I know full well where I come from. I'm a musketeer. I am known as Virizion. I'm a fencer. Many assume that because I am a member of the three musketeers, I must be a man, no exceptions. But I'm not.

Why does everyone assume I am male, just because I am a member of the Three Musketeers? Even the people who get it right, that know I'm a woman from the start, others tell them that they are wrong. That because I am from the Three Musketeers that I must be a man and nothing other than a man. So the ones that know that I am female will soon be 'corrected' and call me male instead.

But what is wrong with being a woman? I know I'm a musketeer, but that's not a good enough reason for me to be male. What if I want to be a woman? What if I want to smell of roses, commune with nature, nurture a child?

And what of my status as a fencer? If I am a woman, can I not also be a fencer, a fighter? Why can I not be strong and powerful, yet womanly and nurturing all the same?

Hundreds of others have done it. So why can't I?

Why must I be male to be a musketeer?

Why must I be tough and grungy and rude and ruthless in order to be a musketeer?

Why can't I be gentle yet fierce, why can't I be ladylike yet skilled?

Why can't I be a woman?