Name: Cleopatra

Background: Cleopatra's journey into the Magical Girl fray began when her boyfriend was nearly killed in a Witch attack. Seeing an opportunity, the Incubator promised to give her the power to protect her beloved in exchange for ownership of her soul. Cleopatra's selfless intentions quickly backfired, however, as her wish failed to specify that she wanted to continue to protect the person dearest to her after her initial battle. As a result, her powers proved to be too weak to prevent her young love from unluckily walking into another Witch's maze. Cleopatra lost the one thing she cherished the most in only her second Witch encounter, and her grief was so great that it fully corrupted her Soul Gem at a record rate. It is said this Witch lived up to her namesake because, just as the historic Cleopatra VII allowed herself to be poisoned by the cobra when she learned of Mark Antony's death, this Cleopatra did nothing but embrace the dark power boiling in her Soul Gem in her sorrow and accept her vile transformation.

Description: Both Cleopatra herself and her maze convey an obvious Egyptian design. The Witch has the head of a domesticated cat and a body vaguely resembling a woman's, and her stronghold is laid out like an illogical pyramid. She stands attentively in the deepest chamber of this magical structure, protecting a solitary empty throne that belongs to a master who will never return. Oddly, rather than using sentient minions, she seems to guard her domain purely by herself, only relying on a network of interconnected decorative eyes that are spread throughout the pyramid so she can easily monitor every section of the compound. Anyone she notices entering her territory will likely be considered a sworn enemy simply from trespassing. Cleopatra's design, protective nature, and blatant use of the Eye of Ra seem to imply she somehow models herself after the goddess Bast.