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? POV[1]:

It was a strange dream: I was running, but all I could remember is that whatever it was, that creature would not hesitate in ending me for good. I could only see the pitch black of the tunnel and a flicker of light in the distance, but it seemed so far. A-am I going to make it? It was unclear but there was a small amount of hope…

…If only I didn't fall.

I slipped from losing my balance while racing through the tunnel, luckily not twisting anything as I landed on my side with a thump, but not so hard that it would aggravatingly hurt. Unfortunately though, the thing already caught up to me, sprinting toward me and stopping until we were only a few inches from each other's faces. I could feel it exhale directly in my face and take a small sniff of me before scooting back about a yard; I could feel it tense up in its lunging position, making sure that it would not miss me when it came for me. It felt too real to be a dream, as if it were one of those night terrors[2] people sometimes have, but it was…different from that; it's hard to explain, but it felt like it was truly happening, exactly like the world I know and love yet despise.

I silently cursed. Damn it, I'm done for… As it pounced at me, my eyes widened as much as they could along with my gasp. I felt pure fear instantly plummet in my stomach and my heart rate quickened dramatically, but my mind was elsewhere from focusing on my body's reactions. I braced myself and prepared for the worst, on my way to closing my eyes…

When something odd happened: The pain didn't come. Instead, even from the distant light, I saw a flash of the katana. I blinked, hearing someone yelling my name before the flash and next hearing the howl of dying pain coming from my malicious pursuer. I heard it flop on the ground, a sure sign that it was gone. I could not forge words to say to my savior as the figure put away the precious weapon that was used to save my life. The aura was not threatening; In fact, if the figure did not have a weapon, I could say it was comforting and kindhearted, as if worried and truly caring how I felt presently.

The shadow offered a hand and I took it, helping me up on my feet. When another flash of light shined down the tunnel, I looked at the savior's face and my eyes widened, pulling my hand back. Eyes had softened, not in pity but understanding. But I knew: There was determination, burning in both of our eyes as we stared at each other with willpower not about to be broken, especially mine from all that has happened already.

Seto POV:

I wake up, the fire seeming to have faded out overnight from the looks of it. I rub the sleep from my eyes, looking around. Hm, wonder where Sai went. She's probably not fa-

My eyes widen. Hold on, it's coming back to me. I took off to find weapons, find Merchant when I take a break by the fire, and I slept…

Oh shit. She's probably looking for me now, and she was pretty suspicious before about me since she couldn't figure out what was wrong. Guess I have to look for her now. Finally ending the mental battle, I nod to myself in confirmation and stand up from my spot, racing down the tunnel I'm sure I came from before.

Finally, I decide to call out to her, "Hey Sai! Are you down this tunnel? I'm fine, so don't worry! I'm coming down now, all right?" She doesn't answer. Maybe she's a little further down. Not everything can echo down tunnels so it makes sense. I just hope I find her.

Oh, and remember that time before I left, I seemed off about something? Well, you're right if you stuck with it. Because as I run down the now-forming hallway, pink thought entities start to chase me down along the way. My legs feel like lead. I wasn't about to give up though and turn around to face them. In fact, the louder they moaned, I feel myself pushing myself to move faster.

Any person would wonder why I don't just use the weapons I got from the Merchant JUST last night. Well, I kinda don't have them.

Sai would say, "But-but you just put them in storage right?"

That was the thing. They were in storage, not in my bag[3]. I need my weapons in my bag, not storage, and the only weapon I can presently use is a broken butterfly net.

So it makes sense that I'm screaming as if a "damsel in distress" would, right? I know, it's manly of me isn't it?

Sai's POV:

I sneeze. Hm, Seto must be talking about me. I really wonder if that kid will go insane. Probably; talking to yourself can do that. For that reason, I'm actually hoping he finds that silver-haired girl sooner.

Anyway, floating calmly with my transparent weapon, I begin humming in glee. It's been a while since I've seen it, the thing that brought Shin and I so much closer than before. Unlike the laboratory, he saved my life at some point in time. I'm surprised I actually continued on with those experiments. He really was good at convincing.

I look at the weapon and sigh, holding it in a certain position close to my chest while floating in the direction I came from. It's almost ironic that I'm thinking of him as if I were in high school girl mode again, considering the situation.

A faint, familiar scream echoes throughout the hallway, snapping me out of my thoughts. I blink in wonder. Was that… Seto?

"Seto, is that you?" I yell, thinking about the many options as to what exactly that was. Is it possible that voice came from another survivor? Either way, I really wish I could float faster than I am. Now that I'm closer, it seems that voice really is Seto.

"Sai! Do you have any weapons I can use?" he asks when he finally reaches me. He's completely out of breath! I find myself thinking. Seto bends down suddenly and holds his kneecaps, proving my theory. I feel my eyes narrow at his form, not helping to sigh afterwards. He really is hopeless, isn't he?

My attention turns to the thought entities and I can't help but frown. These ones are a lot more troublesome, just from the color and the eerie, dominating aura they give off says it all. It's almost as if they are glaring at our two realistic forms, full of envy and trying to strategically decide how they should move first. Thinking about these things sends unneeded shivers up my spine.

I float in front of Seto, making myself an obstacle between him and the threats. I can feel Seto's eyes widen at what I have done. I decide to ignore him so I can unsheathe my weapon with ease.

"Stay a little away from me. This fight might get a little out of hand." I mutter, my order in a serious tone. About to say something, I stop him with a look. He looks at me with an unsure expression, but nods in agreement, stepping away. I smile at him thankfully and turn back to the enemies.

My weapon is a katana, if you haven't figured it out yet. It's handmade from yours truly. Trust me, it took a long time to get it right along with others I made. This one's special though, being taken care of by someone closest to my heart.

I grip my weapon tightly, making the first move by charging at them.

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