Name: Doria Gray

Background: Doria Gray is one of the more interesting anomalies in the Magical Girl-Witch system. She arguably caused as much suffering as a Magical Girl as she does in her current life, which seemingly goes against the purpose of the incubation process. However, the suffering she caused may have granted HER all of the hope and happiness she would have normally given her people, even though this appears to be about the same case for her Witch form. In any case, the Incubator seems to satisfied by the results of her rise and downfall all the same.

Doria became a Magical Girl when the man she thought was her lover attempted to murder her. Her wish gave her a new life and a chance for revenge. Now practically immortal, she spent her time haunting the would-be murderer, using her powers to slowly drive him mad. Since she neglected her duty of fighting Witches, it didn't take long for her Soul Gem to corrupt, but this didn't seem to bother her. When she "died" the second time, the last thing she saw was a painting her heart's traitor had been working on. In that moment, all she could think about was how wonderful it would be to be a work of art: Always youthful, always beautiful, and completely detached from the worries of the people around her.

Description: Doria's maze takes the form of an expansive, Victorian-era painting studio. Her familiars are her understudies, who will generally kill any trespassers (mortal or magical) on sight. When they encounter a Magical Girl they feel their mistress will find especially beautiful, however, they will attempt to capture the heroine alive. If successful, they will then bring the victim to Doria in chains (possibility representing her abusive and controlling ways as a Magical Girl herself) so she can create a new painting based on the impromptu model. The captive Magical Girl will ultimately end up having her Soul Gem fused into the work, becoming forever trapped in a two-dimensional world where she's always awake, always aware, and always in suffering.

This Witch generally takes the form of a living antique doll, but do not let her deceive you. Her physical body is only a illusion she creates for her convenience. No matter how many times you defeat it, her consciousness will always respawn in a flawless copy of herself. Your real target is the picture of Doria Gray, which can be found in the deepest part of her studio. Upon destroying this painting, her Grief Seed will be revealed and her maze will collapse.