Jinx followed James outside much to Wally's discomfort. He didn't like how close they were. Melanie followed with an obvious scowl. Damion and Diego went followed him out, but had a phone call.

"Hola," Damion said into the phone. He nudged his brother. Both looked excited yet slightly annoyed, "Sí... Tendremos razón allí," he hung up and looked back at his brother, "¿Cuán bueno es su japonés?"

Diego shrugged, "きれいな善. ゴジラ?(I don't know how to pronounce for the life of me. Translation at the bottom)

"Sí," Damion said. He and his brother squirmed out of Wally's grip.

"Hasta Luego!" they yelled in unison as they zipped off. Wally stared at the direction they took off in. Asia. Somewhere there.

"Wally," said Jinx trying to get his attention. His head snapped back around. He wasn't quite used to all that was happening. He saw a bus that James and Melanie had already gotten on. He followed and watched as Jinx paid the Euros for the fare. He sat down next to Melanie who was next to James. Jinx sat on the other side of Wally and firmly grabbed his hand. It didn't hurt. It was kind of comforting. The ride had been silent on their part. Other people on the bus talked. They didn't. Wally didn't even know what they would've talked about. The only things he wanted to talk about were this conference (which seemed taboo) or him and Jinx being heroes (which he knew was taboo).

So it was kind of strange when James stood up. Melanie followed suit with a scowl still on her face. Then Jinx followed with an embarrassed smile on her face. Wally stood up quickly once he realized this was there stop. He followed behind them but couldn't help but feel his arm vibrate. They moved so slow. And he was anxious to move on and learn how this was supposed to work out. He felt fingers intertwine with his. Small, dainty, pale hands. Jinx's hands. He slowed down. It was a nice feeling. He had never been able to do this with a girl before. Most shot him down or ignored him. Others used him. This didn't feel like either. Even if he was her item.

"It's okay. I'm a bit nervous too," Jinx said. Her pink eyes staring into Wally's. They followed James and Melanie to a small building. They walked inside quickly. Jinx and Wally followed.

"This is more than we bargained for," Wally said staring in awe. The small building wasn't small at all. It was huge. A multi story complex with plants growing, a large grand staircase. And people gathered together of all nationalities. There seemed to be three groups of people. But Wally couldn't tell what made them separate. Only slight differences separated them. One group the people were always together in pairs. So they stood out. The other two groups were separated by this group, each person standing alone. Melanie walked to one, James to the other.

Jinx and Wally looked up as a man who looked like he was in his forties go onto a stage that was hidden by the crowd.

"Enchanters. Enchantresses. Items of all skill. Welcome. I know many of you hear this speech every year… but there are some people who have never been here so suck it up and deal with it," he said making many of the people from the left group laugh. Wally didn't get it, as was the fact with most people on the right. People who have been here before and those that hadn't? Then what was the middle group?

"Children," he said demanding their attention without trying, "We are here during this time to meet our new brothers and sisters in the trade. We have Enchanters who have their items now. And I see you're not getting along to well…," he gestured to the crowd. So one side there were people like Jinx. So the other side had people like him.

"… And I see a few are getting along quite well. Whether you like or dislike your Enchanter you will not be seeing them a lot now. We know that this is a dark time for those in magical arts with the darkness of the Lords of Chaos looming over us. So we must better ourselves alone" he paused to add emphasis, "before we can truly know what we are capable of together. Therefore, the items will be in the North wing this year. The Enchanters in the Southern. Leading the teaching for the Enchanters this year is…"

A group of people walked to the stage. Four girls. Two boys. All coming from the left.

"Emma, Chris, Kris, Taylor, Rachel, and Athena," he said. Wally smirked at hearing Athena. It reminded him of the smug archer back home. A sudden pang hit him. Home sickness. The mountain really held his family. He felt a hand rub his back. He looked at Jinx and relaxed.

"For the Items," he said dramatically as three girls and three boys walked up, "Anastasia, Jordan, Eric, Sophie, David and…," Jinx had a nervous look on her face, "… Rose. Everyone follow your main teachers and go to your wings."

"Who was that?"

"The director. The oldest Enchanter currently."

"He's not that old," Wally pointed out.

"The other elders were killed by a silhouetted assassin.

Sí... Tendremos razón allí- Yes… we will be right there.

¿Cuán bueno es su japonés?- How good is your Japanese?

きれいな善. ゴジラ?- Pretty good. Godzilla?

Hasta luego- See you later