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Artemis was not a morning person.

At all.

Which was why she was already rather grouchy when she went to her locker after first-period, and found one certain frazzled looking boy waiting for her.

"Hey, Dick, what's –"

"This is your fault," Dick interrupted her harshly.

Taken aback, it took Artemis a moment to respond. Finally she sputtered, "What are you –"

"I was fine until you showed up. I was completely content, just being unnoticed for the rest of my High School career, but no. You just had to come along and muck it all up, didn't you? Well, I will have you know, that I have absolutely no interest in your devious little plan, so you are the one who has to reverse this. All of it. I don't care how you do it. Maybe build a time machine, just fix it!"

By the time Richard finished his little rant his eye was twitching, Artemis was half-way hiding behind her locker door, and a few kids walking by were giving them strange looks.

When Artemis was sure Dick wouldn't explode on her again she glanced around and said, "You finished?"

Dick relaxed a bit where he stood, "Yeah, I'm better."

"Good, now what happened?" Artemis pulled a book from her locker and picked up her backpack.

Dick sighed heavily and grumbled, "Abigail Shelby happened."

Artemis thought for a moment, "That girl in your art class who tried to investigate what's really in the cafeteria meatloaf and somehow ended up starting a food fight with the lunch ladies?"

That was a fun day. Abigail (and a few other kids who joined in the fight) almost got suspended, but the lunch ladies told the principle there was no harm done as long as she helped clean up (one worker said it was the most fun she'd had at this school since the sporks incident of '89).

"One and the same," Dick mumbled.

"Well?" Artemis said impatiently, "What'd she do?"

Dick didn't answer immediately, which really grated Artemis' early morning nerves.

Finally, Dick said very quietly, "She asked me to the dance."

Suddenly, Artemis wasn't in such a bad mood, "Aaawww –"

"Do not aw, this is not an aw moment! This is a moment for building time machines!" Dick sputtered.

Artemis snorted, "Alright, calm down you little freak," then she gave into temptation of gossip and said, "Tell me exactly what happened, right now."

Richard rolled his eyes, "You're such a girl."

"Watch it Grayson."

"Fine," Dick thought for a moment, "I don't know. She just ambushed me in art class just now. She asked if I needed help with my pottery wheel. Then she says 'Hey you know that Sadie Hawkins dance coming up? We should go together'." He paused while Artemis rolled her eyes at his 'girl voice'.

"And what did you say," She asked when he shifted awkwardly.

"Nothing. The bell rang right at that moment and when she looked away to get her stuff I ran for my life," when he finished he banged his head on the locker and Artemis laughed.

"You're such a boy."

Dick turned his head slightly and glared at her.

Artemis ignored it and turned back to rifling through her locker, "Well, you can't leave her hanging forever. Maybe I can –"

"You're Artemis, right?"

The new voice startled Artemis and she jumped and turned towards it.

Standing in front of her was a tiny little girl, with a ton of tangled red hair, pretty hazel eyes, and freckles sprinkled over her nose. Her school uniform had paint splatters here and there and it looked like she'd taken a Sharpie to one of her arms and drawn a collage of indecipherable shapes and doodles. She was Dick's age, as far as Artemis knew, and was another of those overachieving, grade-skipping high-schoolers (apparently, Bruce Wayne was big on scholarships. Maybe it was a good tax write-off or something).

"Uh, yeah," Artemis responded ever so gracefully, "And you're Abigail."

Abigail nodded and ran a hand (or tried to) through her hair, "I prefer Abby. But I was wondering if you'd seen Richard," she shifted shyly, "I have to ask him something."

Artemis raised an eyebrow and turned to her other side, where Dick had just been . . .

"Okay, he was right there a second ago, I swear," Artemis said turning back to the girl.

"Hmm," Abby hummed absently, "He did the same thing in art class," she looked at Artemis and smirked, "I think I scared him."

The archer shrugged, "Boys are weird like that," she slammed her locker and suddenly felt hands around her arm. She turned again and found Abby that close to her so Artemis had to lean back a little.

"But he's not around you," Abby said excitedly.

Artemis could already see where this was going, "Oh, n – "

"You could ask him for me!"

Artemis sighed, was about to kindly say no, and then made the mistake of looking at Abby directly. She was obviously an expert at the puppy-dog face. That, combined with the messy red hair and freckles, Artemis' resolve melted. Dang it.

She was a sucker for freckly red-heads. Well, not all . . . never mind.

Artemis tried to pry her arm out of Abby's grasp, "Look, I'll, uh, see what I can do, okay? But no promises."

Just then the bell rang and before Artemis could escape to her next class Abby had her in an awkward hug, "Thanks you're the best!"

" . . . Yeah . . . I gotta go to class . . . now . . ." Artemis said, again prying herself away from the younger girl.

"Oh, right," Abby said cheerfully and backed off, picked up her things, paused to hug Artemis one more time then ran to her next class.

Artemis could only stare for a moment. Finally, she turned and walked to her next class wondering how she managed to get in the middle of this.

And how she was going to convince Dick to speak to Abby much less go to a dance with her.

"You're going," Artemis said firmly.

It was free period and Artemis had practically had to fly tackle Dick to talk to him. She dragged him to their usual wall so they could sit and talk . . . and so she could pin him if she had to.

"No, I'm not," Richard said, arms crossed.

Artemis sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose, "Alright, listen you little brat, I am not getting stuck in the middle of some tween drama, I simply will not. You're going to that stupid dance whether I have to drag you kicking and screaming, understand?"

She expected him to protest further, but was surprised when Dick's face brightened and he said, "Wait, you're going too?"

"Uh . . ." Honestly, she wasn't going to. Artemis wasn't exactly the school dance type. She'd gone to some at her old school, but she usually had a male-interest or a group of girl friends to go with then. She didn't really have any boy in particular she'd wanted to ask to this Sadie Hawkins, so she figured she would just sit this one out, "No, actually, not this time."

Dick's face changed from excited to desperate, "But you have to. Then I can go with Abby and you can be there and make sure I don't do or say anything stupid."

Artemis raised an eyebrow at him, "Ever heard the expression 'three's a crowd'?"

Dick rolled his eyes, "Ever heard of a 'double date'?"

She glared at him, "You're missing one other boy in that equation, Mathlete. And in case you haven't noticed the dance is Friday, and all the good guys are taken," she swept her hand over the square.

"There's Nathan Reed," Dick said quickly. A little too quickly, in Artemis' opinion.

"Who?" Artemis said skeptically, eyeing the smaller boy suspiciously.

Dick smiled innocently, the little sneak, "He's on the track team, I think you'd like him," he paused to giggle at what seemed to be some untold joke, and Artemis got the now normal feeling that she was missing something, "And he, um, kinda asked me about you," the last part sounded more like a question.

Artemis narrowed her eyes, "Dick, I have a strict policy about dating guys I've never met before. Put simply: I don't." She was about to tell him he was on his own with this one, when she, yet again, made the mistake of looking directly into those big blue eyes.

"Please, Artemis? I don't know the first thing about dating . . . Well, I do, but I don't think Bruce's method would work with Abby . . . Come on Artemis, just this once, please?" He looked up at her with such a pathetically pleading expression, that she melted in the slightest.

She huffed and slouched back against the wall, "Alright tell me about this Reed kid," Dick's expression changed and she said quickly, "I didn't say I'd go."

He smiled at her anyway and shrugged, "Nathan's nice, and he's on an athletic scholarship –"

"Again with the scholarships?" Artemis interrupted. Dick gave her a look.

"Anyway," he continued, "He can be a little loud and obnoxious, but in a friendly way. You'd like him," he repeated, in that odd, cryptic way he had.

Artemis sighed and looked hard at Dick. He was still staring at her with a pleading, hopeful expression.

Finally she said, "You really like Abby?"

He shrugged and a corner of his mouth lifted, "Only one way to find out."

Artemis looked away and thought for second. Then grudgingly she said, "Fine, I'll go with you, but only because you're pathetic, and Abby's too spazzy to disappoint," Dick smiled so big she thought his face would split, "And this Nathan better be one heck of a date."

"Don't worry I'll handle everything," Dick said as the bell rang, announcing the end of free period, "Except one thing," he finished with a smirk.

Artemis growled, "What more do you want from me?"

Dick laughed, "You have to ask Nathan to the dance."


"It's a girl's choice dance Artemis. If we're going to do this we got to do it properly."

She could have smacked him, but she had to keep up good behavior for her scholarship and teachers were nearby, "Fine."

If Dick wanted her to do things "properly" then she was going to do it her way.

That and she didn't really feel like being polite when she walked up to Nathan Reed after school. He was standing alone and she figured it was as good a time as any.

When she saw him she realized she may have seen his picture featured in the school paper. Light brown hair, dark brown eyes, long and lanky like a runner.

She stopped next to him, "Hey."

He turned and started a little when he saw who it was, "Oh, hey Artemis –"

"So I heard you wanted to go to the dance," She said bluntly.

"Huh? Oh, yeah, but I was waiting for –" He tried again, but Artemis hurried on.

"Do you want to go with me?"

"Really? I mean, that'd be great, I was kinda hope –"

"Fantastic, pick me up at seven," she handed him a piece of torn notebook paper with her number on it and started to walk away.

"Um, okay," Nathan said slowly, and watched her walk to her bus.

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