Since the beginning of time, man has had a strong since of curiosity. When young it was called magic. Today it is called science. But magic still exists. Reaching for guidance. Now magic users hide from the science community. Each magic user must hide until they find their item. Their item is a person who bears their symbol of power. Each of these items fights in unique manors found in each symbol. Some fight simply, others intricately, all to protect the secret of magic. The magic people are called Enchanters or Enchantresses.

"What are you reading?"

Wally looks up to see Artemis standing above him.

"None of your business," he said with a smirk. Artemis grabs the book from his hands.

"The magic of science and the science of magic? Oh good god you are the biggest nerd in the world. Do you honestly think that if you learn some party tricks that Megan will hang out with you?"

"No. It's a stupid homework assignment. We are supposed to explain how people go from magic and fairytales to the science we have today," Wally paused for a moment, "Why do you care?"

"You said you'd never believe in magic. I wondered if never finally came."

"Gah! I'm out of here."

Wally closes the book. The cover is black with purple trim. Pale white arms, probably female, are on the books back, as if a girl held it close to her chest. The front had a wilting red rose. Under the title was the author,

Madam Lucy'k Culwitch

A Jinx to all but the one who follows

This woman's a loon. Who would follow her?

"You would…,"

A chill runs down Wally's spine.

"Who's there?" he says turning around. He sees Dick, Conner and Megan standing behind him.

"Um. Us," Conner said bluntly.

"Okay. So which one of you said it?"

"Said what?" asked Megan.

"Which one of you said You would?" Wally said with a serious face.

"No one. Maybe you should get your ears checked," Dick said. Wally stared.

"Maybe you're right," Wally said walking off.

They're wrong you know.

Wally freezes. Ice cold sweat dripping down his back.

"Very funny guys."

You'll believe when the time comes. Just like all the others.

Wally looks at the book.

"Very nice Artemis. It won't work. It is a scientific improbability that someone is talking to me. Let me guess, Megan is helping you?"

The hall is silent. Nothing is their but him, and an old vase.

"Guess everyone went home."

He pulls out his cell phone.

"Hey dad. I'm really tired so I'm going to sleep at the base tonight. Uh-huh. Okay. Tell mom I love her and I'll see you guys tomorrow."

He continues down the corridor to the spare bedrooms. He opens the first vacant room door. It's a plain grey room with a twin bed inside. Connected is a bathroom. A dresser is also for their clothes. So plain and boring. He put the book on the dresser and took his shirt off. He looks at the book again. He flips idly through the pages.


Wally freezes, stopping on page 143. On this page is a picture of what an Enchantress and her item becoming one in believe and agreeing to work together. For a moment the Enchantress changed. Instead of being concealed under a full body cloak, a mass of dark pink hair can be seen. Eyes matching in color, but were cat-like. Instead of the traditional white with black trim she wore a black dress with a purple over the shoulders. She wore a choker with a purple jewel. Under the dress she wore black and purple striped stockings. Her shoes were purple pumps. In one arm, she holds a sketch book close to her heart. The other arm reaches for the item. Wally rubs his eyes and sees the original picture.

"Lack of sleep. I need bed," said Wally as he fell onto the bed.


Wally opened his eyes, no longer in his room. He was in a long corridor that looked like the inside of a beehive. The halls were empty, dusty, and cobwebs hung from the ceiling. A giant H was crossed out on the wall.

"Hey me!" said a quick voice. Then a wind quickly passed him.

"What the..?"

"We're sleeping," said the voice. Wally turned around to see himself. Not a mirror reflection. This other him was dressed as Kidflash. His eyes wide with wonderment.

"Well come on. We don't have all day. Or is it all night. Hm," said Kidflash pondering, "Whatever. Follow me!"

"Why should I?"

"This is a dream yes? Then you have nothing to lose and everything to gain."

"I suppose."

So Wally followed Kidflash. They walked into a room. The room was black and dreary. Dresses hang in the closet. Sketch books were hidden all around the room.

"Ever been painted?"

Wally stares at Kidflash in disbelief.

"Course not. Well a dreams a great way to try new things."

Since Wally didn't care about the dream, he let Kidflash call someone in to paint him. The painter was thin and slender. And dressed like an Enchantress. She pulled out her paint and brush. She grabs Wally's wrist and begins painting. In a short amount of time the paint begins to leave a burning feeling. He doesn't pull away. Moments later she is done. On the inside of his left arm, was a wilted rose. The bud of the rose was near the inner part of the elbow. It had a reasonable bud. Growing from it was a green and thorny stem. The wilted rose was a decaying red color that looked eerily familiar. Then a bright light messed his vision.

He opened his eyes and awoke. Looking out his window he sees the sun outside. Without thinking he puts a long sleeve shirt on. Making sure it goes all the way to the wrist. Unknowing why he is concerned about it, he walks out of the room for breakfast.

"Bout time you woke up."

Wally turned around to see Conner and Megan. He grabs his sleeve and pulls it over his left hand.

"Something the matter?" asks Megan. Wally's eyes shift downward. He thought about the dream for a split second.

"Nothing in particular."

"You had a dream last night?"

"You read my mind?"

"Sorry. You look so nervous. And scared."

"Don't read people's minds," said Conner glaring at her.

"Don't be too hard on her. The dream was nothing," he said.

Dreams are never nothing. Just listen and you will see.

As they walk into the kitchen, Wally's arm begins to fell warm.


All three of them look over to see Dick, Artemis, Jackson, and Batman walk in.

"What's up?" said Wally waving his hand into the air. Batman's eyes narrow.

"What's that? On your arm," he asked.

"What?" Wally said now looking at his arm. Something thin and green was by his wrist. Everyone walks closer to see what it is. Batman grabs his sleeve and pulls it up to reveal a dark, wilted, deep red rose with a long narrow thorny stem with only a single leaf.

"Where did you get that?" asked Batman. Wally gets a cold chill down his spine.

Dream. This is what you gain, from a dream. This is only the beginning. Listen, and you shall succeed.

"I don't know," said Wally staring at the rose, "But I've seen it before. On a book I was reading."

"What book?"


Everyone looked over. Artemis smiling.

"Let me guess, you're doing this for attention right? It's probably sharpie. You don't have the balls to get a real tattoo."

Everyone looks at it. Faces all give a look of relief. Everyone walks out except Batman.

"What book?" he said with meaning in his eyes.

"Um The magic of science and the science of magic. By Lucy'k Culwitch. Why?"

Batman looks at him carefully.


So, can we go now?


Don't you want to know where you got this mark? I can take you. It will be fun! There will be others there like you. Who gain a unique mark.

Wally looks at his arm. The rose was dark and mysterious. From the sunlight, it seemed to glow, "Show me."

Alrighty then. Our destination is Guatemala.

Wally looks around. No one is their. And this wasn't Megan's voice. It was masculine. It sounded almost like a middle school kid. Not yet hit puberty, but not squeaky high. He had maturity yet the attitude of a kid. Kind of like an older brother. Not that he would know being an only child. Still this nagging feeling wasn't going to go away. Perhaps Megan could do something, but then Artemis would never let it die that he believed in magic enough to get an exorcism. Even though they aren't real.

Just for the record



Miss Martian-Megan




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