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Oh wouldn't it be grand to take a pistol by the hand? And wouldn't it be great if we were dead!

Frank's POV

The lives of many innocent teenagers are fucked up. And you know why? Coz they're 'different'. Like me, Frank Iero. I'm gay, so what? I don't see why all those dicks at school have to pick on us. I couldn't care less about myself, but Gee doesn't deserve it...

Gerard Way, I love him so much. The way he can make me fall into a trance with one look, oh it's sensational! I really do love everything about him. His hair, his eyes, his body. He's the reason I'm doing this; because he doesn't deserve any of the shit he gets.

So here I am, seconds from the end. This is what my life has led to. "Goodbye Gee! I love you forever and always!" I screamed at the top of my voice, and just as I'm about to pull the trigger, there's a large bang...

Gerard's POV

Maybe they'll leave you alone, but not me!

I slammed the door to Frank's house wide open, so loud it sounded like a gunshot. I wasn't gonna let him do this! He may think it's a secret, but I can read him like a book! Luckily, he can't read me! And there's one thing that drove me here...

"FRANK! NO!" I yelled, as I tackled him off his feet and onto his bed.

"Get off me Gee! I need to do this! It's not fair!" Frank cried on my shoulder, but I was happy he was still alive.

"It's only me, Frank. You can't do this" I whispered in his ear. I kissed his cheek softly, and his hazel eyes stared up at me longingly.

Frank's POV

With that kiss, I new exactly what I wanted to do. I pressed my lips against Gerard's and sat on his chest. Ripping off his shirt, I planted several kisses on his neck, and he moaned with satisfaction.

Off came the pants, and to my pleasure, he had no objection. But what really startled me, was when Gee climbed on top of me and pulled off my clothes! We were in nothing but our underwear, and my hard-on was easily visible. So was his.

Gerard's POV

As Frank and I stared at each other, I noticed a lust deep within me dying to come out. Frank dived on me, and wrestled me to the ground. His hand was down my boxers, and it felt so good. He rubbed up and down viciously, and I groaned at the pleasure I was getting from it.

"Frank! I'm gonna cum!" And with that warning, I ejaculated all over Frank's hands. He just pulled them out and licked them. I'd never been so turned on! I ran to his bathroom and grabbed a tub of Vaseline. And, well, you can guess what comes next...

Frank's POV

I could feel Gee's erect cock sliding inside of me, and I breathed in hard and swallowed gallons of air. This was so wrong, but so right! It was the best feeling I'd had in my entire teenage life!

"GEE! HARDER!" I screamed. I was thrust so hard I banged my head on the wall, and I let out a loud yelp. Chills shot down my spine as my orgasm erupted. Gerard Way was my definition of perfection.

'Hmm, an orgasm over Gee' I thought. 'They're totally rare!'

Oh, did I forget to mention, I'm in love with him...