~*~True Stefaeniye~*~

~*~Chapter One~*~

One day True walked into her office to find a girl about her age sitting there.

"Who are you?" she asked. The girl stood up. She had long brown hair and blue eyes. She wore a Tshirt with a panther on it, distressed jeans, and Converse she drew on with Sharpie. She looked so cool.

"I'm Stefaeniye," she said. "I'm Max's daughter."

"That's cool," True said. "I didn't know Max had a daughter."

"I was at boarding school," Stefaeniye said. "Dad makes me go there." She looked down at her feet. She was ashamed of having to go to her school.

"Boarding school is so cool!" True said. She didn't know what kind of school Stefaeniye went to.

"Anyways I'm here to be a model and a designer," Stefaeniye said. "I was a model in my school fashion show, so I'm really good at it."

"I need a model!" True said. "I have to show a new design to everyone today and I need someone to wear it!"

"I'll wear it!" Stefaeniye said.

She put on the dress that True designed. It was really pretty. It was blue and knee-length and the neckline was off the shoulder. Stefaeniye looked beautiful.

When she had to show everyone the dress, she walked down the runway like a professional model. Everyone cheered for her.

"I don't like the dress," Max said.

"What if it was green instead?" Stefaeniye asked.

"Good idea!" Max said. "You should design the next dress. You're creative."

Stefaeniye smiled. "Thanks Dad! I'm gonna be the best designer ever!"

True was jealous. She was the best designer ever, but she had to admit Stefaeniye had a good idea.

~*~To Be Continued~*~