Background: REBORNS GUNDAM (official accepted spelling) is an unusual case. She has only been known to appear in a handful of the most unstable timelines, with several additional unconfirmed sightings in worlds riddled with cross-dimensional rifts. She is a fully autonomous machine, arguably the most technologically-based Witch our specialists have encountered, and she contradicts the typical nature of Witches in many ways. Many experts doubt REBORNS GUNDAM is actually a Witch, and several proponents argue she may have never been a Magical Girl to start with. That being said, all data presented here is of a highly speculative nature and is not intended be taken as absolute fact.

From what has been gathered from the few sources available, what is known is REBORNS GUNDAM is from a timeline where Walpurgisnacht (or what we assume was Walpurgisnacht) took a form radically different from every other observed incarnation. Here, it appeared as a colossal extraterrestrial Witch (or what we assume was a Witch) on a collision course with REBORNS GUNDAM's planet. REBORNS GUNDAM used her magical power (or what we assume was her magical power) to deflect this menace and save her people from annihilation. However, this heroic act overloaded her Soul Gem (or what we assume was her Soul Gem) with negative energy, sealing her fate to be reborn as the Witch appropriately named REBORNS GUNDAM. The only concrete evidence we have to confirm her tragic history is a small, reiterating electrical signature we discovered in her highly mechanical body the only time we've been able to hold her in captivity. When extracted from a structure that can only be described as her brain and processed through various audio equipment, this signature turns out to be a partially corrupted sound recording of what we assume was the last thing she heard as a Magical Girl. The audio itself is simply a man's voice shouting "The high n... [transmission indecipherable] isn't just for show!"

Description: Again, it should be noted REBORNS GUNDAM's classification as a Witch is questionable, and much of the information here is pure speculation. Her maze (or what we assume is her maze) is as unusual as she is herself. Rather than materializing on the ground so unsuspecting victims will stumble into it, it takes the form of a large asteroid ominously orbiting the world the Witch has appeared in. This structure only becomes visible when approached by Magical Girls who possess the ability to travel through space. Unlike typical mazes, REBORNS GUNDAM's abode seems to conform to the natural rules of physics, as the interior is no bigger than how it appears on the exterior. Given her apparent history and the design of her maze, this seems to imply she modeled her den after her version of Walpurgisnacht. This would be consistent with the cruel, ironic fates many Magical Girls fall to, and supports the argument that this lifeform is, in fact, a Witch.

REBORNS GUNDAM proves to be heavily armed when instigated into fighting. In addition to having a fully armored frame to protect the fragile circuitry that makes up her enormous body, she is equipped with both a rifle and a wrist-mounted shield at all times. Optionally, she may also fight with either of the two glowing swords she carries on her back. In addition to this, the wing-like structures protruding from the Witch have been known to disconnect from their mother and function as additional independent firearms. Smaller, more hidden remote weapons stored in her skirt and in her shield may also be used if the Witch feels threatened. As she fights with no other minions, these devices may possibly be REBORNS GUNDAM's sentient familiars. Curiously, the storage ability of her mini-shield is notably similar to the primary weapon of at least one known Magical Girl. However, this device seems to be limited to realistic physics just like her maze, and she cannot use it to store more weapons than what will apparently fit inside of it. This Witch can and usually will engage in combat outside of her apparent maze.

Warning: REBORNS GUNDAM occasionally disguises herself as a sort of humanoid tank to hide the fact she has melee capabilities, and this terrible deception has cost several brave, young Magical Girls their lives. Heroines armed with swords, knives, pole arms, and other close-range weapons should approach this creature with extreme caution.