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Seto's POV:

If I'm going to protect anyone, this is definitely the way. I'm just sure of it! If I'm going to prevent others from dying like PF, Chiyo, and Crow, this is surely the best solution! The progress though...

I'm hanging by a drain pipe with my mallet, doing sit-ups to bring myself up. I let out a disappointed sigh at the progress I made and can't help but sweatrop in embarrassment. To tell you the truth, I've only done one so far. How long I've been up here, well, I'd rather keep that to myself. I put the mallet down and decide to go back to what I was doing before, regular sit-ups still on the drain pipe since it's less straining. As I get up to ten, I admit I am feeling a little dizzy; nothing will let me give up though...!

"Woah woah woah, Seto!" calls a familiar voice full of hysteria, but that did not stop what I was doing beforehand.

Sai hovers over to my side, trying to stop me with a wide-eyed expression that exclaimed 'What the hell do you think you're doing? You're not strong enough for that!". I mostly ignore it, but at this point it surprised and slightly irked me. I thought that I'd at least have a couple minutes to myself, and now that I'm trying to improve myself, she comes by to try to stop what I set out to do. I know her, and she never tries to stop me unless she either thinks it's extremely dangerous or the more likely in this situation:

It would disrupt my "cute" image. I know what she means by it; I'm not an idiot. Still, now wasn't the time for that.

"Sai, no matter what you say-" I do another sit-up, going through it with a little more willpower. "I won't stop! I need this training." Sweat was beating down my face. That mallet wasnt a good idea...

Sai blinks at me, confused. "So you're looking for strength?"

I nod. Does she think I'm joking around? She holds in a laugh; it doesn't work and she lets out a small giggle in the process, making me more irritated than I already am. Why is she laughing?

About to ask, she somehow cuts me off by saying, "Baka, you think that you're going to get stronger because of a little weight training? Pulease! Mr. Hero, you need to become an apprentice first." Her finger pointing upwards and soon towards herself, she continues with, "I will train you."

I blink at her. Become my trainer? I get down from the drain pipe, putting the mallet away in my bag. I need to think straight, and facing her, I ask unsurely, "Are you sure? Do you really know…well, how to?"

An anger mark forms on her bandaged head with a you did not just go there glare. Trust me, nothing scares me more than that look.

"Um, I mean, I didn't think that you can teach me in your condition…" I stutter, and soon just realize what I just said. She looks down at herself. Jeez, I'm not a very good at being a friend, am I?

"S-sorry, Sai. I didn't mean it like that-"

"Just because I'm slightly injured and in the form of a spirit, it doesn't mean I can't train you. The best aren't squeaky clean and perfect, you know." She cuts me off, raising an eyebrow. She suddenly smiles at me playfully. "Whether you like it or not, I will train you, so don't even think for a second you'll be getting out of this one." Haha, that's what I thought she'd say. Maybe my stubburn trait is rubbing off on her.

I beam at her and say,

"Sure, start your teaching Sai-sensei."

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