Name: Siren

Background: Siren wanted to be an actress. She felt her career as a young musician, which she continued to cherish throughout all of her human life, was coming to a close. Acting as a sort of supernatural talent agent, the Incubator was able to make her dreams come true and launch her career as an actress. As per the norm with all Magical Girls, however, Siren's wish tragically backfired when her sudden career change caused at least one of her most devoted fans to feel betrayed. Many people were killed out of vengeance, giving Siren a guilty conscience and making her question her wish. The stress of reality crashing down on her poor mind, combined with the added responsibilities of fighting Witches on a daily basis, was too much for this Magical Girl. Her psyche finally shattered to pieces along with her Soul Gem, giving birth to her Witch form.

Description: Siren lures her victims into her maze by singing a sweet song that even the most resolved listeners can lose themselves in. Many survivors have described this melody as "a J-Pop song so catchy that it eats your soul." Upon entering this place, one will discover Siren's abode contains elements of both an unorganized movie set and a disheveled opera theater. The Witch herself takes the form of a deranged ballerina who playfully hops about her home with remarkable agility. She may occasionally stop in place and begin spinning around to dizzy her enemies.

This Witch's familiars appear as an army of zombie-like figures who become highly aggressive when their mistress asks them to defend her. These beings constantly utter the words "meema rin" in a collective droning noise as they sluggishly move around. The meaning of this phrase has not been discerned.