Really short oneshot I came up with after reading this quote on thinkexist. I didn't set a time or a place so it can take place whenever you think it would or should, whether it's straight after Cooper Pedy or later when they get to Sydney, maybe even years later. Up to you. Reviews make me smile.

Christina x


"They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel." - Carl W Buechner

"I'm sorry."

Tick stared for a moment, his brain not fully processing it.
"What?" he said eventually.
"I'm sorry," Adam repeated.
"Holy shit," Tick said. "You apologised."
"Oh ha bloody ha Mitz," Adam snapped.
"I'm kidding," Tick laughed. "Sorry for what?"
"Cooper Pedy," Adam said, after a moments pause.
"I shouldn't have yelled at you," Tick said. "I was outta line."
"No, I was an idiot," Adam said, sitting down. "I'm sorry Mitz."
"We both screwed up," Tick shrugged. "Your not going to go get all mushy on me are you Felicia?"
"Guess not," Adam smiled.