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Such a Child

The year 1988

"U- G- L- Y. You ain't got no alibi. You ugleh! Hey, hey, you ugleh! U- G- L- Y, you ain't got no-"

"SHERLOCK! Do you mind?"

Sherlock's icy grey- blue eyes were filled with unabashed mirth as he looked up at his older brother. "What? I'm not doing nothin'."

"Anything, Sherlock, you're not doing anything," fourteen- year- old Mycroft sighed.

Sherlock grinned. "I know. That's what I said, Mycroft. Is your hearing impaired?"

Mycroft growled with frustration. "I was correcting your grammar, not agreeing with you."

"My grammer has nothing wrong with it," Sherlock's grin grew wider. He knew full well that Mycroft hated poor grammar.

Mycroft glared at his seven- year- old brother. "Stop singing that song!"

"I's not singing any song. I is talking to you."

"Sherlock, you know that's bad grammar. So stop it!"

"Or what?"

"I'll tell Mummy and she'll give you extra homework." Sherlock raised an eyebrow and thought about it. He shrugged and went to the opposite corner of the study, where Mycroft was finishing his own homework.

Silence reigned for nearly fifteen minutes, until Mycroft laid his pencil down and stretched, muttering, "Finished."

Sherlock raised his head from the arm of the sofa and grinned, evily. "U- G- L- Y, you ain't got no alibi. You ugleh. Hey, hey, you ugleh-"


Present Day

"Mycroft, stop. I have no use for your cases. I have plenty of my own."

"Sherlock, it concerns national security."

"The answer is still no."

"You will accept, Sherlock. You won't be able to help it," Mycroft responded, ominously.

"You won't be able to force me, Mycroft," Sherlock said.

John's head had been moving back and forth between the two brothers, but now he stared at Sherlock, who had sounded like a little kid who was about to stick his tongue out at his big brother. He had known for quite some time that Sherlock was just a child in a man's body, but he was amazed at the new depth of childishness that the younger man displayed.

"You won't have choice if the queen has anything to do with it," Mycroft threatened. He smiled a smile that reminded one of the cat that ate the canary.

Sherlock scowled. "You wouldn't dare."

Mycroft's smile became more sinister, if that were possible and said, smoothly, "Wouldn't I?" he produced a piece of white paper from his inner breast pocket and handed it to Sherlock, who took it reluctantly. "I have made her aware of your... stubbornness... and she gladly gave her consent. You are, therefore ordered to take control of this assignment."

Mycroft walked away from his stunned brother and John, who was looking over Sherlock's shoulder to see the paper better, swinging his ever- present umbrella in satisfaction. "So, Sherlock, you have a choice before you: Obey the queen, or suffer public disgrace, humiliation, and complete, utter... boredom."

This last bit seemed to have knocked Sherlock out of his stunned stupor, for he called out to Mycroft, "I will accept the mission for the queen, but, Mycroft..."

Mycroft turned around and faced his younger brother. When Sherlock was sure he had his brother's full attention, smiled evilly and sang, "U- G- L- Y, you ain't got no alibi. You ugly. Hey, hey, you ugly."

Sherlock ran in the opposite direction with John hot on his heels as Mycroft chased after them. Sherlock's laughter echoed behind him in the abandoned warehouse.


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