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Diagon Alley

I followed the house elf down a large double staircase, a little annoyed that I was constantly following people. House elves had to be the one of the oddest creatures I had ever seen. The one in front of me was smaller than half my size and wore a skirt and blouse, so I assumed it was a girl. Her skin was a pale pinkish colour and she occasionally glanced at me with large light blue eyes that seemed to big for her head. She had bat-like ears and her voice was incredibly high when she spoke to wake me up. I had been in a bad mood that morning and wanted to take it out on someone, or something, but she was extremely polite so I reconsidered, instead burning the curtains off a bed beside mine. Immature? Yes. Enjoyable? Definitely.

The Great Hall was certainly an impressive sight; the stone walls reached high above my head, curving in an arc. The ceiling was enchanted to look light the sky above, which was presently a cloudy grey, looking as though it was about to rain. I wondered whether I should change that, as I had done in Hyrule, which brought me back to what was troubling me.

I still had my powers.

Of course, I had been a strong mage before I had the cap, but nothing like the power I felt in my body. But the cap was gone, I was rather surprised that morning to it had disappeared, maybe it had been destroyed when I transformed. But it was different from the power I had with the felt more natural, more like me, rather than the cap behind the spells. Maybe I had the power in me all along and just hadn't realized it? It was a possibility; Ezla had always put me down, intentional or not, saying I did not try hard enough or wasn't as good as she was. I suppose that's where my strive to achieve came from. I couldn't just get a spell right, I had to master it, make it stronger and advance it. I barely took breaks, forcing myself to go for days without sleep just to keep practising my spells.

It didn't matter any more though, just something to contemplate.

I sat down at the nearest table, the one to my left, and almost immediately several plates of foot appeared around me as well as a cup with an orange coloured drink. I nodded my thanks to the house elf who bowed before retreating, then took a slice of toast, spreading some butter on it. It was deathly silent but I was quite used to it, in fact I preferred being alone.

Drinking the juice, which I knew was Pumpkin from the smell and taste I looked up towards the double doors. Wasn't Snape supposed to 'accompany' me to Diagon Alley, was it?

Suddenly Snape burst through the doors, scowling as usual. "Speak of the devil, and the devil shall appear." I mumbled, quiet enough so he wouldn't hear.

He spotted me, "If you have finished we need to leave. I have more important things to do than helping little girls buy school supplies."

I stood up and stomped over to him, barely restraining myself from turning him into stone, "I am not a little girl!"

Snake looked down his stupid hooked nose at me, "You are little, and you are a girl. And you are certainly acting like one."

"Oh, you are just asking to get turned to stone." I growled, pointing my finger threateningly at him.

"I do not appreciate your threats. Now, if you are done I want to get this over with." I rolled my eyes, but put my hand by my side again, my anger already dissipating. I was still irritated by him but I would get my revenge...

I had to smother the evil laugh I felt building up. One of the many perks of being a villain. Oh, wait, I was supposed to be on the good side or something. Ugh.

"Lead the way." I muttered, following Snape out the doors. He lead me down a stone path from the castle and I maintained a distance behind him, combing my hair with my fingers for lack of anything better to do. It felt strange without the Minish Cap, or even my apprentice hat. The last time I'd been without a cap was when I was in the orphanage.

Finally Snape stopped outside the gates, which he tapped with his wand to open. On either side was a statue of a flying boar and I could see the castle high up on a cliff. It looked quite intimidating from this angle, the walls all dark in colouring and castle turrets towering above the rest of the castle. The exterior at least surpassed Hyrule Castle.

"Take my arm."

"Why?" I asked.

He sighed, obviously frustrated. Good. "So I can apparate to Diagon Alley."

I turned to Snape, eyeing him for a moment before reluctantly grabbing his arm. I felt Snape's arm twist away from me and tightened my grip, the next thing I knew everything went black. It felt like I was being compressed from all directions yet pulled apart at the same time, I could barely breathe and there were iron bands tightening around my chest, making it even harder to do so.

I gasped when the pressure was suddenly released, glad the uncomfortable sensation was over. I glared at Snape when I noticed him smirking at me, "What?"

"I'm assuming this was your first time side-apparating?"


"You seem to be taking it rather well?" he made the comment sound more like a question.

I sighed, "I have my own way of transporting very similar to this, except it is not nearly as uncomfortable, more efficient in my eyes and only I can do it." It was extremely useful for travelling long distances in a short amount of time, since other methods took longer. However it did use a considerable amount of magical energy and was not very comfortable allowing the wind to seep into my skin, separating it into millions of tiny particles and allowing the wind to carry me. A sort of extension to Farore's Wind, minus the green crystal and wording.

"Hmm." He nodded his head and began walking forwards, and it was only then that I realized we had apparated to the side of a street.

I wrinkled my nose slightly at the amount of people bustling around, several nearly knocking me over. They all wore clothes made of materials I had never seen, such as ragged blue trousers on women (and the men of course, but it was more unusual to see women wearing what had been men's clothes in my world. In fact, I was probably one of the only females to even wear leggings) and short tunics with vibrant colours. But the shops were certainly a sight so see, if a bit odd.

A low, soft hooting came from a shop to my right with a sign saying Eeylops Owl Emporium – Tawny, Screech, Barn, Brown and Snowy. A group of mostly boys my age or younger crowded around a shop beside it, noses pressed up against a window with broomsticks displayed in it. The sign said it was called Quality Quidditch Supplies, and I recalled reading about a game called Quidditch, played on flying broomsticks. Definitely odd, but it had been a great source of entertainment when I was younger reading any random books I could get my hands on about wizards and witches. They fascinated my young mind, to say the least.

I could see shops selling robes; Madam Malkin's Robes for All Occasions, book shops; Flourish and Blotts ,potion stores, even an ice cream parlour. Making a mental note to ensure a visit to the book shop I compared it to Hyrule Market, the only other market I had known. It had consisted of mostly stalls and the occasional proper shop, mostly a clothes or book one. It seemed positively medieval compared to the variety of Diagon Alley. For the first time I was glad I wasn't going back there, even if it meant missing out on my revenge. This place peaked my curiosity and I was eager to learn more about this world.

I caught up with Snape who had stalked ahead, ignoring the looks some people were giving me. I probably did look out of place here, but I was used to getting strange looks. But after a year of terrified looks, if any dared to look at me, and being treated as a ruler, it was rather odd being around ordinary people, even if they, or most, did possess magic. Having to act somewhat normal was rather boring. I preferred the frightened and intimidated glances than the occasional smile or strange look.

It was then that I realized that these people did not posses the typical pointed ears of a Hylian and most other species, which I hadn't noticed earlier. Their ears were rounded in shape, some with slight dangly flesh whilst other curved towards the head. A few even had tiny jewels pierced into the flesh, or hanging from it. It did not bother me that I probably stuck out even more now, instead I felt slightly smug.

"Where are we going?" I asked.

"Gringotts. You will be able to exchange your money here and possibly open a vault for yourself, since the Headmaster seems keen on keeping you around. Though I cannot understand how you could be expected to harbour such powers that the Dark Lord wants." he sneered.

I could feel my temper rising again. How dare he talk like that to me! Did he take over an entire kingdom at the age of only twelve? Did he turn every castle occupant to stone in a wave of a hand? Did he have order of a multitude of demons, befriend magnificent animals such as even Dragons and gain vast knowledge of Dark Magic in only a year? Was he not only the greatest Wind Mage who ever lived, but a master swordswomen as well?

No! The only reason Lina defeated me was because I gave into that damn hat and allowed it to take me over. That was the only reason I agreed to stay and learn at Hogwarts, so I could never be controlled like that again, which I guessed was Voldemorts intention due to his apparent avid use of the Imperius Curse.

I took a deep breath to steady myself, forcing my anger to dim. This man had no idea what I was capable of, and one day he would regret it.

Snape stopped in front of a large building and I took a moment to admire it. It was a snowy-white and towered over the other little shops. Standing beside its burnished bronze doors, wearing a uniform of scarlet and gold, was...a goblin?

I had never seen a goblin before, but knew one when I saw it, and watched it slightly nervously as we walked up the white stone steps. The goblin was about a head shorter than me and had a swarthy, clever face, a pointed beard and very long fingers and feet, and bowed as we walked inside.

Now we faced a second pair of doors, silver this time, with words engraved upon them:

Enter, stranger, but take heed

Of what awaits the sin of greed,

For those who take, but do not earn,

Must pay most dearly in their turn,

So if you seek beneath our floors,

A treasure that was never yours,

Thief, you have been warned, beware

Of finding more than treasure there.

I shivered ever so slightly at the chilling warning, but again it aroused my curiousness. What did it mean by 'finding more than treasure there'? Enchantments, perhaps, or maybe guards. I wondered what type of guards. If it were demons, that would be no problem, should I ever desire to break in.

'Break in'? I'm supposed to be blending in, not becoming a wanted criminal! Ah, but once a criminal, always a criminal. Though I prefer to think of myself of a powerful villain, rather than the bank robbing sort. Petty crimes did not suit me. No, I had to go the whole way.

A pair of Goblins bowed us through the silver doors as we walked into a vast marble hall. About a hundred goblins were sitting on high stools behind a long counter, scribbling in large ledgers, weighing round pieces of gold on brass scales, and examining precious stones through eyeglasses. There were too many doors to count leading off the hall, and yet more goblins were showing people in and out of these.

Snape led me over to a counter with a free goblin as I looked around the hall further. Several gold chandeliers hung from the ceiling and the marble flooring overflowed with intricate swirling designs.

I stood in front of the desk and took out my purse, which jingled faintly, "I would like to exchange these for the currency here."

The goblin nodded, "What would you like to exchange?"

I reached inside and grabbed a handful of rupees, dropping them on the counter. I noticed Snape's eyes widened fractionally as the goblin examined each in turn. There was four red rupees, five purple, three orange, two silver and three gold. I still had plenty left, but I expected this would be enough to open a vault.

When he had finished the goblin reached under the desk, taking out a large bag of circular pieces of gold, sliver and bronze and counting it out, putting them on the desk to count it out.

I tapped my foot impatiently until he was finished, watching as he placed the pieces into another set of brown bags, "That adds up to 538,075 Galleons, 64,709 Sickles and 2,911 Knuts. Would you like me to place some of it in your bank vault."

"I don't have a vault, but I wish to open one." I said, seeing as that would be better than carrying it all around with me. Judging by the way several people looked at me when the goblin announced the amount I guessed it was a rather large sum. It also appeared that the rupees were worth a lot more here than they were in Hyrule.

The goblin nodded, "Follow me. If you wish to open a new vault you must do a blood test first, so we can identify you in the future if the need arises and for any possible descendants to claim when you are dead."

I almost laughed. 'Possible descendants'? What, did they actually expect I would ever set up a life here?

That's when it hit me.

I could never leave this world. I would have been dead in my own if Dumbledore hadn't cast that spell which sent me here. I would never visit the beautiful falls hidden in the centre of the Minish Woods. Never again would I stroll across Hyrule Field. Never again would I climb the highest tower in Hyrule and watch the stars above me, gazing at the fascinating constellations that could never be compared.


The Goblins voice brought me back to the present, and I shook my head slightly in hope of clearing it before following him.

Snape walked a little way behind me, his billowing cloak and sweeping walk giving him the appearance of an overgrown bat. I noticed many younger children, around my age and younger, giving him nervous looks. A few turned their stares to me, but as I smirked at them, baring a fang, they took a frightened step back and looked away. Ah, it was so refreshing to still be feared, no matter where I was. And I hadn't even threatened them or shown my true powers! It was quite ridiculous what a simple appearance can do.

I chuckled quietly, imagining their faces if they saw my demon form. Even the 'brave and heroic' Lina had been frightened then, I could see the expression on her face before it frosted over in a determined look.

This made me stop for a moment, though I continued following the goblin. I shouldn't be thinking about Hyrule; it was all gone now. I would never return, could never return. I should see this as a good thing since I had almost died, but I would always hunger for the power I used to have over the people there.

Maybe, by studying at this Hogwarts, I could become even more powerful than I was. They taught a different type of magic, as far as I could see, and I was already curious to see how I could adapt to it. The books I had read didn't mention much about the actual spells themselves, except that you used certain words and movements to put them into action. It would certainly be different; I was so used to simply using my hands or merely thinking what I wanted to happen.

For example, during the year that I ruled Hyrule, and I caught wind of Lina's attempts to fix the sword, I had been so angry that bolts of lightning had crackled around me. I had been amused as this accidental use of power only increased the fear people had of me, but I would have to be more careful here. Not that I doubted my control, of course.

"Just through here, miss." I was once again brought back to the present by the Goblins voice. We had reached the end of the marble hall and were standing in front of a door. It was wooden, presumably oak or something as grand, and etched into its surface were several words in the Goblin language.

If I squinted my eyes and concentrated hard enough, I could just decipher the words thanks to my Minish heritage. It read something along the lines of Blood Tests, which was quite obvious to me now that I didn't have to think so hard on it. I had never read Goblin before, but the ability to speak, read and hear any language was quite a normal trait for Minish. Incredibly handy, as well, when I first communicated to the many monsters and beasts of the land.

The room in side was tiny compared to the vast hall, the dark stone walls and floor giving it a more grim effect. Honestly, I preferred this to the grandeur of the hall, having gotten used to the dark and damp.

There were several rows of wooden shelves in lines down three quarters of the room, and as I looked closer I could see they held phials of a red substance, blood. Each was only a few inches long and there must have been thousands of them on only a single half row.

In the last quarter, which the goblin led me to, was a low table and a few large bottles of a clear liquid. There was also a small, empty dish in the centre of the table which, as I stood in front of the table, the goblin filled halfway with the liquid.

He picked up a needle from a box beside him, and I could see its sharp point shining slightly in the candlelight.

"Blood, miss?"

I found this request odd, but understood vaguely what he meant and held out my index finger. He grabbed it roughly and pricked it with the needle over the dish, so that the single drop of blood fell into it. He squeezed it again and a stream of blood collected in a glass vial which he placed on a tray.

Taking my hand back I healed it with a quick wave of my hand; a healing trick I had been taught.

Looking back at the liquid I watched curiously as it changed colour, first a bright red, then a navy blue. It finally settled on a vibrant purple, which, I thought, suited me perfectly.

A blue mist rose from the small pool, which sparkled with golden stars. A second later a ribbon of red swirled inside it, twisting and turning.

The goblin scribbled down something on a piece of paper and opened a draw beneath the table, taking out a brass key. He passed it to me, saying, "This is your key, miss, vault 2013." I slipped it into my purse, nodding. "All money will be transferred there until miss would like to collect it. Any valuables may also be placed there. Would miss like to take some out?"

I nodded again, following him out of the room and back into the hall, over to the desk the goblin had sat at earlier. "How much?"

I glanced at Snape, seeing as I had no idea of how much supplies would cost. He stepped forward, clearly getting my message, and spoke to the goblin. I did not bother to listen, letting Snape take the brown bag from the goblin.

He turned on his heel and headed towards the doors, and as I fell into step beside him I took a small joy in blowing my robes and hair out behind me. I inwardly competed in making my cloak billow further and higher than Snapes, practically floating above the ground as I walked. It came so easily and naturally as a Wind Mage, I barely had to try.

We didn't stop as we walked down the stairs and once again into the street, and I spoke to Snape without looking at him, "Where to now?"

"Ollivanders." Snape replied, "You need a wand if you want to attend Hogwarts."