Name: Maximilia

Background: Maximilia was apparently a big fan of science fiction literature in her human life. She wished to visit the stars, and she frequently used her Magical Girl powers to explore the cosmos when she wasn't busy fighting Witches on her home planet. Her bold attitude led to her downfall, however, as her last adventure (where she possibly encountered REBORNS GUNDAM or a similar extraterrestrial entity) resulted in her inadvertently plummeting into a black hole. The sense of isolation, the feeling of her physical body being torn apart by unspeakable gravitational forces, and whatever else she may have experienced in her unexpected journey was just enough to overwhelm her Soul Gem. Maximilia's Witch form emerged from the white hole on the opposite end of this rift in the fabric of space.

Description: Maximilia retains much of her Magical Girl appearance, albeit in a mutilated form. Her maze (which strangely contains an ample supply of oxygen) appears as the same endless cosmos she adored as a Magical Girl. When one has traveled far enough, they will find this Witch's true home: A structure in the shape of a derelict space vessel, hanging ominously in the black of space. Upon entering this mothership, you will probably encounter a squadron of the Witch's familiars. Her minions are humanoid machines who will carelessly pass by any intruder until their mother specifically orders them to attack. Research has indicated she uses the mortals she lures and traps in her maze as raw materials for these drones.

When challenged into combat, Maximilia will rely almost purely on the strength of her army. However, she reserves one particular technique for herself, and she must be closely monitored because of this. She can hold a sort of seance to create a shockwave that directly attacks Soul Gems. Any Magical Girl caught in this field of effect, which Maximilia proudly refers to as her "Lullaby," will quickly fall into a state of madness and emotional upheaval. Once the Magical Girl's Soul Gem has been properly tainted by Maximilia's power, she will be ejected from the maze and left to spend her final human moments in misery in the living world. The victim's Witch form will be reborn from her defiled soul, just as all Witches are created. The process is apparently designed this way so the new Witch's maze will not intersect Maximilia's personal domain.

Maximilia's ultimate spell cannot be stopped, avoided, or overpowered once it has been cast, but it can be easily predicted and interrupted. She'll always begin her incantation by saying something along the lines of, "Where we're going, we won't need eyes to see."