Name: Mothra

Background: The Incubator approached Mothra when she and her sister became lost while hiking in some woods. These woods are believed to have been a strange place, possibly another Witch's maze or some other metaphysical realm, and no mortal being was known to have escaped them. Mothra's wish was to find a way to leave this frightful location, and, shortly after becoming a Magical Girl, she discovered the horrible truth. Her only option was to sacrifice her sister to appease whatever malevolent entity had trapped the two girls. The sister, loving Mothra very much and wishing to see her return to safety at any cost, eventually convinced her sibling to proceed with the ceremony. Mothra escaped as promised, but the trauma of sacrificing her best friend with her own hands was too much for her Soul Gem to bear.

Description: Mothra, as her name suggests, takes the shape of a giant red moth. Her familiars appear as smaller moths, and this swarm seems to be especially attracted to the light of purified Soul Gems. They will devour the item in seconds if left unchecked. Furthermore, both Mothra and her children leave trails of glowing red powder as they fly about. This substance has been found to be highly poisonous to mortals and Magical Girls alike.

The heart of Mothra's domain appears as a shinto shrine surrounded by an endless black abyss. The room is decorated by a circle of camera-shaped ornaments that periodically flash to distract her opponents, and many Magical Girls fail to notice these until they've already been blinded. To reach this location, one must travel through a series of winding caverns that are illuminated by crimson lanterns. These caverns are quite expansive and easy to become lost in, but finding Mothra's lair is a fairly simple task. One only has to follow the sound of a young girl's constant maniacal laughter, which are believed to be a ghostly echo of this Witch's final moments in human form.

Anyone who stays in Mothra's maze for too long is said to succumb to a mysterious strangling sensation and eventually die from oxygen deprivation.