

I did not think I would've seen Bones as much as I did. He came around when he was able to. He still had a line to run and his job as a bounty hunter. Vlad was less than pleased when he showed up. Vlad's good moods went south when he saw that Bones had sneaked in. In the beginning he would come to the door like any normal visitor, but soon found it more appealing to sneak in and practically appeared out of no where where ever I was in the estate. I found it humorous as long as he did not find me in an awkward position. He did that one time and I gave him hell once I was out of the bath and fully dressed. I much preferred him showing up when I was fast asleep in bed than naked in tub. Even then it was a bit odd not knowing why I woke up to find Bones in my bed smiling at me. I swear he took such pleasure putting Vlad or myself on edge. I started wearing more clothes to bed just in case. I made sure towels were easy to access in case he decided to pop in again. I can picture the smug smile he had on his face each time he surprised me. He just like to see how embarrassed I get sometimes I swear. I came up with a plan but since it is hard to place when he is going to arrive I decided to ask Mencheres for help. Shockingly he agreed. He supplied me with the date and time of his next visit. It is rare that he can get information like that but he said if he saw anything he would let me know. He found my plan amusing. Granted he did not know the particulars but he had an idea I am sure. He probably saw it happen in one of his visions since he was looking for it.

It may have been wrong to use his gift like that but really it was worth asking the question just to put my plan into action. I just needed to find the one that I would ask for assistance. Vlad heard my mind working though the idea and volunteered. He said he love to get back at Bones. I was not sure if it would be believable or not if I used Vlad as my consort. Mencheres supplied that Bones would be dropping by during the night while I would be asleep. That narrowed down the list of ideas to one. I am not stupid I know Mencheres has his own reasons to help me. I just have no idea what they are. I know he does things after thinking things out so he found my plan useful to him. I just know it. But I did not let that idea mess with what I planned on doing. I wanted my revenge so I plan of shocking him. He will not see it coming.

The thing that makes the idea uncomfortable is due to the way I live now I am not really experienced with guys. Not saying I have had none, I have kissed one of the donors. I know it is bad calling them that but it is easiest when I am talking to myself. Down in their part of the estate they live a carefree life. They treat it as an extended vacation or a stop over to earn a good pay check before they go off into the world. These are the people in the house closer to my age. I came in when I was fourteen about to turn fifteen. There age range was eighteen to mid-twenties. When I needed contact with others my age I would head down to there rooms and hang out with them. Needless to say they were engaged into activities that others their age partake in such as drinking, playing video games, watching movies, and sex. I never got as far as having sex with any of them but I did kiss and maybe do a little more with a few. It was nice but since I was not boy crazy it was not something I thought all that much about. I might have had a few dream about a certain vampire but I will never admit to them.

I asked one of my human friends Jack. I was very uncomfortable asking him this request. He was amused. After it took me over an hour to explain to him what I was doing and why I was doing it he laughed and said sure. He also added we could have a little fun to make it more believable.

When it came down to get ready for bed and setting the plan into action I was debating on what to wear. I heard a knock and let Jack in. He saw my options for my bed attire. He said I could always sleep in the nude. I thought about that for a whole second and before I was about to shut down that idea he cut in. He mentioned it would be more believable if the clothes were on the floor and I was naked.

Can you believe it I agreed. But I made sure any fooling around we did I was completely clothed. He agreed saying the clothes would look more bunched up if we kept them on for a little bit. I won't lie. Jack is a great kisser. His hands were not idol either. They were in my hair and traveling along my body. He even decided it was a good idea to leave a few little love bites on my neck. I stopped us after awhile. I did not want to take this further. I could tell he did with what was poking me. This is the farthest I have ever gone with a guy and it is all because of some plan of mine. Jack reminded me that the clothes have to go. I made sure he was not looking and maneuvered my way under the covers and took my night clothes. He made a comment when my head came out from under the sheets about me having sex hair. I felt it and realized it was all puffy.

It would have taken me a long time to go to sleep if it were not for the sleep time medicine I took.

I woke up with a start.

"What the bleeding hell is going on in here?"

I rose quickly since I was started and kind of disoriented. The sheet slipped down as I sat up.

"Shite!" I heard the voice exclaim as I felt someone to my right lift the sheets up to cover me. I looked down and saw I was naked. My head whipped up and my eyes landed on Bones with a look of shock and horror on his face. It came to me why he was like that. I looked to my left and saw Jack with a smug look. Then I remembered the person lifting the sheets on my right I look over and there is Vlad. What is he doing here.

"I like to know that myself." Shoot he heard my thoughts. I slammed down that wall. "What are you hiding from me Sage. Afraid of what I might hear in there. Now back to your thought why is Tepesh in your bed. I get enough pictures from the humans head about last night but since I can't hear your thoughts anymore Sage I like to know how long have you been fooling around with Tepesh."

I look at Vlad and he has his own smug smile on his face. "I thought I join the party. You did not seem to mind last night when I crawled into bed with you. You never voiced any objections."

He didn't. I should have known he would not pass up an opportunity to get back at Bones. I know nothing happened but now I look like I have multiple partners one being my guardian. Plus it just occurred to me that I flashed Bones and Vlad probably got a good view before covering me up. My plan just shit the bed. I shocked him way more than I planned.

Having not said a word due to my own shock, Vlad stepped in. "Bones did you really have to wake up we had a long night. I can't even gauge how much time we actually slept." Oh my God. He is making this worse. Granted I never thought out that far what I was going to say after I was caught in this position. I really wish I had because I have no clue what to do. I just close my eyes and wish this never happened. I never really told Jack anything more than the original plan so he had no idea that he should not instigate Bones further. That is what he did when he leaned over towards me and kissed my shoulder then my back as his hands began to move. I was petrified. Suddenly the weight on the left side of the bed vanished and then the door slammed. I looked over since it happened to fast all I saw was Bones by the door advancing towards the bed.


"Why should I leave I am not the one who just woke us up."

"From where I am standing I think she had no idea you were in this bed. I suggest you leave. If you like we can take this outside and we will see who is still alive."

Oh my God! This has gone too far. "Stop! There will be no killing or hurting of anyone. Vlad can you make sure Jack is alright. I don't know what Bones did to him."

"Oh your afraid I hurt you lover. Don't worry I just pushed him out the door. I didn't even leave a scratch."

"Are you sure it is wise to leave you with him? He is very volatile."

"Please I think you are making everything worst."

"Sage I am sorry if I am making it worst for you. That was not my intentions. Plus having you in this condition would not be good with the likes of him. He might take advantage. After all he has been around the block a few thousand times."

"I sure it wasn't your intention. I think I will be fine after all he is old enough to have some self-control." He rose out of the bed and that is when I saw he at least had on a pair of boxers. Thank God for small favors. He took his robe that was on a chair and put it on as he went for the door.

"If you hurt her in any way, Plan on that fight."

"Piss off Bawbag." Even though he was just insulted I could tell Vlad was just happy because he angered Bones.

Sitting in the bed I watched as Vlad left the room and in doing so left me alone with Bones...and I'm naked. I should have asked for clothes before Vlad left.