Name: Helen

History: Helen represented a different class of Magical Girl in her time. She had all the basic magical powers one would expect her to have, and she fought horrible monsters on a daily basis, but she did so all in the form of a simulated avatar in the digital world. Her powers allowed her to act as a sort of system debugger in a highly technological world, where Witches took the form of dangerous rogue viruses and tried to cause society's collapse from the inside out. Some accounts state she was able to miraculously rescue another Magical Girl of her kind who had apparently turned into one of these electronic Witches.

Sadly, Helen wasn't strong enough to save herself. Even though the unique terms of her contract allowed her to live a perfectly normal life when her mind wasn't connected to her Magical Girl persona, nothing could stop her Soul Gem from ultimately becoming a perverse and distorted caricature of itself. Her physical body died at the computer terminal she had been logged into the moment her avatar turned into a Witch, causing her consciousness to become forever lost in the vast reaches of cyberspace.

Description: Helen's "Matrix," as she likes to call it, is always a perfect replica of the world it materializes in. The only distinguishable difference is the telltale green tint that is present throughout the entire Maze. The portal to this domain can spawn anywhere from public internet cafes to high security database terminals, so Magical Girls who wish to intercept this Witch should always be on the lookout.

Due to either her aggressive nature or her anti-viral protocols becoming corrupted, this Witch identifies the whole of humanity as a "virus" which must be exterminated. Only then, by her calculations, will the world be free of infestation. The only humans who serve any use to her are Magical Girls, whom she plans to use as "spare parts" for her ultimate goal.

Helen wants to escape the confines of her virtual domain and attack the physical world directly. To do this, she takes the form of a tiny electrical cloud that constantly attempts to penetrate the Soul Gems of any Magical Girls inside her Maze. Inside a Soul Gem, she is able to control her victim's body exactly as if it were her own, and she is subsequently able to leave her Maze fully disguised as her host. She can possess an unlimited number of Magical Girls in this fashion, linking to all of her puppets to a sort of hive mind that can only be compared to the Incubator himself.

Upon reaching the physical world, Helen may exploit her host's memories to essentially live their life for a certain amount of time, or she may immediately turn to violence and attack with whatever mystical abilities her new body is able to control. It's all a matter of what she feels is best for her strategy. Any Magical Girl from a world where Helen's Maze has materialized should carefully watch her peers, as any one of them could potentially already be one of the Witch's sleeper agents. Once assimilated, the only relief an infected Magical Girl can hope for is death.